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Chapter 204: Winning the First Round

Chapter 204: Winning the First Round

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I must get the next question. Young Master Chen clenched his fist and cheered himself up.

Young Master Chen was very dissatisfied about Qingfeng Li grabbing the prize, and was filled with pent-up anger.

A small staff member in a company actually stepped on his head. It was really unforgivable.

Time passed by minute by minute. The game was still on.

Question 3, question 4, 5… 10

Shuqing Song asked 10 questions on antiques and they were all snatched by Qingfeng Li. Moreover, Qingfeng Li got them correct.

A question on antiques was 10 points, so 10 questions would be 100 points.

When Qingfeng Li got 100 points, the audience around applauded and got completely excited.

No one had answer ed10 questions in a row in the past competitions. Neither had one won 100 points. Qingfeng Li was the first in history.

"Qingfeng Li, you are already number one of the first round. Don’t answer and leave the questions to the other contestants." Shuqing Song frowned and stopped Qingfeng Li from answering questions again.

The first round was the assessment of the knowledge of antiques, aiming to eliminate over half of the contestants. If Qingfeng Li kept answering like this, the others wouldn’t get a chance. How would he be able to eliminate half of the contestants?

Hearing that Shuqing Song didn’t let him answer, Qingfeng Li was a bit dissatisfied. But thinking that the opposing party said he was number one, this spark of dissatisfaction was gone.

"Vice President Song, you said I’m alreadyfirst place of the first round?" Qingfeng Li frowned, asking.

To him, answering questions was not the most important thing. As long as he is the number one of the first round, he could go to the next level.

"Yes, Qingfeng Li. You got 100 points and are first place of the first round. Leave the questions to other. Give them some opportunities. You can’t be too greedy. " Shuqing Song smiled lightly and said to Qingfeng.

Hearing Shuqing Song’s words, the others kept nodding, showing some dissatisfaction towards Qingfeng Li in their eyes. These people have given out a lot in order to participate in the antique competition. Some learned about antique since young, others attended the competition without even getting married.

If these people can’t snatch even one question in the first round, how could they go back and face their families?

Seeing the dissatisfied look around, Qingfeng Li frowned. He knew that he had answered too many questions and annoyed everyone.

Qingfeng Li didn’t care much about the dissatisfaction of these people. What he cared more was this old fox. This old fox is too sly and cruel that he schemed against Qingfeng Li, deliberately saying that the latter answered too much and snatched others’ questions, which made the rest unhappy.

However, this was the antique competition. Qingfeng Li didn’t bother to argue with this old fox. He was the first place of the first round after all. As long as he passed the second and the third pass, he would be the ‘King of Antiques’ in Eastern Sea City, helping the company through a crisis.

"Since I’m the first place of the first round, I won’t answer." Qingfeng Li curved the corner of his mouth, laid back to the side and started to save his energy with his eyes closed.

Shuqing Song smiled lightly and continued to ask questions, which the rest of the compeititors promptly answered.

The result was also announced after the first round.

Number one, Qingfeng Li, scored 100 points by answering 10 questions. Number two Sitao Song, scoring 80 with 8 questions. The third one was Lingxiu Xu, scoring 70 points with 7 questions. The fourth one was Young Master Chen, scoring 60 with 6 questions…

100 people attended the first round, 50 of which were eliminated. This was very brutal.

A lot of the contestants came to the antique competition every year with great confidence but ended up with disappointment. There are those who laughed and those who cried.

"The first round elimination is over, and Qingfeng Li is first place." Shuqing Song announced the results of the first round, frowning slightly.

At this moment, Shuqing Song was very shocked. Qingfeng Li was too capable that he answered the first 10 questions correctly and flawlessly.

One must know, some of these questions on antiques were very difficult. But it didn’t occur to him that Qingfeng Li would get the right answers every time.

Even his grandson Sitao Song and Young Master Chen answered wrong on some of the questions that Shuqing Song asked about the antiques. It was because of the mistakes Sitao Song and Young Master Chen made that accentuated Qingfeng Li’s capability.

"Qingfeng Li actually won the first round and beat Sitao Song and Young Master Chen. How unbelievable."

"Right. Qingfeng Li is too knowledgeable. I wouldn’t know the answers myself but he actually got them all right."

"I heard that Qingfeng Li is just a salesman in the Ice Snow Corporation. This is so amazing."

People around were abuzz. They already knew Qingfeng Li’s identity and was impressed by his performance.

"He really is the man I look highly of, always creating miracles."

Seeing the high-spirited Qingfeng Li on the stage, Ruyan Liu’s pretty face showed a touch of delight. Her beautiful eyes were as gentle as water.

"My husband is so outstanding. He will definitely attract other girls. This is so annoying." Seeing Qingfeng Li won the first round, Xue Lin was very happy, but she was even more worried and concerned.

Qingfeng Li was so excellent that a huge beauty like Xue Lin got a little bit worried. She was afraid that her husband would be snatched by someone else.

Qingfeng Li won, and Young Master Chen’s face turned livid and terribly gloomy. It never occurred to him that Qingfeng Li would get the first place.

Young Master Chen was laughing at Qingfeng Li at the beginning of the competition. Now he lost his face in front of everyone. It was easy to imagine the shame in his heart. How humiliating.

"Everyone take a break. The second round starts in half an hour. The second round is the antique authentication. You decide your opposing party by drawing straws, then take out a piece of antique and get the opposing party to identify its authenticity." Shuqing Song announced to the remaining 50 contestants, smiling slightly.

Admittedly, the antique competition was furiously competitive. 100 people participated in it, and 50 were directly eliminated after the first round.

After the first round test on antique theories, there would be a half-an-hour break. Then goes the second round - antique authentication.

During the break, Qingfeng Li looked around and saw Young Master Chen was sneaking into the distance. The former quickly followed up.

He knew that Young Master Chen didn’t have good intentions. He might be able to find out something following this guy.

Young Master Chen was very cautious. He bypassed the crowd and secretly came to the ladies’ room.

"Gee, Young Master Chen actually went into the ladies’ room?"

Qingfeng Li was shocked, and quickly followed him into the ladies’ room. He wanted to know what exactly Young Master Chen was doing in the ladies’ room.

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