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Chapter 205: Young Master Chen's Conspiracy

Chapter 205: Young Master Chen's Conspiracy

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Female washroom, inside room #1.

Young Master Chen furrowed his brows and said in a low voice, "Ting Chen, do you have the things ready?"

Ting Chen smiled coldly and took out a box. There were two white jade bracelets inside the box.

"Brother, this is the fake bracelet I asked Shuqing Song master to make for you. It looks exactly like the one I bought. It can definitely pass off as the authentic one," Ting Chen said with a cold smile as she handed over the fake bracelet to Young Master Chen.

"Shuqing Song is a Master of Antiques. There will not be any problems with the fake bracelet he made. Qingfeng and the Ice Snow Corporation are totally screwed," Young Master Chen said as he looked at the fake bracelet in his hand. A scheming look crossed his face.

Young Master Chen’s intentions were extremely malicious. During the second stage of the competition, he will take out these two fake jade bracelets and proclaim that he bought them from Ice Snow Corporation. Once the bracelets were authenticated as fake goods, the reputation of Ice Snow Corporation would be ruined.

One had to admit, as a Young master of a big family, even though he often fooled around, he was highly skilled in conspiracies.

"Oh yeah, sister. Where is the authentic bracelet you bought?" Young Master Chen asked.

Ting Chen took out an identical box and said, "The real jade bracelet is here."

"The real jade bracelet and the fake bracelet look identical. I would not be able to distinguish them if you had not told me," Young Master Chen exclaimed when he saw the authentic jade bracelet in his sister’s hands.

Shuqing Song was indeed an Antique Master. His forgery skills were world class. Of course, Ting Chen had paid a heavy price for the fake jade bracelet.

"Sister, I will take the fake jade bracelet. Hide the authentic jade bracelet carefully," Young Master Chen instructed as he picked up the fake bracelet and left the women’s washroom.

He wanted to use the fake jade bracelet to teach Qingfeng and the Ice Snow Corporation a heavy lesson. He wanted Qingfeng and Xue Lin to both become homeless dogs.

When he saw that Young Master Chen was about to leave, Qingfeng quickly hid in room number 2.

Young Master Chen did not see Qingfeng who was in room #2 when he left room #1. He left with the fake jade bracelet in hand.

Ring Ring Ring~

Qingfeng was about to leave when Ting Chen’s cell phone rang. Ting Chen picked up the phone and said intimately," Darling, I am in the room #1 of the women’s washroom. Come quick."

Ting Chen had just hung up the phone when a man secretly entered the women’s washroom. The man had a high nose bridge and big eyes. He was handsome but his actions tarnished his image.

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw the man. The man was none other than Sitao Song, the grandson of Shuqing Song.

He finally realized that Sitao Song was the one who called Ting Chen. The relationship between the two was not ordinary.

"Little beauty, did you miss me?" Sitao Song said pervertedly as he hugged onto Ting Chen when he entered washroom #1.

"You naughty boy, of course, I have missed you. It is all thanks to you that your grandfather agreed to make a fake bracelet for me," Ting Chen said with a charming smile.

Shuqing Song was the Vice-President of the Antique Association and a member of the Song Family. He would not agree to make a fake jade bracelet for an ordinary person.

But Shuqing Song heavily doted on his grandson, Sitao Song. Thus, he agreed when his grandson asked him to make the fake bracelet.

"Little beauty, I’ve done you a huge favor. How are you going to

thank me?" Sitao Song said with a wicked smile as he looked at Ting Chen’s charming face.

"Brother Tao, I love you the most," Ting Chen smiled charmingly and looked at him seductively.

"Loving me is not enough I want to xxoo you," Sitao Song impatiently tore apart Ting Chen’s clothes.

"Slow down, Brother Tao. Let me put the authentic jade bracelets on the ground. I don't want to break it," Ting Chen placed the authentic jade bracelets on the ground and started to remove her clothes.

Then, the couple started to engage in xxoo activities. Qingfeng knew that Ting Chen was Young Master Li’s girlfriend, but Young Master Li was homosexual. Ting Chen was not satisfied and had started to fool around with Sitao Song.

"Bitch and bastard…you guys came together to frame me." Qingfeng’s face became livid when he heard the conversation in room #1.

He wanted to kick open the door and teach the two a lesson. But he suddenly thought that that would be too easy on them. He should take photos.

Since the door of room #1 and #2 were right next to each other. Qingfeng slid his phone under the door and recorded the xxoo acts of the two. He also recorded their conversation.

"Eh, the authentic jade bracelet is here?" Qingfeng discovered that Ting Chen had placed the authentic jade bracelet on the ground. Clearly, she was afraid of breaking it.

Even god is helping me. A flash of light appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He slid his left hand under the door and picked up the box containing the authentic jade bracelet.

Ting Chen and Sitao Song were so engaged in their activities that they did not realize that Qingfeng had already taken the box containing the authentic jade bracelet.

After Qingfeng took the box containing the authentic jade bracelet, he started to think of a solution. Right, he could switch the boxes.

His eyes lit up and he thought of a good idea. He could change the authentic jade bracelet with the fake bracelet in Young Master Chen’s hands. During the second round of the competition, Young Master Chen would take out the authentic jade bracelet and the crisis of the Ice Snow Corporation would be resolved.

At that thought, Qingfeng started to look for Young Master Chen.

"Found him," Qingfeng suddenly spotted Young Master Chen who was in the center of the hall.

He looked intently and discovered that Young Master Chen had placed the box containing the fake bracelet in his pocket. The box was small so it fits perfectly into his pocket.

Qingfeng pretended to be in a rush and walked speedily towards Young Master Chen. He then bumped into Young Master Chen.

At the instant where he ran into Young Master Chen, Qingfeng quickly switched the box containing the fake bracelet in Young Master Chen’s pocket with the authentic bracelet.

"Where are you walking, are you blind?" Young Master Chen said angrily.

The fake bracelets were in his pocket. What would he do if they were broken?

Young Master Chen quickly took out the box from his pocket. He sighed in relief when he saw the bracelets that were intact.

But Young Master Chen did not know that the bracelets in his pockets were already switched by Qingfeng. The fake bracelets had been switched into authentic bracelets.

"Who are you insulting? Are you looking for a beating?" Qingfeng furrowed his brows in displeasure.

"It’s you?" A flash of anger appeared in Young Master Chen’s eyes when he discovered that it was Qingfeng who had ran into him.

But he could only repress the anger in his heart when he thought of Qingfeng’s strength. He could not win over Qingfeng. He had been beaten up by Qingfeng at the Charity Banquet.

Young Master Chen deeply hated Qingfeng but was also scared of him.

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