Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 13

013 The heiress of Tan family

On the other side, Zhou Wu heard the call being hung up and didn’t think too much about it. He thought that Tan Rou was preparing to come over.

He grinned and shouted loudly, “Come, come, come. Let’s play again. I don’t believe my luck tonight will be so bad!”


The people beside him laughed disdainfully at him. “How many rounds have you lost? You should first pay up the money you owe before playing!”

Zhou Wu said proudly, ” How long have I been playing here? Haven’t you heard? Miss Tan is my friend. I will be able to pay up no matter how much I lose! She will be here soon. What are you talking about? Hurry up and start!”

That person was skeptical. He indeed did hear about a Miss Tan before. He had also been next to him on the phone just now, so it was somewhat believable.

Thus, everyone gathered together and played one round after another.

In the blink of an eye, the sky became darker and darker, and Zhou Wu’s expression became worse and worse.

For some reason, his luck today was getting worse and worse. He lost more and more, and Tan Rou was still not coming. The uneasiness in his heart started to grow.

The people in the casino refused to let him play anymore. “Zhou Wu, you already owe several hundred thousand. Is that friend of yours not coming? You should know the rules here. I don’t need to say much, right?”

Zhou Wu’s face was livid. He was still stubborn, “She will be here soon. One more round and I will definitely turn the tables.”

The people in the casino sneered. They had seen many gamblers like this, but most of them never returned from this.

“Bro we are not making things difficult for you. If you want to play, we will allow you to play for as long as you like. As long as your friend comes and settles the debt, you can play however more rounds you like.”

Zhou Wu picked up the phone and called Tan Rou again, but the call was never picked up. Hearing the recorded tone from the phone, he almost couldn’t catch his breath.

This idiot, did she really fool me?

After calling a few times in a row, Zhou Wu’s face became darker and darker. The people in the casino had roughly guessed it. They put away their smiling faces and with a blink of an eye, more than ten burly thugs surrounded them and they stared at Zhou Wu fiercely.

Zhou Wu broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn’t argue anymore, “Brother, don’t be like this. Let’s discuss this. My friend is really rich! Her name is Tan Rou, the eldest daughter of the Tan family. She will help me settle the debt.”

“Ha!” The people in the casino laughed loudly, “Brother, are you kidding me? Tan Rou is no longer the heiress of the Tan family. Haven’t you seen the news? The real eldest daughter of the Tan family is called Tan Jing! And she definitely isn’t your good friend!”

Zhou Wu was stunned on the spot and shouted angrily, “That’s impossible! She was the one who gave me the money last time! She’s really rich!”

The casino staff took a baseball bat, he weighed it in his hand and said, “You’re addicted to gambling and don’t watch the news. The Tan family found their long-lost daughter and it made the front page of the news. I know all about it. Didn’t your friend, who is called Tan Rou, tell you about it? Or did you know all about it and still tried to cheat me? !”

A dull thud hit the table, scaring Zhou Wu until his legs went soft. “That b*tch, it was that b*tch who lied to me. I really didn’t know.”

“So you have no money? You should have said so earlier. If you have no money, then we have another way for that…” the thugs of the casino walked forward with a sinister smile and surrounded Zhou Wu.

When Zhou Wu saw this, he was almost scared to death, he quickly knelt down and begged for mercy. “Brothers! Don’t! Give me another chance, I will definitely get the money! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t be able to return the money. But I have a way, you have to believe me one more time!”

Early in the morning, Tan Rou woke up feeling really refreshed. She sat in front of the table and ate the breakfast that Mother Tao had meticulously prepared.

“Rou Rou, I used the incense that you gave me. I slept really well last night. Thank you, my good daughter.”

When Tan Rou heard this, she felt really happy, “Mom, I’ll make more for you when you run out.”

The family was very harmonious. It was rare that Tao Zheng did not mock Tan Rou.

Father Tao instructed, “Rou Rou has been back for quite some time. Ah Zheng, when you have time, take your sister out for a walk. Don’t stay at home all the time.”

Tao Zheng subconsciously retorted, “She is alive and well. Why does she need me to bring her out?”

Mother Tao patted Tao Zheng lightly. “You brat. What’s wrong with spending more time with your sister? Be obedient!”

Tao Zheng curled his lips. “Then hurry up and eat. If you’re late, I won’t wait for You!”

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