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Chapter 17: Wolf King's Rage, Miles of Corpses

Chapter 17: Wolf King's Rage, Miles of Corpses

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Seeing Qingfeng Li taking out the bullet, Xue Lin covered her red lips with her little hand, surprise written all over her eyes.

This man was really tough. Taking out bullets with a knife without frowning at all.

She was even shocked especially when she saw the crisscrossing scars on his back. The scars were a man’s medals, recounting extraordinary experiences.

Xue Lin felt some inexplicable sadness in her heart.

She suddenly realized that she knew little about the husband, despite that he lived overseas. As for what he did, she knew nothing.

"Why did you save me?"

Xue Lin’s eyelashes blinked, with a complex look on her beautiful face.

She knew that if it had not been this man who stopped the gunshot for her, she would have been dead already.

"I promised grandpa to take good care of you after marriage."

Qingfeng Li tied a knot with gauze, and said lightly.

He had promised his dying grandfather to marry Xue Lin and take good care of her when he returned home.

He was a man of his words. Since he promised grandpa, then during the time of marriage, he would be sure to take good care of Xue Lin.

So, even if he was injured, he could not let Xue Lin get hurt. He did not want to disappoint grandpa in heaven. He was the only one in the family who was good to him.

Of course, if they divorced and he was to leave Eastern Sea City, naturally he didn’t need to keep the promise, nor did he need to take care of Xue Lin.

"It turned out to be your grandpa’s wish ..."

Xue Lin’s beautiful face showed a touch of disappointment.

She thought the opposing party would say he fell in love with her, so he saved her. It turned out to be a mere commitment to grandpa, which made her very upset.

She suddenly regretted that she would divorce the man in front of him.

Only coming into contact with him for two days, having little knowledge of him, and disliking him by her own impression was obviously wrong.

But fortunately, because of this assassination, they hadn’t gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Naturally, they didn’t divorce.

Now, they were still a legal couple and there was still a chance to remedy.


Poison Spider bullet?

Qingfeng Li looked at the removed bullet. His face slightly changed. Unexpectedly, a black poisonous spider pattern was on this bullet.

Poisonous Spider bullets, carried an anesthetic effect and they were extremely rare.

He knew that only one person had poisonous spider bullets in the whole world and that was the Poisonous Spider who was ranked in the top three of the killer list.

And the Poisonous Spider was the Tiger King’s man.

He already understood that the assassination was arranged by the Tiger King, and that the target was him.

These people attacked Xue Lin first, because they knew that if they attacked him, he would be able to avoid it. But if they attacked Xue Lin the ordinary person, a far easier target who didn't know how to avoid attacks, Qingfeng would be forced to save her. And once he saved Xue Lin, he would certainly get hurt.

What a ‘Tiger King’.

What a poisonous spider.

What a conspiracy.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were cold. He had already sentenced these two men to death in his heart.

Murderous atmosphere?

He felt a murderous atmosphere, a slight footstep was approaching.  

"Wife, hide in the corner."

Qingfeng Li whispered and let Xue Lin hide in the corner while he himself waited for Poisonous Spider.

"You ... Be careful. "

Xue Lin’s beautiful face showed a touch of worry.

She knew she could not help but to hide in the corner, trying not to cause him trouble.


The wooden door of the room was rammed open. A bullet shot towards Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li cried in a low voice, quickly stepping to his left, and avoided that bullet.


Right in the place where Qingfeng Li was standing, a golden bullet, with a sharp burst of sound, shot in the ground fiercely.

The bullet was about coin size, leaving a pit when it hit the ground and still letting out smoke.

If Qingfeng Li was shot, he would die, but luckily he avoided it.

"What precise marksmanship."

Looking at the round hold in the ground, Qingfeng Li’s eyes shone with a flash of chill.

The bullet speed was extremely fast and the precision was extremely high. Average people would have already been killed by one shot. Only a King like him could dodge it.

Bang Bang Bang!!!

Three bullets suddenly shot out in the air, with shrill sounds that broke through the air, and flew to where Qingfeng Li was, blasting and shooting towards him.

One shot three bursts, this was the Poisonous Spider's unique stunt.

There were countless powerful people who died under these three rounds in the Wolf Continent.


Qingfeng Li sneered. He stamped his right foot on the ground, leaving a footprint in the cement. Obviously, the force was powerful.

His whole body bent instantly, like a flexible python, twisting into an S-shape, and avoided the three deadly bullets.

Bang bang bang!!!

The three bullets shot through the tough wall, and immediately left three black little holes.

"Poisonous Spider, you have used up your 10 bullets. Since you’re here, why hide around. Come out."

Qingfeng Li said arrogantly, his hands behind his back.

He knew that the Poisonous Spider’s sniper gun had very little bullets, with only 10 for every assassination target. He used 6 outside and another 4 just now. He had run out of bullets.

Clap clap clap~

Just when Qingfeng Li’s voice died away, a skinny man in black walked in from the shadows.

As he walked, he clapped his hands, with a huge sniper rifle on the back.

"The Wolf King does have a well-deserved reputation. You know I have no bullets." The skinny young man was only 1.7 meters, staring at Qingfeng Li with his cold eyes.

He looked like a poisonous serpent, extremely cold and insidious.

"Why didn’t the Tiger King come?"

"Oh, I alone am enough to deal with you."

"Is that the case? All the people that had talked to me like that have already gone to hell."

"Your Wolf King, if it were your heyday, I certainly can’t compete with you. But since you’ve been shot by my bullets, I assume the anesthetic has started to show effect."

Poisonous spider smiled proudly, his eyes full of coldness.

His bullets contained a lot of anesthetics. Once shot, one would faint in 10 seconds and lose their combat power.

The Wolf King was indeed the king of the Wolf Continent, the strongest. Now that 3 minutes had passed, he still hadn’t fainted.

However, Poisonous Spider believed that the Wolf King had lost his combat power and was in a dead end. He was just struggling to hang on.

It was with the confidence in his own bullets that Poisonous Spider would show up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to show up in front of the Wolf King, let alone threaten to beat him.

"Since you think I lost my combat ability, why don’t you act?"

Qingfeng Li flashed a cold smile, his eyes flashing a ray of chill.

In fact, his head was dizzy now and he gradually lost his strength. He knew it was the effect of anesthesia bullet.

Though he took out the anesthesia bullet, the anesthesia had already penetrated his body.

"Oh, why should I do it myself. Wait till you faint, I’ll take your head. Easy."

Poisonous Spider sneered. He didn’t go up to attack Qingfeng Li.

Wolf King’s Rage, Thousand Miles of Corpses. This was what the underworld said about Qingfeng Li.

Poisonous Spider knew that even if the Wolf King was shot by anesthesia bullet, the latter had such a huge reputation that he dared not be risky.

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