My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 202: First Round, Elimination Round

Chapter 202: First Round, Elimination Round

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"Hi, it has been a while," Ruyan Liu said to Qingfeng with a light smile.

In reality, it had only been two days since she last saw Qingfeng. But for Ruyan Liu, even two days was a long time because she wished to spend every minute and second with him.

Xue Lin frowned. She looked at Ruyan Liu intently, then turned to look at Qingfeng. She instinctively felt that there was a secret between the two.

One had to admit that Xue Lin’s instincts were very accurate. She discovered that there was something fishy between them just through their words and gazes but she had no time to investigate the relationship between the two as the Antique Competition was starting soon. In Xue Lin’s mind, Ruyan Liu was a vixen who tried to seduce her husband.

Little Xuexue, fighting! You are the best! Don’t let this vixen seduce your husband. Xue Lin encouraged herself in her heart.

After introducing Qingfeng to Ruyan Liu, Yunchang introduced Qingfeng to the other three judges. One was the Vice-President, Shuqing Song. The other two were two elderly men in their sixties.

Among the five judges, Ruyan Liu was the youngest and also a beauty. The eldest judge was Yunchang Xu.

Shuqing Song was an old man in his sixties. He appeared much younger than Yunchang Xu, having a rosy complexion and standing tall. He looked to be in good health. Shuqing Song was extremely haughty when Yunchang Xu introduced Qingfeng. He did not spare Qingfeng a single glance, which greatly angered Qingfeng.

Shuqing Song had a negative impression of Qingfeng because Chen Song, the son of the Vice-Mayor, had badmouthed Qingfeng in front of him. Shuqing Song and Chen Song were both from the Song Family, so naturally he had to help Chen Song bring Qingfeng down.

‘This arrogant old man refused to even look at me,’ thought Qingfeng. Qingfeng wanted to kick him but he could only suppress his urges because Shuqing Song was the Vice-President of the Antique Association and one of the five judges.

As for the other two judges, they both nodded towards Qingfeng out of respect for Yunchang Xu. But they were not very enthusiastic either.

After Yunchang Xu introduced everyone, he led the others towards the VIP panel. He was one of the judges so he naturally had to sit in the VIP panel. The hall gradually quieted down as everyone found their seats.

Everyone gazed intently at Yunchang Xu and awaited his words.

"The Antique Competition starts now!" Yunchang Xu loudly proclaimed.

His words had just ended when a commotion broke out among the participants. Everyone’s face became red and they looked around vigilantly.

The people next to them were all their competitors. There was already a flicker of animosity in their hearts.

The Antique Competition was only organized once a year. This was an important event for every participant.

If one could obtain a good standing in the competition, one would not only receive the award from the competition but would also be sought out by the multi-millionaires and receive some work opportunities.

Everyone who joined the competition wanted a good standing. It was like the Olympics-- everyone was after the medals.

"The Vice-President, Shuqing Song, will announce the reward and rules of the competition," Yunchang Xu waved his hands to subdue the crowd.

Because of his age, the person who handled the matters was Shuqing Song. Shuqing Song had a powerful background and was extremely influential in the Antique Association.

At his words, Shuqing Song took a step forward and appeared in everyone’s eyes. Everyone looked at him in admiration.

Many participants deeply respected the Vice-President of the Antique Association. Just like Yunchang Xu, he was an influential figure in the Antique world.

Shuqing Song stood up and nodded towards Yunchang Xu. He cleared his throat to silence the crowd.

"There are 100 participants in the Antique Competition this year. The reward this year is the most generous in the history of the competition. The winner will receive the title of "King of Antiques", a trophy and an antique worth 1 million Yuan."

"The second place winner will win an antique worth 500,000 Yuan and the third place winner will win an antique worth 300,000 Yuan. The fourth place to tenth place winners will each win an antique worth 100,000 Yuan."

"The first round of the competition is an elimination round. I will personally come up with some questions about antiques. Everyone will race to answer the question. The winners will enter the second round where they will face another participant to authenticate an antique. In the third round, I will bring out an antique which the participants must authenticate."

Shuqing Song smiled lightly and narrated the award and rules of the competition.

There were three rounds in the Antique Competition every year. The first round was to test the antique knowledge of the participants. This round was extremely ruthless and would eliminate half of the participants every year.

"The first round is an antique knowledge test?" Qingfeng furrowed his brows in surprise.

He knew that since the first round was a knowledge test, Ting Chen’s fake jewelry would not be brought out in the first round. Her piece must be part of the second round where antiques were authenticated.

The 100 participants lined up in order in the middle of the Hall. Participant number one was a handsome young man. The young man had big eyes and a high nose bridge. He deeply resembled Shuqing Song.

His name was Si-Tao Song and he was the grandson of Shuqing Song. Because of his relationship with Shuqing Song, he naturally obtained number 1. Participant number 2 was Xiuling Xu and participant number 3 was Young Master Chen…

Since Qingfeng registered very late, he was number 100.

The participant in front of Qingfeng was a cute girl who was around 23 years old. She had a few freckles on her face. Even though she was not very pretty, she was quite cute.

"Hi handsome, are you also participating in the Antique Competition?" The cute girl said to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was slightly speechless when he heard the cute girl’s words. I am standing right behind you. Of course, I am participating in the competition. Your question makes me speechless.

The cute girl had also realized her mistake, she stuck her tongue out and said, "My name is Xiaomei Wang. I am participant number 99. What is your number?"

Qingfeng was even more speechless when he heard Xiaomei Wang’s words. Your second question is even worse than your first. You are participant number 99. I am behind you. What do you think my number is?

Qingfeng was speechless. He felt that Xiaomei Wang’s brain must have short-circuited or she must be a fool.

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