My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 203: Xue Lin Was Very Excited

Chapter 203: Xue Lin Was Very Excited

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"Sorry, I asked it wrong again. You are behind me, so you must be the 100th contestant. By the way, I told you my name, what's yours?" Xiaomei Wang asked, grinning.

Well, you finally asked a normal question, Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said, "My name is Qingfeng Li, a staff member of the Ice Snow Corporation."

"Woah, the Ice Snow Corporation, that is a big corporation. I’ve heard the CEO Xue Lin is a huge beauty. Do you know her? Is she really beautiful?" Xiaomei Wang showed four treasures of women’s room, paper, bronze, Buddha, bracelets, amber and so on. The Kowloon Inkstone from Qianlong Emperor is the most famous.

This chick is chatty, that’s Qingfeng’s first impression of her.

When Qingfeng and Xiaomei were chatting, the audiences were also busy in discussion.

"Hey what do you think? Who’s going to be number 1 in the elimination round?"

"Do you still have to ask? The first place obviously belongs to Sitao Song. He’s Shuqing Song’s grandson and has rich knowledge in antique."

"You are wrong, I think Lingxiu Xu has better chances, she’s also the granddaughter of president Yunchang Xu!"

"To be honest, Young Master Chen isn’t bad too, their family does business in the antique and jewelry field, he grew up in those things."

Everyone was chatting, guessing that the winner must be amongst Sitao Song, Lingxiu Xu and Young Master Chen.

As for Qingfeng Li, they’ve never heard of this guy’s name, so naturally they wouldn’t think that he would win.

"Everyone quiet down, now allow me to start the question session. The first one to raise hand answers." Shuqing faintly smiled and said to the 100 participants in front of them.

He also heard those audiences’ discussions, and hearing that some people think that his grandson would grab the first place made him very happy.

"Question 1: how many categories of antiques are there? What do they each represent?" Shuqing Song asked the first question with a faint smile.


Qingfeng was the first one to raise his hand. His reflexes and movements were too fast, and he raised his hand before Young Master Chen and Sitao Song could even react.

Seeing Qingfeng’s hand up in the air, Shuqing Song was a bit dissatisfied. With so many eyes watching, he had no choice but let Qingfeng answer.

"Antiques are generally divided into four categories, the first is ceramic, which is the most famous ceramics in Jingdezhen; the second category is calligraphy and painting, including the Eastern Jin Dynasty Xizhi Wang's calligraphy, the River Above Qing Ming painting from Song dynasty are most famous. "

"The third category is Jade, in which the Han Dynasty jade most famous, the fourth category is miscellaneous, including treasures, paper, bronze, Buddha, embroidery, hand string, amber and so on, which Qianlong Emperor’s Kowloon Inkstone is most famous. "

Qingfeng Li talked a lot and spoke about the classification of the antiques and their respective works. He explained it in detail but also simplified it so that the audience around could understand it completely, let alone Shuqing Song.

"Who is this guy that is so familiar with the antiques?" The audience around looked at Qingfeng Li in astonishment, and their eyes flashed with a touch of surprise.

They were antique lovers and jewelry collectors. They knew the famous antique masters and the apprentices of the masters in Eastern Sea City. But they didn’t know the young guy in front of them at all.

"Good job husband! He has such a deep understanding of antiques." Xue Lin’s cold and elegant face flashed with a touch of surprise. Seeing Qingfeng Li talking in the competition hall, she was a bit excited.

"Brother hides it well. He knows so many things." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly from the judge positions. Her look towards Qingfeng Li was full of admiration.

This man is the man she likes, and the one that always brought her surprises and made her heart pound.

"Handsome, you are very good. You got the first question right." Xiaomei Wang looked at Qingfeng Li in shock, and her eyes were shining.

There were 100 people participating the Antique competition in the hall. Everyone had a deep understanding of antiques but the previous ones had prestigious backgrounds. Qingfeng grabbed attention at the first question.

"Of course I’m very capable." Qingfeng Li slightly warped the corner of his mouth and said proudly.

His tone had some ineffable pride, not caring about the others at all. Talking about antiques in front of him was like showing off in front of a master.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Xiaomei Wang put her thumbs up, the shock in her eyes was still there.

"The answer is correct. No.100 contestant scores 10 points." Shuqing Song’s said faintly and his eyes flashed with a touch of surprise.

This was an antique competition with a large audience. Though Shuqing had opinions of Qingfeng Li and didn’t like him, Qingfeng Li’s answer was correct, so he had to give Qingfeng Li 10 points.

One must know that this was all live, making it almost impossible to cheat at all. Qingfeng Li actually answered it so soon, which spoke of his rich knowledge of antiques.

Sitao Song and Young Master Chen on the other side turned livid, because they lost at the very beginning. So naturally, they were not happy.

To be sure, one of them was the grandson of the vice president of the Antique Association, and the other was the young master of an antique jewelry family. The two wanted to compete for the question, but it didn’t occur to them that Qingfeng Li got the answer.

"Question two, please listen to the question, what are the elements of antique damage?" Shuqing Song smiled lightly and began the second question.


Qingfeng Li was the first to raise his hand again, which made Sitao Song and Young Master Chen extremely angry. They were too slow and couldn’t compete with Qingfeng at all.

"There are mainly four kinds of factors resulting in antique damage. The first kind is the impact of humidity. The critical point of antique protection is 38 degrees. Exceeding this temperature causes the texture change of the antique and the loss of its humidity. Of course, Jade antiques and golden antiques are not in this range."

"The second kind is the gas infringement, resulting from compounds like ozone, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia in the air. If one keeps the antiques indoors for a long time, the air will affect the antiques, tarnishing the metallic antiques, and discoloring painting."

"The third is the dust damage. Dust is solid matter with irregular shapes. Dust and coal particles on antiques will cause mechanical damage, resulting in the darkened color of the antique calligraphy and paintings."

"The fourth one is the biological corrosion. There are lots of bacteria and molds in the air. Once these organisms adhere to antiques, they will cause calligraphy, painting and wooden antiques to degrade."

Qingfeng Li smiled proudly and spoke out the answer to the second question. These questions were too simple for him, not hard at all.

"The answer is correct. Qingfeng Li scored another 10 points, totaling to 20 points."

Shuqing Song slightly knitted his eyebrows. Though not satisfied with Qingfeng Li, the answer was correct and he had to give him bonus points.

"My husband is really good. He got it right again." Xue Lin clenched her pink little fist in the auditorium, her body slightly shaking, showing the excitement in her heart at the moment.

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