Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 12

012 Bad Company

The Zhuang family’s marriage was henceforth annulled.

As for Tan Rou, ever since she returned home, she has been staying in her room to make spices.


During her previous visit home, she had already realized that although Mother Tao’s body seemed fine on the exterior, she was deficient in Qi and blood. To make matters worse, it was during this period that Tan Jing returned to the Tan family without any hesitation and Tan Rou had been kicking up a ruckus at home. As a result, Mother Tao’s liver deteriorated and her body even more so.

Tan Rou was never watchful of her mother’s health before, but now that she is determined to protect her family, it goes without saying that she has to nurse Mother Tao back to health.

These incenses can calm her nerves as they were mixed with numerous Chinese medicinal herbs that are beneficial to her. Tan Rou was finally done making the spices after preparing for ages.

Tan Rou took a box of herbal pills and walked out of the room to look for Mother Tao.

“Mom, I made this for you. Burn one daily and it will improve your sleep and appetite!”

Mother Tao, who was pleasantly surprised, accepted the gift. Her daughter’s care and concern were unexpected. It doesn’t matter what the gift was, she would still appreciate and cherish it. “Rou Rou is so well behaved. I will always treasure and never forget this moment.”

Tao Zheng was in slight disdain, “Mom, why don’t you ask what it is? This is an unlicensed product, right? I am warning you to not use it.”

Tan Rou stood by silently, grinning ear to ear at Tao Zheng and it made him uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong? Can’t I give my opinion?”

Mother Tao glared at Tao Zheng. “Stop with your nonsense! Don’t you bully your sister again!”

Tao Zheng pursed his lips and did not speak any further.

Mother Tao happily brought the pills back to her room, leaving only Tan Rou and Tao Zheng in the living room.

“Brother, I can tell you are in a bad mood now. Do you want me to make some pills for you to calm down?”

Tan Rou teased him.

Tao Zheng was infuriated at her mockery. “I think you want to secretly poison me to death! I do not need your pills!”

Tan Rou smiled gently, her elder brother was really cute.

The harmonious atmosphere was disrupted by a phone call. Tan Rou looked at the caller’s name and smiled once again.

It’s Zhou Wu. If he had not taken the initiative to call, she would have almost forgotten about him.

Tan Rou already had a rough idea in her mind of what the call was about. She tapped on her phone and answered the call. “Hello?”

The other end of the line was very noisy. Zhou Wu shouted loudly, “Tan Rou, the usual place, come quickly!”

“What usual place? I don’t understand. I’m not coming.”

“What’s wrong with you? It’s that casino! Come quickly, my luck is especially good today, I’ll definitely win. Come over and I’ll bring you around!”

Tan Rou heard the noise from the other end and could already imagine how chaotic the casino was. Zhou Wu was a friend of bad influence. He came from a poor family and had a lot of bad habits.

He frequently drank and gambled. The usual place he mentioned should be the casino he frequented. In the past, Tan Rou was manipulated by him, she had no idea how many times he had tricked her into going there. He would always lie about winning money and when Tan Rou arrives, she would be coerced into settling his gambling debts.

Despite feeling taken advantage of, Tan Rou couldn’t leave him behind whenever he cries for help. Tan Rou’s family background was impressive and she had a likable personality. She also loved helping her friends, so much so that even if she had to bite the bullet, she would still help him pay off his debts.

What if she looked away? It wasn’t the first time that Tan Rou heard him criticizing her behind her back for being a dull and a rich simpleton.

“Since your luck is good, I hope you win big. It’s best that you win back the gambling debt that I settled for you previously. I’m also short of money recently.”

Zhou Wu did not expect tricking Tan Rou will be tough this time and so he changed the topic.

“Xiao Rou, we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time. Do you not treat me as a friend anymore? You definitely have money, right? Don’t be modest. Hurry up and come. I’m waiting for you!”

Tan Rou sneered, knowing he is waiting for her to pay off his debts again.

Tan Rou didn’t waste any more time and told him firmly, “We’ll talk about it later. Have fun.” She hung up the phone and turned it off. It does not matter to her whether he wins or loses.

Tao Zheng taunted her from a corner. “Yo, you’re breaking up with your good friend? I thought someone has always loved hanging out with shady people. You may be playing it cool now but in a blink of an eye you would give in and rescue him, right?”

Tan Rou wasn’t offended. “Brother, I’m not going to help him. I’m still waiting to have dinner at home. I’ll return to my room first.”

Tao Zheng watched Tan Rou calmly return to her room, she did not throw a feat demanding money to go out with her friends like before. He pursed his lips suspiciously. “Has she really changed?”

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