Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 2

002 Beat her at her own game

Tan Jing walked over and gently held Tan Rou’s hand. “Xiao Rou, are you upset? I really didn’t mean to steal your friends. If you’re upset, then I’ll return them to you. Don’t be angry…” as she whimpered while pretending to wipe her tears.

Tan Rou looked at her atrocious acting skills coldly. She was speechless even though she was mentally prepared.


‘Wow, you can cry on command, you shouldn’t be the heiress of the Tan family, you are much more suited to the showbiz world, right?’

However, when she looked at the people around her, they were all extremely anxious and immediately said, “Jing Jing, don’t cry. We chose to be your friends because we like you!”

Tan Rou was very familiar with one of the girls. She was Wei Ling, who had always been by her side in the past.

She is no longer as obedient as before. Her eyes widened. “Tan Rou, don’t go too far. Jing Jing is a hundred times more gentle and sensible than you. She deserves our sincere treatment!”

Tan Rou couldn’t hold it in anymore. She burst out laughing.

Tan Jing was stunned. “Xiao Rou, you… What do you mean? Are you angry?”

Tan Rou had enough of laughing. She fiercely pulled her hand back and sniggered, “How can that be? They are friends? Since they can be snatched away so easily, how can they be considered as real friends? But you have to be careful. If an heiress from a family stronger than the Tan family appears, I don’t know if you will be able to outwrestle her?”

The people around her blushed in embarrassment. “Tan Rou, what do you mean? Are you saying that we are social climbing?”

Tan Rou smiled faintly, “Why the sudden aggression? I didn’t mean it like that. After all, we’ve known each other for a while. There’s no need to be so harsh with me. I really miss the way you guys used to behave around me…”

Tan Rou’s eyes rolled and her face was full of smiles. No one could find anything wrong with her, she continued, “I really feel a little sad seeing how you guys are like. But it’s okay. I choose to believe that you guys aren’t such ugly people. We have plenty of time together in the future… and we will see.”

The crowd wanted to defend themselves and Wei Ling’s face turned red but she couldn’t say anything. Tan Rou’s mellow words were harder to refute than her gun-like attacks. After all, in the past, Tan Rou had indeed helped everyone a lot…

When Tan Jing saw their reactions, she frowned and quickly stood up. “Xiao Rou might be in a bad mood today. Don’t crowd around. I want to… apologize to Xiao Rou alone.”

Some people were still worried. “Jing Jing, you didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no need to apologize.”

Tan Rou just sat there quietly and watched them put on another act. Tan Jing had secretly made another move again, causing the crowd to be even more disgusted with Tan Rou before they gradually left.

Tan Jing smiled bitterly, “Xiao Rou, I don’t know what made you unhappy today. Maybe I shouldn’t have come back… I’ll go get a glass of wine and apologize to you.”

After saying that, she ignored Tan Rou’s reaction and walked to the side quickly almost as if she was afraid that Tan Rou would refuse.

Tan Rou lowered her head and smiled coldly. Are they finally getting down to business?

After a while, Tan Jing came back with two glasses of wine.

“Xiao Rou, maybe my return made you feel uncomfortable but… This is my home. I really long for a warm home. Please don’t be angry with me anymore, okay?”

Tan Rou looked coldly at the person acting in front of her and felt a wave of grief in her heart. ‘Yes, this is your home. You say you yearn for a warm home, but what about me?’

‘What about my innocent family members? I originally didn’t plan to fight with you. I was about to accept my fate, but in the end, what did I get in return? I was cheated on and used by you. My family was destroyed…’

‘How am I not innocent? How is my family not innocent? What did you do to them?’

‘No, not just you. I have also let them down. That’s why they ended up that way…’

Tan Rou’s eyes gradually turned red. She didn’t dare to think about it anymore. She reached out and took the glass of wine from Tan Jing. She raised her head and downed it in one gulp. “You’re thinking too much. How can I let down your good intentions!”

Tan Rou’s eyes were filled with sharpness. As for Tan Jing, she did not know if it was because she saw Tan Rou drink the wine she had prepared so quickly but the joy of almost succeeding became more obvious. The viciousness in her eyes was also faintly showing.

“Xiao Rou, after drinking this glass of wine, we will sweep everything between us under the rug. Look at you. You drank so quickly. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

Tan Rou pretended to know nothing and held her forehead. “Maybe I drank too much, I am feeling a little dizzy.”

Tan Jing smiled triumphantly, “Quick! I’ll help you upstairs to rest. Look at you, you’re still like a child, drinking too much at the ball!”

Tan Rou softened her body and pretended to be weak but she secretly avoided Tan Jing’s help. Even if she was acting, she would still feel disgusted if she had even a moment of contact with such a person.

Tan Jing supported Tan Rou all the way to a guest room secluded from the rest of the house. Tan Rou sneered. ‘How thoughtful. Such a remote guest room that only members of the household would know. In this way, it was easy for Tan Jing to accuse her of initiating a hook up with someone else.’

Tan Rou pretended to be weak and lay on the bed, pretending to be unconscious.

Tan Jing muttered to herself, “Tan Rou, oh Tan Rou, don’t blame me. Who asked you to take my rightful spot for so many years? You owe me this!”

After that, she made a phone call. “Where are you? Come over quickly. I don’t need to teach you what to do next, right? You will be rewarded once the deed is done!”

After hearing Tan Jing walk out and gently close the door, Tan Rou opened her eyes. She was clear-headed and did not have the slightest indication of being drugged.

‘Owe you? I never owed you anything. Conversely Tan Jing, how should you pay me back for what you owe me?’

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