My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 15: Divorcing the Wife

Chapter 15: Divorcing the Wife

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Half an hour later.

Qingfeng returned to Unit 13 at Noble Palace. During the mean time, Xue Lin was waiting at the door with her marriage certificate, residence booklet, and ID card coldly.

Although Xue Lin was dressed in a black business outfit which wrapped up her fair skin, big chest, long legs and fit figure, she still looked like a white fairy.

The only thing was, she was too cold to get close with. The Ice Snow CEO was the best title to describe her.

"Let’s ...get divorced." Qingfeng walked up to her and said.

Xue Lin slightly shivered and tried to look sophisticated after hearing what Qingfeng said.

Honestly, she had been wanting to divorce him since they were married two days ago. She even told Qingfeng that she would divorce him in three months at the Civil Service Department.

However, she actually felt slightly discouraged when they were actually going to divorce now.

She couldn’t make sure whether she was right to marry him, but she was pretty sure that she was wrongfully accused Qingfeng of going to the spa.

"This is a million, just treat it as my compensation for divorce." Xue Lin took out a $1,000,000 check and handed it to Qingfeng with her slender fingers.


She didn’t plan on giving anything to Qingfeng but just kicked him out instead. But since she wrongfully accused him, she felt guilty and decided to compensate him with money.

"It’s okay, let’s go to the Civil Service. I’ll leave here after we finished the paperwork."

Qingfeng looked at her with contempt and didn’t take the check.

Does she think money can buy emotions?

He would become a boy toy if he took the check.

Qingfeng was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent who would be rewarded at least ten million for one mission. How could one million even matter to him?

"Alright, then get in my car. It’s good for both of us to get divorced

as soon as possible." Xue Lin smiled lightly while walking toward her car.

It’s all good if he didn’t take the money. As for a man’s so-called dignity, she found it funny.

Could dignity buy him anything? Of course not, only money could.

Xue Lin opened the car door and got in the car after letting Qingfeng get in beside her. She turned on the ignition and left rapidly.

The Civil Service was located in Song Jiang Road, which was in the rural area.

Xue Lin could usually get there in half an hour by car, but since there was a jam today for some reason, the street was packed.

It already took her half an hour to drive out the city.


Was there a construction ahead? Why is the road barricaded?

Xue Lin frowned her brows and showed a doubtful look on her beautiful face.

She still remembered the street wasn’t busy at all yesterday, why was there was suddenly construction?

If she couldn’t make it through Song Jiang Road, she then could only turn around and drive through Tian He Road to get to the destination.

Tian He Road was located in an old neighborhood and the streets were extremely narrowed and congested.

That area was a low socio-economic neighborhood that was packed with sketchy people including beggars, bullies, shoplifters, and thieves. It was barely patrolled by cops.

When Xue Lin drove to Tian He Road, an old man just came over, laid down on the ground and started to scream in front of her BMW.

"The car hit me! The car hit me!" Although the old man had a white beard and seemed like he was over 60, he spoke with a loud voice.

Everybody in the neighborhood started to come out and blame Xue Lin after hearing the old man.

"Do you even know how to drive? How could you knock down the old man?"

"Right? Don’t drive if you don’t know how to!"

"Women all suck at driving. See, she hit the old man now."

"Girl, pay him the compensation now." Everyone was blaming Xue Lin harshly.

"I didn’t bump into him, he tripped himself." Xue Lin stood beside the old man, her face starting to turn pale.

Faking an accident to swindle compensation?

She was pretty sure this was totally a scam. The car didn’t even touch the old man, the old man tripped himself.

Xue Lin was furious at the moment. She was mad not only because of the old man but also because of Qingfeng. He was just standing beside her without showing any intention of helping.

Are you a gentleman?

How could someone not even help his own wife when she was getting scammed?

Qingfeng frowned his brows. He didn’t have time for what Xue Lin was thinking at the moment since he was staring at the old man’s arm.

Qingfeng found the old man’s arm was irregularly strong which didn’t seem to be his when he tried to move. It looked more like a middle-aged man’s arm.

In addition, he saw a skull tattoo as small as a coin that was almost unrecognizable on the old man’s arm.

Skull Tatoo, it was the sign of the Skull Assassin Organization.

As the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent, Qingfeng was familiar with all the underground forces in the world. The Skull Assassin Organization was one of the top four assassin organizations, which was alss known as the "Skeleton League". The killers in the organization were proficient in techniques such as disguises, using camouflage and hiding.

Undoubtedly, this old man was definitely one of them.

Qingfeng was suddenly on alert when he saw a killer from the Skeleton League was actually in Eastern Sea City.

"Girl, you hit me, I can show you my broken ribs if you don’t believe me." The old man was then screaming while moving his hand inside of his clothes and pretended to show her the wound. In fact, he was grabbing his weapon.


Qingfeng suddenly got goosebumps since he felt a strong sense of killing intent.

"Watch out!" Qingfeng yelled out loud while pushing Xue Lin against and rolled on the ground.

He accidentally touched Xue Lin’s chest when he tried to get her under cover. Since they were quite soft, Qingfeng couldn’t help but squeezed them twice.

Xue Lin was suddenly flushed over her face and couldn’t move her body. She was so mad and just right when she was about to show her anger, she suddenly heard a gunshot.

There was a bullet trail right through where Xue Lin was standing a second ago. The one who made the shot was the old man.

"Gunshot! Run!"

Everyone’s face turned pale and they all started to scream and run away once they heard the shot.

The residents were all living in a peaceful town. It was their first time hearing a gunshot. They were all scared and tried to run as far as possible to avoid harm.

It was cool to experience danger sometimes, but one's life mattered more.

"What’s going on?!" Xue Lin was confused at the moment. She kept blinking her eyes and her whole body was shivering.

"We are caught in an assassination attempt." Qingfeng looked at the old man in the distance and whispered.


Xue Lin couldn’t even shut her mouth. She looked at Qingfeng confusingly. Didn’t it only happen in dramas? How was that possible in reality?

If it wasn’t the gunshot, she would hardly believe that she and Qingfeng were in danger.

Thanks to Qingfeng who had saved her life by pushing her away. She couldn’t even imagine what would happen otherwise.

Thinking of Qingfeng who just saved her life, Xue Lin kept blinking her eyes with a complicated expression on her face.

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