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Chapter 216: Wild Bar

Chapter 216: Wild Bar

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"Jiaojiao, move away! I am going to teach this fellow a lesson." Kun Wang frowned as he asked Jiaojiao Liu to step away.

How dare this fellow insult him! He must teach him a lesson!

"Kun Wang, I am here to race. If you dare to teach him a lesson. I will not race with you and I will never be your girlfriend," Jiaojiao Liu said coldly.

She thought that Qingfeng was an ordinary person. She was scared that he would be beaten up so she stood in front of him to protect him.

A flash of surprise appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes when he saw Jiaojiao Liu standing in front of him. He always thought that this girl was ungrateful and moral-less, but it seemed like he was wrong. At least Jiaojiao Liu had a sense of justice and knew to protect him.

Of course, Qingfeng did not need her protection. For him, these thugs were weaklings who he could easily defeat.

But he knew that he was here to race. If he broke Kun Wang’s legs or arms, how would they race?

"Jiaojiao, I will let him go this time because of you. But I will teach him a lesson after the race," Kun Wang said while looking coldly at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng’s expression did not change when he saw Kun Wang’s expression. If Kun Wang dared to find trouble with him, Qingfeng would break his legs and teach him a lesson.

"Jiaojiao, let us drink a cocktail before we race. It will be more exciting," Kun Wang said with a slight smile.

He had just learned to make cocktails and wanted to flaunt in front of the girl he liked. It would be even better if he could attract her attention.

Girls all liked cocktails. He could get them to sleep with him after he made a Cupid’s Arrow. Yesterday, he just managed to get a girl to sleep with him after he made her that cocktail.

Kun Wang walked to the bar and took out a tall stemmed glass. Then he poured in 30 ml of vodka, 30 ml of peach liquor, 60 ml of pineapple juice and 60ml of cranberry juice. Then he placed all the ingredients into the shaker and added ice. He then shook it up and down.

In a moment, he successfully made a Cupid’s arrow cocktail.

"Wow, Brother Kun managed to make a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail."

"Yeah. Brother Kun had just started learning how to bartend not long ago. But he already knows how to make a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail. How impressive."

"Brother Kun is so romantic. Is he professing his love to a beauty with the cocktail?"

The surrounding thugs all clamored and spewed sweet words. Kun Wang was their superior so they naturally had to please him.

"Jiaojiao, I made this Cupid’s Arrow cocktail. The Cupid’s Arrow can last for five seconds. It is a gift for you," Kun Wang said heatedly as he placed the cocktail in front of Jiaojiao Liu.

One must know that it was extremely difficult to make a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail. Kun Wang studied it for a long time. He even found a professional bartender to teach him. But his Cupid’s Arrow could only last for five seconds.

A flash of mockery appeared in Jiaojiao Liu’s face and she smiled coldly when she saw the cocktail.

How dare Kun Wang use a Cupid’s Arrow to please her? Did he not know that her brother-in-law could make a Cupid’s Arrow cocktail which lasted 3 minutes? It was 10 times better than the one he made.

"You can drink it. I don’t like it," Jiaojiao Liu declined as she shook her beautiful head.

"Jiaojiao, the Cupid’s Arrow can last for five seconds. Drink it quickly or the Cupid’s Arrow will disappear. This drink represents my feelings towards you," Kun Wang said heatedly.

This fellow looked like a thug but his words were so sickening. His words caused Jiaojiao Liu and Qingfeng to both cringe.

"The Cupid’s Arrow on your cocktail disappears too quickly. I don’t like it."

"Jiaojiao, the Cupid’s Arrow can be sustained for 5 seconds. That’s a pretty long time."

"Hmph, the Cupid’s Arrow on the cocktail he makes can be sustained for 3 minutes," Jiaojiao Liu said as she looked admiringly at Qingfeng.

"Jiaojiao, you’re lying. How could he know how to make a cocktail or a Cupid’s Arrow which would last 3 minutes? That is impossible," Kun Wang said as he shook his head in disbelief.

"It is okay if you don’t believe me." Jiaojiao Liu did not want to talk to him anymore.

"Jiaojiao, if he could really make a Cupid’s Arrow which lasts 3 minutes, I will call him Big Brother," Kun Wang said coldly as he looked at Qingfeng with disdain.

Qingfeng frowned unhappily when he saw Kun Wang’s insulting look. It is your business that you are pursuing Jiaojiao Liu. What did I do to you? Why are you looking at me with disdain?

"I do not want a thug calling me big brother," Qingfeng mocked coldly.

"Fellow, what do you mean? You can’t even bartend. Why are you boasting?" Kun Wang furrowed his brows slightly and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

His dislike for Qingfeng grew by the minute. He had already decided to teach Qingfeng a lesson after the race.

"I am boasting? Open your eyes wide. The cocktail I make is the real Cupid’s Arrow," Qingfeng said with a cold smile. He had decided to show his skills to teach this fellow a lesson.

He walked to the bar and took out a tall stemmed glass. Then he poured in 30 ml of vodka, 30 ml of peach liquor, 60 ml of pineapple juice and 60ml of cranberry juice. Then he placed all the ingredients into the shaker and added ice. He then shook it up and down.

Qingfeng shook the mixture vigorously and even tossed it into the air. He continued to shake it for 5 minutes before stopping.

A vibrant gorgeous Cupid’s Arrow appeared in the middle of the cocktail.

The Cupid’s Arrow that Qingfeng made was much more vibrant than the one Kun Wang made. It also lasted 3 minutes and only gradually started disappearing after 3 minutes.

The Cupid’s Arrow was sustained for 3 minutes. This meant that it was sustained 36 times longer than the one Kun Wang made. They were not on the same level.

The surrounding people exclaimed, "This is the real Cupid’s Arrow cocktail."

Some women looked at Qingfeng adoringly. Qingfeng had piqued some of their interests with his Cupid’s Arrow cocktail.

Even the surrounding thugs were stunned. They wanted to mock Qingfeng but could not say anything. The Cupid’s Arrow Qingfeng made was too good. It was much better than the one that Brother Kun made.

"The cocktail tastes so good," Jiaojiao Liu said as she took a sip of the Cupid’s Arrow Qingfeng made.

Kun Wang became livid when he heard Jiaojiao Liu’s praises. He wanted to impress Jiaojiao Liu with the cocktail. He did not expect to be embarrassed instead.

"Jiaojiao, let’s go race. You said that if you lost again, you will be my girlfriend," Kun Wang quickly tried to change the topic.

Since he lost at bartending, he naturally needed to win the race. He was the famous small race King of Eastern Sea City.

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