My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 14: Little Devil

Chapter 14: Little Devil

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Little devil. She was really a charming little devil.

Her face was delicate with a cherry-like, little mouth, and was even more beautiful when drunk. The red was delicate and charming. Her skin was snow white, and that graceful figure – such a fallen angel.

Anyone who saw her wouldn’t be able to control themselves and would want to do something harmful.

"Should I be a bastard or not?" Looking at Menyao Xu’s naked body, Qingfeng showed his struggle all over his face. What a complicated mood.

Aye, I’m always a righteous man. I can’t insult my brilliant and powerful image. Qingfeng Li praised himself, then took out nine silver needles and stabbed them into the nine qi acupuncture points on Mengyao's body. Using this special method, he dissolved the effect of the drugs in her body.

Though he liked beautiful girls, he didn’t like to take advantage of people. If he did this, then what’s the difference between him and street gangs like Brother Biao?

Even if he was doing it, he would do it when Mengyao Xu woke up and agreed to do so, not while she was drugged.He has his own bottom line and principles.

After the drug was dissolved, Mengyao Xu suddenly sat up, her face turned red, and her eyes looked confused. She drank too much, and the strength of the alcohol came up.

"Are you alright?" Qingfeng Li asked with concern, worrying that something would go wrong.

Vomit, vomit …

Mengyao Xu suddenly began to throw up the alcohol, water and all the others things in her stomach, spitting out onto Qingfeng Li. Her own clothes too were covered.

Motherfucker. What the hell was this?

Staring at the alcohol on the body, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes.

She was a beauty, a real beauty, one that all men would want perv out on upon seeing her. Then she actually threw up on me. What a damage to the beautiful image.

After vomiting several times, Mengyao no longer vomited. Her head turned aside and she passed out.

It was probably comfortable for Mengyao. However, Qingfeng didn’t feel comfortable at all with his body tainted with alcohol.

Qingfeng had no choice but to take off his clothes, exposing his strong muscles. There were scars on his back, every one representing a glory that he earned from battle.

Shortly, he washed all his clothes with the washing machine.

"Beauty, let me help you wash them too." Qingfeng’s eyes brightened, taking off Mengyao Xu’s clothes, and put them into the washing machine.

What a great figure, and white skin …

The image was too beautiful to describe for children. Imagine it yourself! At this moment, Qingfeng Li had an impulse to be an animal for once. But thinking that he shouldn’t take advantage of others, he controlled himself.

I’m such a good guy. He praised himself again. Qingfeng Li took a quilt and covered it on Mengyao Xu. He laid beside her and fell asleep.Eight o’clock in the morning. The sun just rose.


A scream broke the tranquility of the hotel room.

Mengyao suddenly opened her eyes and saw her naked body, letting out a shrill and sad scream.

"Damn pervert, I’ll kill you, kill you…" Mengyao Xu’s beautiful face had anger all over, waving her fists and hitting mercilessly on Qingfeng.

"Beauty, why are you hitting me?" Qingfeng Li woke up to Mengyao Xu’s strikes, protesting unhappily.

"You bastard raped me when I was drunk." Mengyao’s beautiful face was covered by the raging fire of anger, anxious to burn Qingfeng to death.

She had kept her innocent body for over 20 years, and then it was gone in this way. How could she not get furious?

"Hey hey, I didn’t rape you. Don’t frame me." Qingfeng Li slightly knitted his brows, justifying for himself loudly.

I’m a good guy who did good deeds without leaving a name. You can’t wrong me.

"Bastard. If you didn’t touch me, why are we naked?"

"Don’t wrong a good guy. I’m not an easy person."

"You aren’t even human when you are being easy. There is no such thing as a good man."

"I’m a good guy."

"Bullshit. You tainted me. I’m going to kill you."

Mengyao Xu’s pretty faced turned red, waving her hands, looking like a tigress, and rushed towards Qingfeng Li.

Her ferocious looks seemed to indicate that she wouldn’t stop until she beat Qingfeng half way to death.


If a tiger doesn’t hunt, you take it as a Hello Kitty?

Qingfeng Li was a little angry. This woman was really unreasonable. Was she retarded?

He flipped his hand and pressed Mengyao Xu on the bed, slapping on her butt.

"You, you bastard. How dare you spank my butt?" Feeling uncomfortable on the butt, Mengyao’s pretty face turned red and scolded Qingfeng.

You are scolding again, and still being stubborn?

I’ll teach you a lesson or you don’t know who you are.

Slap, slap …

Qingfeng beat on her butt for a dozen times till she became exhausted, and face turned red.

He said, "Still dare to scold me?"

"No, no more. But you bastard defiled me. I won’t forgive you." Mengyao’s pretty face was red, and said it angrily.

What an unreasonable woman.

He knew that Mengyao was a high ranking police officer with a lot of power. If this woman held grudges, it would be sure to cause him trouble.

To reduce the trouble, he thought it necessary to explain to this retarded woman.

"Beauty, think it over. Didn’t you get drunk in the bar last night and was drugged by someone? It was me who rescued you from the gangsters." Qingfeng frowned and reminded Mengyao. He hated when others wronged him.

Gee, it seemed so.

Mengyao Xu slightly frowned, thinking over it. She was drinking with friends in the bar last night and felt her body became very weak and her brain going dizzy. She had the impression that two gangsters grabbed her. It was Qingfeng who saved her.

The reason Mengyao Xu was angry was because she woke up to her naked body, and thought she was defiled. So she became furious.

Knowing the story, Mengyao Xu had a complex look on her pretty face. The young man in front of her didn’t defile her, but had seen her naked, which was not that different from tainting her.

"It’s all over. How can I face people in the future?" Mengyao Xu is the head of a police squad in Eastern Sea city, a policewoman admired by lots of people.

She used to be innocent, but she knew from today on, she was no longer so. Because her body was defiled by Qingfeng Li’s eyes.

"You’re not allowed to say a thing to others about today. Or I won’t forgive you." Mengyao’s pretty face looked ferocious, waving her hands, and she said to Qingfeng angrily.

The fact that Qingfeng Li had seen her body would have an awful influence on her. If the secret spread out, she would be disgraced. So she threatened him not to say anything.

"Be assured, beauty. This thing is only between you and me. I won’t tell anybody." Indeed, this little girl’s figure could be comparable to his cold wife. The only drawback was that the breasts were too small and a bit flat – they need to be developed further.

Three minutes later.

Mengyao Xu got dressed and left the hotel with Qingfeng Li, her figure was elegant and graceful.

"I can’t forgive you on the fact that you defiled me. Don’t let me catch you, otherwise I’d punish you."

Mengyao stared at Qingfeng Li ferociously, turned around and left. She really didn’t want to see this bad guy.

"Aye, I’m screwed."

Qingfeng suddenly remembered that yesterday he told Xue Lin to get divorce today. He didn’t think that he would forget this matter.

Xue Lin would seem to misunderstand him again. His cold wife tends to misunderstand others.

Whatever, they were getting divorced. She would go her way, and he would take his path, not caring about each other.

Qingfeng Li muttered and went right towards Noble Palace. Divorced after one day of marriage. The speed was truly number one in Eastern Sea City.

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