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Chapter 218: Crazy Car Collisions

Chapter 218: Crazy Car Collisions

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"Brother-in-law, can you really pass Kun Wang?" Jiaojiao Liu looked at Qingfeng with admiration.

"I’ll pass him in the next minute as long as you stop talking," Qingfeng said confidently with a faint smile.

Qingfeng didn’t feel any pressure at all even though Kun Wang was already driving his Lamborghini 500 meters ahead. There were 18 curves on this mountain and all the racers would need to slow down their speed when they turned. Since Qingfeng could drift in midair, he wouldn’t need to slow down on each edge which gave him the advantage to turn the tables in this race.

At this moment, everyone in the Wild Bar below the mountain was watching this competition. There was a huge digital screen on the bar wall which showed every single curve on the mountain.

The bar was the resting lounge of the racing club. Some people set up numerous cameras on each turn just for a clear view of the race. All the racing cars would be recorded as soon as their passed over and would be automatically appeared on the screen in the bar.

Everyone could see the live broadcast of those racing cars on their eighteen turns as long as they were in the bar.

"Haha, see? Brother Kun is about 500 meters ahead with his Lamborghini. That Ferrari couldn’t even keep up."

"Nice. Kun can drive and he has the top-notch racing car. He will definitely be the winner."

"Did everyone see that? That dude still couldn’t chase up to Brother Kun even if he accelerates to his limit. It’s so funny."

People in the bar started to praise Kun Wang and ridicule Qingfeng.

At the moment, Qingfeng was driving his Ferrari carefully on each turn. He had no clue that the people in the bar were actually discussing his racing, though he wouldn’t be bothered if he knew.

Those people in the bar were all snobs and brats. Talking to them would drop your personal value.

"Sit tight, I’m going to drift," Qingfeng said to Jiaojiao while smiling faintly.

The Lamborghini in front had slowed down since the first turn was approaching. Now, this was the best timing for Qingfeng to drift.

"Alright! I’m sitting tight," Jiaojiao replied with excitement all over her face.

She knew that Qingfeng was really good at this and his drifting skill would make her feel as cool as riding a jet. Kun Wang saw the Ferrari behind him from the rear mirror in his Lamborghini and started to giggle.

"What a fool that doesn’t even slow down at turns," Kun Wang said as he looked down Qingfeng.

There were 18 turns on this race and it was necessary to slow down at each turn. Otherwise, it was fairly easy to cause a car accident and fall down from the cliff.

In the past, some racer fell off the cliff and died because of that. They thought their driving skill was good enough that they didn’t need to slow down while turning, and they directly went up to heaven. Kun Wang turned his steering wheel swiftly while slowing down and passing the first turn. He then accelerated and kept driving away at hundreds of meters in seconds.

At the same moment, Qingfeng had also reached the first turn, however, instead of slowing down, he was fasting up.

"Is this dude trying to kill himself?" The crowd in the bar were discussing with disdain.

They had watched hundreds of racing competitions and have never seen anyone speeding up at turns. Qingfeng was the first one who dared to do so throughout the club's history.

Yet, there were certainly some folks who sped up at turns and ended up hitting on the hills or falling down from the cliff.

Qingfeng held tight his steering wheel and sped up his Ferrari like lightning. When he had finally reached the first turn, he turned his steering wheel quickly and lifted his Ferrari up in the air. He began drifting with his car, skipping the turn and moved forward immediately without slowing down

"Oh my lord, what was that? Was he just drifting in mid-air?"

"Right, you saw it! That’s the drifting skill from what they said! I’ve never seen it before, either."

"Fuck! Who said this dude couldn’t drive? He is a badass!"

Everyone in the bar was so surprised and hyper after witnessing Qingfeng’s drifting skill. Drifting in the air was also know as the fastest drifting method. It even occurred on the turns. Qingfeng had proved his ability in front of everyone in the bar.

In fact, there were some other people who also knew how to drift in the air, but it only happened when they slowed down. Drifting in the air while speeding up was, so far, only done by Qingfeng.

Drifting while speeding up required a strict combination of vision, mobility, reaction, and courage. One would die once they stopped paying attention.

Since Qingfeng were drifting in the air without slowing down, the gap between his Ferrari and the Lamborghini had shrunk immediately.

He was 500 meters behind the Lamborghini before but after the drifting, he has now only 400 meters behind. That being said, Qingfeng could shrink 100 meters in distance with a single drift.

According to this speed, he could reach the Lamborghini at the fifth turn, and exceed it on the sixth turn on their way, which was going to be sooner or later!

"Brother-in-law, You are awesome!" Jiaojiao looked impressed and was really excited from the drifting Qingfeng did.

She had realized that it wouldn’t take long to reach the Lamborghini since the gap in between has reduced drastically.

"Don’t talk," Qingfeng said as he took a glance at Jiaojiao.

"Alright, brother-in-law. I will stop talking and you drive safely," Jiaojiao smiled while stretching her tongue out.

She was so excited at the moment as her heart kept beating crazily. She liked Qingfeng even more now.

"Damn, who the heck is this dude? How could he do the drifting trick?" Kun Wang looked so down since he saw Qingfeng drifting from his rear mirror.

Even though he hated Qingfeng, he had to admit Qingfeng had done such a great job on his drifting. He would never be able to accomplish that.

Kun Wang knew he was slowing down while Qingfeng was speeding up at each turn. This has resulted in the gap reduction between his Lamborghini and Qingfeng’s Ferrari.

According to this logic, he knew that the Ferrari behind will soon chase up his Lamborghini. Kun Wang stepped on the gas again and drove forward.

Unfortunately, Kung didn’t know how to drift in the air, he had to slow down at every single turn even if he was driving fast while Qingfeng kept speeding up with his drifting trick.

Qingfeng had skipped five turns in a roll with his full speed and has finally reached the Lamborghini at front.

"He made it! The Ferrari has reached Kun’s Lamborghini!" Everyone in the bar was yelling with shock and astonishment.

"I can't let him skip the turn, he will pass me and I’ll lose," Kun Wang was sneaking some bad ideas while peeking the Ferrari next to him.


Kun Wang suddenly rotated his steering wheel and hit the Ferrari beside his Lambo. He hit the car! He cheated and tried to collide with the other car, trying to push Qingfeng’s Ferrari into the hill.

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