Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 11

011 Annulment of the Engagement

“Madam Zhuang, let’s speak openly. There’s no need to pretend anymore. Back then, our old man insisted on going to your house to make an engagement. It wasn’t appropriate for us to say anything. However, I don’t need to say much about your son’s situation and there’s absolutely no need to drag our child into the water. Jing Jing is still young. I plan to keep her by my side for a few more years and then properly choose a husband for her. Third Young Master Zhuang’s health… Our family is really scared and can’t afford to serve him.” Chen Yi pulled Tan Jing to sit by her side as she said sarcastically.

Shen Qing was so angry that she almost couldn’t sit still. Her son’s health had always been a sore spot in her heart. This person spoke with total disregard for her feelings the moment she opened her mouth. She did not spare any thought for herself at all. Even though her third son had already informed her in advance, she was still extremely angry.


Grandma Zhuang, who was beside her, tugged at her calmly, “Are you sure you’ve thought this through? The Zhuang family’s marriage is not something that can be called off on a whim.”

Chen Yi laughed coldly. “Of course. The Tan family is not a charity. Not only is your Third Young Master crippled, but he’s also still sickly. I’ve just reunited with my precious daughter. If I were to allow her to marry your son and she ends up a widow, who would understand my pain?”

Even though Tan Jing pretended to smile reservedly, her eyes revealed her ridicule towards Shen Qing and Grandma Zhuang.

Chen Yi continued, “Don’t blame our family for being cruel. Let’s break off the engagement quickly and not ruin my daughter’s future. For the sake of our relationship, I will recommend a few good doctors to you. Even though it probably won’t make a difference, you should still try no matter what.”

Shen Qing was shaking, but she calmed down shortly after. She exchanged a glance with Grandma Zhuang. They had a plan.

“Okay, in that case, this marriage will be annulled. “But you must remember that the marriage is not child’s play. Since the union between our families has been annulled, our families will no longer have any affiliation. Don’t expect any favors from us anymore. Don’t regret it either.”

Tan Jing could not help but ask, “What do I have to regret?”

Naturally, she would want to marry someone outstanding. He must be the noblest and the best candidate possible. How could she be entangled with a person who was about to die from an illness?

The Zhuang family’s Third Young Master’s illness was getting more and more serious. It was said that it is an old illness that could not be cured. Everyone in the aristocrat circle knew about it. They had already heard that someone wanted to take advantage of the chaos and was preparing to hostile takeover their company at a low price.

Previously, he was just a sickly man who was struggling to keep the company afloat. Nobody knew if he was just a good-for-nothing disguised as a capable man. Asking her to marry him and help him take care of his family after he died of illness? That is ludicrous.

“Aunty, we will not regret it. We also hope that you will keep to your word. From now on, our two families will have nothing to do with each other.”

Shen Qing and Grandma Zhuang had nothing more to say to the mother and daughter. They just nodded politely and prepared to leave.

Back in the car, Shen Qing panted angrily. “Who do they think they are? I am the Zhuang Family’s Madame, and they still dare to look down on me?”

Grandma Zhuang smiled. “Even when I am the Zhuang family’s old lady, they did not welcome me! What do you have to be angry about? If you ask me, this is a good thing.”

Shen Qing thought about it and realized that it was also true. When the engagement was set, they were also in a dilemma. The Tan family had always had a poor reputation. However, her third son was so determined to get engaged. As a mother, she did not want to put her child in a difficult position and hence had always supported his decision.

It was hard for the Zhuang family to call off the engagement because they were of a higher status, it would have been inappropriate to break off the engagement on their own accord. If that happened, people would instead say that they were snobbish and looked down on the Tan family, which was why they wanted to get rid of them and go back on their words.

Now, the Tan family thought that something had happened to her third son and had taken the initiative to break off the engagement. Firstly, it would not damage the reputation of the Zhuang family. When the cat is finally out of the bag, people would only say that the Tan family was adding salt to the wound. Secondly, it was indeed a good thing to take this opportunity to get rid of the union with this evil family.

However, Shen Qing was still feeling aggrieved. She cursed in a low voice, “I don’t know what that third little brat is up to. He insisted on spreading the news. I’ll teach him a lesson when I see him!”

Grandma Zhuang shook her head, “Allow your children to live their own lives. As long as the third little brat’s health is stable, nothing else matters. You should also advise him to not worry too much about other things and end up aggravating his illness.”

Shen Qing nodded in agreement. Her third son, this child was good in every way. He never let anyone worry about him. His health, on the contrary, was a worry for the entire family!

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