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Chapter 219: F*ck, the Car's Door is Deformed

Chapter 219: F*ck, the Car's Door is Deformed

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"Be careful brother-in-law, he wants to slam into our car," Jiaojiao Liu said loudly when she saw Kun Wang steering the Lamborghini towards them. Her face had turned ghastly pale.

Kun Wang intended to slam into the Ferrari when he saw that he was passed.

The track up the hill was very narrow. It was too crowded for two cars to travel side by side. But Kun Wang was crazy enough to collide into the Ferrari. How evil.

Naturally, Qingfeng had also seen the Lamborghini on the side but the road was too narrow. He could not dodge the car.

Slam! The Lamborghini slammed the Ferrari onto the rocks of the hill and caused a large body of paint to be scraped off the Ferrari.

"Kun Wang, are you crazy? Why are you slamming against my car?" Jiaojiao Liu yelled furiously at Kun Wang.

"Haha, Jiaojiao. It's not against the rules to slam against another car," Kun Wang said with a chuckle. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes as he crashed into the Ferrari again.


The Lamborghini once again crashed into the Ferrari and slammed it against the rocks on hill. The right door of the Ferrari was broken off, making the whole car look horrible.

"F*ck, you think you can bully me just because I didn’t show my strength?" Qingfeng was also angered after the two collisions.

Even a clay man had a temper, let alone Qingfeng. Alright, since you want to do it this way, I will play with you.

Qingfeng’s expression was dark and he suddenly steered the car towards the Lamborghini.

Slam! The Ferrari slammed the Lamborghini onto the rocks on the other side. A large body of paint was scraped off the white Lamborghini.

"Bastard, how dare you crash into my Lamborghini." Kun Wang’s heart ached when he saw the scratched body of the Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini was a top-end sports car and had cost millions of Yuan. It was Kun Wang’s favorite car. He was furious that it was damaged.

"Yeah, I’m crashing into you, asshole," Qingfeng smiled coldly and slammed the Ferrari into the Lamborghini again.

Slam slam slam slam~

The Ferrari and Lamborghini continuously collided against each other on the hilly road. The two cars had both suffered damages of varying degrees.

But the quality of the Lamborghini was better so it suffered less damages. The Ferrari was more damaged. A lot of paint had fallen from the body of the car and the car was dented in multiple places. Even Jiaojiao Liu’s seat was misshapen.

Since Jiaojiao Liu’s seat was misshapen, she could only lie on Qingfeng ’s lap. Her soft hand touched Qingfeng ’s leg and startled him.

"Is Brother Kun crazy? Why is he slamming into the Ferrari?"

"Your eyes must be blurry? The Ferrari is slamming into the Lamborghini now."

"So intense! This is the most intense car race I’ve watched. The two cars are slamming into each other."

The people inside the bar discussed excitedly. They were clearly very excited to see the two cars colliding with each other.

These brats were a bunch who loved to stir up trouble. They loved excitement or they would not have come to Wild Bar.

Of course, other than those excited people, there were also a bunch of worried people.

Yes, the thugs were worried. Brother Kun was their big brother. If anything happened to him, they would all be in trouble. Brother Kun came from a strong background so they were all worried for Brother Kun.

On the 18 curves, the Ferrari and Lamborghini crashed against each other furiously. Neither refused to give up and continued to crash into the other car.

Oh no, danger!

Qingfeng ’s expression suddenly changed because he saw a curve ahead. The two cars had arrived at the 6th curve.

Qingfeng knew that he must not slam against the Lamborghini here. It was okay to collide on the regular road but it was too dangerous to collide on the curve. The road was extremely narrow and it would cause the two cars to fall off the cliff.

Qingfeng was not afraid of death but he did not want to die with a thug like Kun Wang. That would be too embarrassing for the Wolf King.Qingfeng slammed on the oil pedal and accelerated the Ferrari forward.

"What’s going on? He is not slamming into my car anymore?" A flicker of confusion appeared on Kun Wang’s face. He was just prepared to continue colliding with Qingfeng but Qingfeng had escaped.


In a moment, Qingfeng ’s Ferrari had drifted when accelerating and crossed the curve.

"F*ck, it is a curve," Kun Wang said in shock. There was fear in his eyes.

He was too concentrated on the Ferrari that he had not seen the curve ahead. The Lamborghini was only 50 meters away from the curve ahead. It was too close; the Lamborghini would be at the curve any moment.

In the moment of danger, Kun Wang quickly steered the Lamborghini and slammed on the brakes. The Lamborghini turned narrowly at the edge of the cliff. The car slammed against the rocks on the hill and the head of the Lamborghini became dented.

Kun Wang’s Lamborghini extremely close to falling off the cliff. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and his entire body was wet with sweat. "Bastard, we are not done." Kun Wang said darkly.


Kun Wang drove the Lamborghini and chased after the Ferrari like an angered beast.

Even though the Lamborghini was very quick, but the Ferrari had already passed the Lamborghini. At every curve, Qingfeng drifted with acceleration and increased the distance between the two cars.

Kun Wang was livid but he did not know how to drift with acceleration so he could not catch up to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was driving the Ferrari speedily when the right passenger seat door suddenly fell off.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini and collided nonstop and the passenger seat door had slammed into the rocks on the hill a dozen times. The door was damaged and scratched up. Now it had finally fallen off.

The Ferrari looked extremely beaten up. Not only was the door damaged, the passenger seat was also misshapen. It was impossible for anyone to seat in the passenger seat.

Jiaojiao Liu was lying on Qingfeng’s leg right now. Her small hands stroked his leg.

It was too tiring to maintain that position so Jiaojiao Liu’s head dropped down and she lied on Qingfeng ’s crotch. Her face was pressed against Qingfeng ’s crotch.

Qingfeng ’s expression drastically changed when his little brother was "attacked". His body shuddered and he almost let go of the steering wheel. The car almost fell out. It was too exciting.

"Jiaojiao, what are you doing? Get up quickly," Qingfeng said awkwardly as he furrowed his brows.

"Brother-in-law, the passenger seat is broken. I’m so tired. Let me lie here for a moment," Jiaojiao Liu smiled wickedly as she raised her head. Then, she reached out her small white hand and grabbed Qingfeng ’s little brother.

Qingfeng ’s mind became blank and his blood started to boil.

This vixen, this vixen was seducing him.

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