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Chapter 217: Let the Race Begin

Chapter 217: Let the Race Begin

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Jiaojiao Liu naturally agreed with Kun Wang’s words. She was here to race.

"Alright, let us race," Jiaojiao Liu said as she pulled Qingfeng towards the car.

"B*tch, how dare you hold onto another man’s arm. After you become my girlfriend when I win the race, I am going to do so many things to you." A perverted look appeared in Kun Wang’s eyes as he looked at Jiaojiao’s gorgeous body.

The location for the car race was at 18 curves. They would start at the bottom of the hill, drive up the hill then make their way back. The rules were simple, whoever finished first would win. At the moment, there were many people who gathered in the empty space outside the bar to watch the race.

They naturally knew of the small race king Kun Wang. He was a strong racer who many admired. Many people were his fans. There were two sports cars lined up on the empty grounds. One was a Lamborghini while the other was a Ferrari.

The white Lamborghini was Kun Wang’s car. The sports car had much better specs than the Ferrari. Its speed, system and acceleration speed were all top-end.

"Jiaojiao Liu I will win you over and teach you a lesson today. I will make you my girlfriend," Kun Wang said arrogantly as he looked Jiaojiao Liu’s seductive face. His eyes were greedy, heated and possessive.

He really liked Jiaojiao Liu. She had a seductive face, smooth skin, and a gorgeous body. It would feel so good if he could press her onto the bed. Just the thought of that made his blood boil.

"Dream on. You won’t be able to win the competition. I will not be your girlfriend," Jiaojiao Liu said coldly.

She strongly disliked Kun Wang. He was like a piece of gum that she could not remove.

"Really? I am driving my car today. Are you driving your car or is someone racing for you?" Kun Wang said arrogantly with a light smile.

There were two ways to race. One was to drive one’s car, the other was to find someone to race for them.

"He is going to race for me," Jiaojiao Liu said as she pointed at Qingfeng Li.

What? Am I driving the car?

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly and said, "Jiaojiao, this is your business. How can you make me drive for you?"

"Brother-in-law, do you want me to lose the competition and become this hooligan’s girlfriend. Do you think my sister will let you off if I become this hooligan’s girlfriend?" Jiaojiao said in a low voice as she placed her lips close to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed when he heard Jiaojiao Liu’s words. He knew that Ruyan Liu heavily doted on Jiaojiao Liu. Ruyan Liu would definitely be extremely upset if Jiaojiao Liu became this hooligan’s girlfriend.

"Alright, I will race for you." To not upset Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li decided to race for Jiaojiao Liu.

Qingfeng Li opened the door car and sat in the driver’s seat of the Ferrari. Jiaojiao Liu sat in the passenger’s seat.

"Fellow, do you know how to race?" Kun Wang said mockingly when he saw Qingfeng Li sitting in the driver’s seat.

He knew that Jiaojiao Liu found this young man to race for him. That must be a joke. He looked like he had never seen the car, much less race. What a joke!

Faced with Wang Kung’s mockery, Qingfeng Li only smiled lightly and said, "You will know soon enough."

"Alright, you are quite brave to dare to race with me. I will show you how strong I am," Kun Wang said proudly.

He was the small race king. He was highly skilled. In Eastern Sea City, other than his father, no one was his match.

The judge for the race was a yellow-haired hooligan in his twenties. He held onto the small red flag and shouted, "3,2,1…Start!"

The yellow-haired hooligan’s words had just ended when Wang Kun’s Lamborghini shot out like an arrow. Qingfeng Li’s Ferrari followed closely behind him.

"Who do you guys think will win?"

"Clearly Brother Kun will win. He is the small race king of Eastern Sea City."

"Right. Brother Kun is highly skilled in racing. The Lamborghini he is driving is a super sports car. He will win for sure."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. They all thought that Kun Wang would win. No one thought that Qingfeng Li could win. First of all, Qingfeng Li was not well-known. Secondly, the Ferrari he drove clearly was no match for the Lamborghini. That was another reason the crowd did not think he would win.

The surrounding people even started to gamble who would win. Of course, everyone bet on Kun Wang and no one bet on Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li drove the Ferrari sports car. The car raced on the 18 curves track like a flash of red lightning. The engine let out a loud groan. It was apparent that the Ferrari was at its maximum power and speed.

Inside the car, Jiaojiao Liu screamed and her face was ghastly pale. Qingfeng Li’s speed was so fast that the surroundings were blurred. They could hear the whirring sound of the wind passing, it felt great.

The most famous thing about the 18 curves track was the 18 curves. The curves sprawled like a long snake and one could even fall down the cliffs if they were not careful.

If one were to look down from the track, they would see many salvaged cars at the bottom of the cliffs. Those were the fallen cars of the racers. At the moment, in the first curve, the two cars became two spots of light and accelerated on the tracks. Of course, the Lamborghini was at the front and the Ferrari was second.

Even though Qingfeng Li’s speed was very fast, the functionality and speed of the Lamborghini were clearly better than the Ferrari. He was unable to catch up to it in a short time.

"Bastard, Kun Wang is such a bastard. The speed of the Lamborghini is too fast. The Ferrari can’t catch up to it," Jiaojiao Liu cried when she saw the Lamborghini 500 meters away.

She was furious. If they lost the competition, she would have to become Kun Wang’s girlfriend. She had to win. But Jiaojiao Liu also knew that her Ferrari could not compare to the Lamborghini. It was a difference in specs and functionality. Even if she were to drive the car, she would not be able to pass Kun Wang’s Lamborghini."

"Quiet down, don’t be so loud," Qingfeng Li said unhappily when he heard Jiaojiao Liu’s cries.

He needed to concentrate when he was driving. He hated it when there was a loud person by the side. It was too distracting.

"Brother-in-law, I am just mad that the bastard is 500 meters ahead of us.," Jiaojiao Liu pouted angrily.

"It is not like we will pass him if you make noises. Quiet down and I will pass him," Qingfeng Li said lightly as he asked Jiaojiao Liu to quiet down.

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