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Chapter 13: Brother Biao - Wasted

Chapter 13: Brother Biao - Wasted

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The fight between Qingfeng and the two good-for-nothings caused a lot of commotion and a lot of sounds, alerting everyone inside the room. A couple of the jocks walked out from the room.

The leader was a buff guy and was at least 180cm in height.

The guy was wearing a black wife-beater. His muscles were standing up and he had a knife cut on his face from his forehead all the way to the corner of his mouth. He looked murderous and scary and anyone could tell that he wasn’t kind upon the first look.

"Brother Biao, this guy wanted to steal the woman you want, and he also hit us. You must take revenge for us." The studded good-for-nothing cried out loud after seeing the scarred guy come out. It was like he found his master.

After hearing what the studded good-for-nothing said, Brother Biao's face changed. His eyes flashed a cold light.

In Eastern Sea city, everyone knew his name. He was the boss of the Zero-Degree Bar.

The Zero-Degree Bar was one of the most famous bars in Eastern Sea city.

Even though it was a bar, Brother Biao was doing other sketchy things in the back, and the bar often conducted illegal activity like trafficking women, selling drugs, collecting protection fees, etc.

Mengyao Xu was the captain of the Police Force. She had recently been investigating the Zero-Degree Bar.

Mengyao Xu already had some proof, and didn’t need long to completely destroy the whole nest in the Zero-Degree Bar.

But Brother Biao had eyes everywhere. After he got the news, he was really scared because he had done too many illegal things. If he was arrested then he would need to go to jail, and if things didn’t go well, he might be executed.

In order to survive, Brother Biao decided to take a risk and bribed Mengyao’s friend to put drugs in her alcohol and wanted to rape her in order to kill her reputation. He didn’t expect Qingfeng to step in and interrupt.

"Son, I don’t care who you all. Put down this girl and bow down to me three times and leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel."

Brother Biao locked his eyebrows and a flash of anger appeared in his eyes.

This was at the bar, and Brother Biao couldn’t do anything. His main goal was to get the drunk girl to stay. He would wait till Qingfeng left and then he will find someone to kill him.

"You want me to bow down? Who do you think you are? I can smell the plebby smell on your body even though I am this far from you."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and swore at Brother Biao.

"What the f*ck, is this guy’s brain broken? He dares to swear at Brother Biao?"

"Yeah, Brother Biao is the boss of the Zero-Degree Bar after all. Everyone who crossed him is now disabled."

"Rumor says, Brother Biao won second place in a boxing competition. His fist has the force of 100kg."

People around them were all discussing and looked at Qingfeng with eyes of ridicule.

In their eyes, if they crossed Brother Biao, then they would not have a good ending. This crazy guy, even if he didn’t die, he would lose a layer of his skin.

"Brat, you are courting death." After hearing Qingfeng diss him in public, Brother Biao’s face turned stone blue. A murderous look flashed across his eyes.

To survive in the society, the most important thing was reputation.

Brother Biao knew that everyone around him was watching. He must break Qingfeng's hands and feet today or no one would respect him in the future.

To good-for-nothings like them, reputation and face were often more important than money.

Brother Biao stomped on the ground with his right foot. His body immediately shot up like a ferocious tiger. In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of Qingfeng.


He growled and lifted his arm, his right fist came down from the sky aimed right at Qingfeng.

His fist carried a lot of force. Once he swung it out, it carried a whoosh sound. He believed that his attack could definitely land on the young man in front of him and cause him grave injuries.

"You are digging your own grave." Qingfeng smiled coldly and threw out his right fist suddenly, as quick as lightning and collided with Brother Biao’s fist.


Brother Biao’s body flew out and hit the wall 50 meters out, making a dent in the wall.

Ahhh, my hand…..

Brother Biao let out a wail, his fist was shattered completely, showing the white bone inside.

It wasn’t just his fist, his whole arm was broken, exposing his bones. He clearly wanted to die if he wanted to compete with Qingfeng in force.

Seeing the state of Brother Biao, everyone around them shivered. The eyes that were on Qingfeng were all filled with shock.

Brother Biao was second place in the boxing tournament in Eastern Sea city. He had a lot of strength but he lost to the young man in front of him. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they definitely wouldn’t believe it.

Qingfeng laughed coldly like a God of Slaughter and walked towards Brother Biao.

This Brother Biao dared to drug Mengyao Xu. He wanted to die. He definitely hurt numerous women as well, so Qingfeng decided to give him an unforgettable lesson.

"What are you guys looking at? Go! Kill this guy" Seeing that Qingfeng was walking towards him, Brother Biao held in his pain and yelled to the dozen of guys around him.

After hearing Brother Biao’s order, those guys took out their sticks and smashed towards Qingfeng.

But Brother Biao forgot that when faced with a Wolf King, regardless of how many sheep there were, it would be pointless.

Because this wasn’t even a fight on the same level.

Poom poom poom poom poom poom….

Qingfeng swiped across them with his foot and sent four or five guys flying. He only had to kick three times to send more than a dozen guys flying. Some of them had fractures, broken arms, broken legs, and they all lost their abilities to fight.

"No, no, don’t… kill me." After seeing how horrifying Qingfeng was, Brother Biao was finally scared. His face was paper white and cried out to Qingfeng for mercy.

Now he finally understood that he kicked a metal board.

He was extremely regretful. If he could go back in time, he would never cross this young man in front of him.

This young man was his mortal enemy.

"Killing people is illegal, I won’t kill you." Qingfeng gave a devilish smile.

He smiled coldly, lifted his right foot and stepped hard on the crotch of Brother Biao.


A sound of balls breaking came over. Brother Biao’s testicles were shattered. He would never be able to hurt a woman again.

Ah, Brother Biao yelled and fainted.


This was a devil.

The face of everyone around them changed, their eyes were full of fear and felt a whirl of cold wind through their crotch.


The crowd dissipated and got as far away as possible. They were all scared that they would trigger this terrifying devil.

The f*ck, am I that scary?

Watching the scared crowd that dissipated in all directions, Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was at a loss for words.

I am already very in control okay. If this was in the Wolf Continent, then I would twist the heads of Brother Biao and these dozen of guys off. They are only injured slightly right now.

His eyes suddenly focused and noticed that Mengyao Xu’s eyes were blurred, and her eyes were rolling. This meant that the drug was taking an effect.

"Beauty, stay strong," Qingfeng held Mengyao Xu, walked out of the bar, and taking her to a nearby hotel.

Inside the hotel room.

"Hot, I am so hot…."

Mengyao Xu’s face was flustered, and called out hot loudly, she repeated pulled down her clothes, exposing large areas of skin.

Her drunk look, delicate body and the classic golden ratio body radiated a unique attraction.

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