Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 1

001 Rebirth

“Can she do it or not? After all, she’s the daughter of the Tan family. She’s not someone to be trifled with, right?”

“Cut the crap. Did you take the money for nothing? She’s nothing but a bullsh*t heiress who tries her hardest pretending to be one. I’ve disliked her for the longest time. Who’s the real heiress? Even if she says no now, does that mean she’s someone to be trifled with? At the end of the day, she’ll still make both of us suffer.”


“But, I still feel..”

“You just have to spike the drink. What are you afraid of? As long as she drinks this glass of wine, she’ll be at my mercy in a while… hehe…”

Two men with colorful hair whispered softly in the bathroom.

Little did they know that outside the door stood Tan Rou who opened her eyes widely and was in a sly smirk.

That’s right, she is precisely who they were talking about, nothing but a sham heiress.

After losing the Tan family’s prestige, even a hooligan whom she usually didn’t even bother to look at dared to drug her. Tan Rou’s gaze was cold as she listened expressionlessly to how the hooligans were secretly plotting to destroy her life.

She is only 17 years old. It is evident what would happen after she is drugged by the hooligans. Her life will begin to turn upside down from this moment on. And all of this, isn’t it all because of that woman?

Indeed, Tan Rou has just been reborn.

She happened to return to the night that changed her fate.

Her previous life was no different from a nightmare. She was too stupid and was fooled by that vicious “bestie”. In the end, even her reputation was ruined.

God opened his eyes and gave her another chance. Everything that happened in the past was vivid in her mind. She resented herself for not being able to see people for who they are and ended up ruining her own life. She even implicated her family who truly loved her..

This time, she would definitely not become a simple, gullible ant that could be easily manipulated by them. However for the fun of it, she will play along.

Tan Rou would never forget one of the hooligans. Contrary to what his name suggests, he was a well-known b*stard who did all kinds of nasty things. However, she never expected that he would be called in to deal with herself this time.

Zhou Zheng was still smiling wretchedly, “I’ve had my eyes on that chick since a long time ago. I didn’t dare to provoke her in the past but now… If she dares to disobey me, I’ll spread her nudes. Let’s see if she still dares to do so. In the future, she’ll have to beg me to pamper her. Hahaha!”

Tan Rou frowned in disgust. She didn’t want to listen anymore and so she left. ‘

Heh, dream on. Let’s see how it will turn out then.’

Tan Rou returned to the hall which was holding the ball.

Ever since Tan Jing came back, she always talked to her parents about how lonely she was, how scared she was, and even pretended to be pitiful. As she wanted to please Tan Jing, Tan Rou would even beg her foster parents to hold a few more balls just so that Tan Jing could expand her social circle and make more friends.

From afar, Tan Rou looked at the class mates who used to suck up to her now surrounding Tan Jing. She sneered. How ironic. She didn’t know whether to call these people smart or stupid.

Then, she looked at Tan Jing. She was showered in attention as she covered her mouth and giggled softly. She looked graceful and delicate. In her previous life, even Tan Rou felt that she was so adorable. She thought perhaps it was her own fault for not being a naturally well liked person like Tan Jing was. She even felt inferior at one point.

In her second life, she now knows better. Some people are natural born actors, but even then their despicable selves still cannot be hidden. No matter how vulnerable and unbothered she pretended to be, the arrogance in her eyes can’t be hidden. Was she blind in her previous life? She was suppressed by such a person till the point beyond death.

After experiencing all that, turning back to look at her was like watching a clown play a trick.

Tan Jing was the best at playing the role of an innocent person in front of people. But behind the crowd, she did atrocious things. Whenever things happen, she would always be conveniently surrounded by evildoers. She was the virgin white lotus that had emerged from the mud untainted.

As Tan Rou thought about it, she subconsciously clenched her fists. Her eyes were filled with vengeance. It was this person, this woman, who had caused her to…

Tan Jing seemed to have noticed the gaze from afar and looked over.

As their eyes met, Tan Rou’s heart skipped a beat. She slowly adjusted her breathing. There was no rush. She had just been reborn so her emotions were inevitably a little shaken. It was only when she saw Tan Jing’s disgusting gaze that she felt a little more real, it was this gaze that tormented her countless times. She struggled painfully every night but this time, she is gifted a second chance. It is still not too late.

This time, she would definitely not be led by the nose by that woman. In her previous life, she was too blind to see the truth. White lotus? She knows how to put up a good act? In the face of absolute power, all of these would become a joke. In this life, she would just have to wait and see.

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind. In just a short few seconds, Tan Rou had already sorted out her thoughts. A harmless smile appeared on her face as she waited for Tan Jing to make the first move.

Sure enough, Tan Jing stepped on her slender high heels and strutted in her direction with a swaying posture.

When her followers saw this, they looked at each other in dismay. In fact, when they saw Tan Rou again, they couldn’t help but sigh a little. However, a person’s inferiority couldn’t be hidden.

Tan Rou looked at them coldly. She had long expected this. Once superior people had fallen from the altar, the first ones to gloat might not be their enemies but the despicable people around them who had once fawned on them. She wanted to trample on them.

It was obvious that these people were scoundrels. As expected, after a moment of hesitation, they still firmly chose Tan Jing and walked over with her. It was almost as if they were afraid that she would swallow Tan Jing alive.

Tan Rou coldly glanced at her. Ha, Tan Jing was still wearing the limited edition high heels that used to belong to her. All she needed to do was to cry for it and the next moment it was already on her feet. In the elite circle, money and power were absolute rights, luxury goods were the barrier to entry into the circle. Some things could not be bought with money alone so after Tan Jing came back, she tried to seize as many goods and resources as possible.

But even then, everyone still thinks that Tan Rou is the evil one. Tan Jing’s stealing and taking over is only natural and they were afraid that Tan Rou would bully the real heiress.

Interesting, she wanted to see what other disgusting tricks Tan Jing had up her sleeves. How long could this facade of hers hide her impure heart.

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