My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 23: Admiration from the Fatty

Chapter 23: Admiration from the Fatty

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"Big brother Li, the Three-Yuan Gang is in the suburbs of Du Mountain, dozens of miles away from here. How do we get there?" Xiaoyue Zhang knitted her beautiful eyebrows and whispered.

The Three-Yuan Gang were some gangsters. Their den was in the suburbs of the Du Mountain. It was a remote and deserted area with no buses reaching there. Even cabs were afraid of those gangsters and rarely went there.

There were only two ways to get to Du Mountain: either by car or on foot.

Dozens of miles on foot was obviously not possible for two people.

However, both are ordinary employees without cars. It was a bit of trouble going there.


There was a motorbike?

Qingfeng Li’s eyes suddenly brightened up. He saw a motorcycle at the company's door.

The bike body was long and sleek, good enough to fit two people.

A chubby guy in a security uniform was squatting beside a motorbike, smoking. Apparently, he was the owner of the motorcycle.

An acquaintance?

Seeing this fatty, Qingfeng Li was happy. This fatty had a round face and small eyes. He was the fatty Qingfeng met when they interviewed for the Sales department. They chatted with each other back then.

"Hey, fatty." Qingfeng Li came up to the fatty, patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile.

"Gee, it’s you. Did you get hired?"

Apparently, the fatty also recognized Qingfeng Li. His chubby face was full of astonishment.

"Yes, my name is Qingfeng Li. I’m a sales department staff now. You?"

"My name is Hao Luo. I didn’t get into sales department but was picked up by the security department. I’m a security guard now."

"Security is also great. We are colleagues. Can I ask you a favor?"

"Go ahead, I will try to help."

"I want to borrow your motorcycle. What do you say?" Qingfeng Li smiled and said to Hao Luo.

"No problem bro. We met twice. It’s our fate. This is the motorcycle key. You can take it."

Hao Luo took out a black key from his clothes and handed it to Qingfeng Li.

He also had a good impression of this young man. The two had a great conversation on the sales department recruitment day.

"Thanks. I'll take you out for dinner some time."

Qingfeng Li took over the key, crossed on the motorcycle directly and said, "Sister Xiaoyue, come up, hold brother's waist."


Xiaoyue Zhang’s face blushed. She rode on the motorcycle and stretched out her white little hands, holding his waist. Her small face turned bright red.

"You go, bro. Got a girl just after you get in the sales department. Is this beauty your girlfriend?"

Looking at Xiaoyue Zhang’s bright face, fatty rubbed his small eyes with envy.

"Her? She’s just my colleague." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and replied to fatty.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Xiaoyue Zhang darkened, a touch of loss flashed in her eyes.

Somehow, when Big brother Li said she was not his girlfriend, she was a little upset.

"Dude, look how sad this beauty gets. Don't quibble." Fatty curled his lip, disbelief written all over the face.

What the hell?

This damn fatty was really gossipy.

He suddenly felt that this damn fatty was very gossipy. He didn’t have time to talk nonsense with him.

"Fatty, I have things to do. I’m off." Qingfeng Li waved, hands on the handlebar, twisted the key and started the motorcycle.


The motorbike let out a beast like roar and quickly sprang out like a sharp arrow.

"This bro has such a good luck. That little beauty is clearly interested in him."

Looking at Qingfeng Li’s fading figure, the fatty had envy all over the face.

Thinking about himself, he felt very sad.

The two went to the interview for Ice Snow Corporation. Qingfeng Li ended up getting into the sales

department full of beauties, and he went into the security department where there were only men.

He had extremely bad luck.

One would be angered to death if he compared with others.

However, Qingfeng was handsome, which was also a kind of asset.

"Big brother Li, slow down." Xiaoyue Zhang held tightly on Qingfeng Li’s waist, her pretty face turning red and said.

Her breasts tightly leaned on Qingfeng's back. He was extremely delighted.

"Xiaoyue, I have no choice. This is the lowest speed of the motorcycle." As Qingfeng Li enjoyed the softness on the back, he said.

In fact, the speed was really fast, reaching the top speed.

Because the speed was fast, Xiaoyue Zhang was afraid that she would fall down. Her two little white hands had to grasp him tightly, her breasts close to him, letting him take full advantage of.

The streets of Donghai were busy and congested.

However, Qingfeng Li rode the motorcycle and went through the gap between cars like lightning, frightening the drivers. They screamed repeatedly.

"What’s the rush? Go to hell!"

"Man, you're speeding, slow down."

"You're speeding and almost hit me. I'll sue you."

The driver in the back shouted, but Qingfeng didn’t bother to respond, nor did he plan to slow down.

He twisted the accelerator and rode even faster, making the drivers who were stuck in traffic extremely angry.

He was very familiar with every means of transportation. Cars, airplanes, and armored vehicles, he was able to command them to drift, overtake, or accelerate, let alone motorcycles.

This speed though, he would be considered severely speeding.

Some drivers turned pale, afraid that Qingfeng would bump into themselves. Other malicious drivers took out the phone and called the police.

At this time, Mengyao Xu, wearing her police uniform, was sitting in a traffic police car, sulking. Her beautiful face was full of anger.

She was the captain of Eastern Sea City’s police force. Because of the investigation of the death of a foreigner on Tian He Road yesterday, she saw some secret files in the police station, and knew the existence of special State Departments and foreign killers.

The killer who died in the Tian He Road was a man from the Skeleton League.

She violated the rules for accessing restricted files, so she was punished and was sent to the traffic police department. As to when can she return to the Police Force, it was all up to her performance.

Ring Ring…

Right when she was getting angry, the phone rang.

"This is the traffic police service. What’s up?"

Mengyao Xu pressed the answer button, looking unsatisfied, and said.

Asking the captain of the Police Force to manage the traffic police matters made her very angry. Her tone was also unfriendly.

"Officer, there is a black motorcycle speeding on Tian He Road and almost hit people. Come and see."

The driver who called the police was no other than the one who shouted at Qingfeng.

"Alright, I'll be right there." Mengyao replied and hung up the phone right away.

She was very upset, and this speeding motorcycle just hit the line of fire, giving her a place to release her anger.

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