Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 3

003 Teaching the scum a lesson

Tan Rou took out a pill bottle from her pocket. It was a small pill that she had created by chance when she was practicing incense making. No matter what kind of knockout drug it was, the main components were always the same and the pill beautifully negated the effects. It is all thanks to this pill that she is able to avoid Tan Jing’s scheme today.

They thought that the trap is flawless, but never would they have thought that Tan Rou had this hidden ability. After all, everyone was saying that the fake heiress of the Tan family was an ignorant bum. This misconception was also all thanks to Tan Jing’s “good publicity”.


Tan Rou’s gaze was calm as she quietly laid on the bed and waited. Finally, she heard a soft sound from outside the door.

Zhou Zheng tiptoed in and saw Tan Rou lying on the bed. He chuckled. “Hey baby girl! Your brother Zhou Zheng is here!”

Tan Rou felt a wave of nausea in her heart. This scumbag was one hell of a perv.

Zhou Zheng quickly walked over and sized up Tan Rou who was on the bed. He couldn’t help but feel a little flustered. “We’re supposed to be the same type of people, born poor and lowly. So what if you’ve been raised by the Tan family for a few years? Now, you’re still lying here obediently. With your figure, you’ll definitely have good business if you were in the trade. When I’m done playing, why don’t I let my brothers have a taste too? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. hehehe…”

Just as Zhou Zheng reached out his hand towards Tan Rou, Tan Rou quickly grabbed his arm and sat up. “Oh? I’m the same kind of person as you? I’m afraid that even pigs and dogs won’t agree with that!”

Zhou Zheng was shell-shocked. “You weren’t drugged? That’s impossible! I saw it with my own eyes…”

Tan Rou stared at him coldly, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

Zhou Zheng was only momentarily flustered. After all, they were alone in the secluded room. Tan Rou was a weak woman. Even if she wasn’t drugged, what could she do? He was a man after all, dealing with her would be effortless…

Tan Rou knew she was being looked down on as he was plotting what to do with her. In a swift motion, she raised her hand and pinned Zhou Zheng’s arm behind his back.

“Ah! My arm! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” Zhou Zheng never thought that such a weak woman, whom he dismissed without a second thought, would have such strength. He actually could not resist at all.

However, he was still stubborn. “B*tch, quickly let go of me. There’s still room for negotiation. Otherwise, I’ll cripple you later!”

Tan Rou smiled coldly, “Cripple me? I’m so scared. How about… I cripple you first.”

After saying that, she mustered her strength and threw Zhou Zheng to the ground. She then stomped on his manhood and asked. “When Tan Jing sent you to humiliate me, didn’t she tell you that I’m not to be trifled with?”

Zhou Zheng collapsed onto the ground and wailed. He could no longer put up a front. Why was this woman so strong? He really felt that his manhood was about to be crippled!

Tan Rou tortured him for a while, then lowered her head and dragged him to the window in disgust. In a while, Tan Jing would definitely bring someone here. This man had to disappear.

Tan Rou dragged Zhou Zheng to the window and glanced at him. “It’s only the second floor. You are lucky that you won’t fall to your death. We’ll settle the score when we have time. Get lost.” After saying that, she knocked Zhou Zheng unconscious with a karate chop to prevent him from causing trouble again. She pushed him lightly. Seeing that Zhou Zheng had fallen to the ground silently, she closed the window carefully.

After dealing with the scum easily, the only thing left to do was to wait for the others to come here for the “Great Exposé”.

Tan Rou couldn’t wait to see Tan Jing’s expression in a while.

After being through so much, Tan Rou knew Tan Jing like the back of her hand. She had always prided herself as the legitimate heiress of a rich family and flaunted her good character whenever the opportunity arises. Tan Jing would not let go of any opportunity to outshine her just to make others believe that even though Tan Rou had been raised by the Tan family for a few years but because she was not their biological daughter and coupled with the fact that her biological family was very poor, her character was naturally low and unworthy of sympathy. This contrast made Tan Jing seem all the more superior.

This made Tan Rou all the more desperate to prove to her that a person’s conduct had nothing to do with birth or bloodline. The one who ought to be denounced was Tan Jing. No matter how much money she spent, the filth in her heart could not be hidden!

Soon, there was indeed a commotion outside the door.

“Yes! It’s this room. I saw Zhou Zheng enter with my own eyes!”

“I heard a man’s voice inside just now… Could it be…”

Tan Rou calmly tidied her hair and smiled contemptuously. There they are.

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