Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 8 - Sit Beside Mama!

Chapter 8: Sit Beside Mama!

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Early in the morning, Lin Nuan, coming out from the master bedroom as a guest… Even being seen by Auntie Li as well. It was indeed embarrassing.

Lin Nuan gave a flustered smile, but before she could open her mouth to greet Auntie Li, Tuan Tuan’s’ previously sleepy eyes opened—really wide.

He suddenly straightened his tiny back with excitement, and his watery eyes sparkled as he shouted, “Mama!”

Even though she had already heard Tuan Tuan call her that many times, Lin Nuan still wasn’t used to it…

Seeing Lin Nuan frozen on the spot, Tuan Tuan climbed down from Auntie Li using all four limbs, then ran cutely towards her… Like a little bear cub.

Tuan Tuan had grown smarter—he didn’t hug Lin Nuan out of nowhere like he did last time. He knew that if he did, he would scare his Mama.

Tuan Tuan simply stood at Lin Nuan’s feet, raising his head to stare longingly at Lin Nuan.

Tuan Tuan was a very pretty little boy; his features were completely unlike Fu Huai’an’s. Tuan Tuan’s eyes were round and big, black and bright, unlike Fu Huai’an’s dark and long narrow eyes.

The little boy standing in front of Lin Nuan had softer facial features… Delicate and adorable just like a little lady!

Lin Nuan guessed that Tuan Tuan was probably more like his mother.

“Uh… have you eaten breakfast?” Lin Nuan asked.

Lacking experience interacting with children, Lin Nuan’s voice was dry and awkward. Facing a kid that called her Mama made Lin Nuan panic more than when she was interacting with Fu Huai’an.

Tuan Tuan obediently shook his head.

“Miss Lin, you can accompany Tuan Tuan to go and eat, breakfast is already prepared…” Auntie Li smiled as she spoke.

Auntie Li had been taking care of Tuan Tuan for years, yet she had never seen Tuan Tuan’s mother.

Ever since Tuan Tuan met Lin Nuan, he had firmly called her his mother, leading Auntie Li to have some suspicions. After seeing Lin Nuan come out from Fu Huai’an’s room today, in her heart, Auntie Li believed more firmly that Lin Nuan was Tuan Tuan’s mother.

“Then… let’s go!” Lin Nuan said to Tuan Tuan.

“En!” Tuan Tuan nodded his head furiously.

Tuan Tuan didn’t dare to grab Lin Nuan’s hand, so he walked quickly beside her instead.

While heading down the stairs, Lin Nuan reached out her fair hand to Tuan Tuan, causing his eyes to shine even more. He originally wanted to place his small hand onto Lin Nuan’s palm, but he was afraid that she would reject him… So he carefully held onto Lin Nuan’s index finger, grabbing it tightly with his warm fist. He looked up and smiled sweetly at her.

Tuan Tuan had never felt so blissful. Papa said… Mama was the most beautiful person on Earth. Yes… His mother was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Even her fingers were so pretty, exactly like his!

Downstairs, at the dining table.

Auntie Li was just about to place Tuan Tuan in his high chair, but he ran to Lin Nuan’s side. With his two chubby arms—one hand pressed onto the chair while the other held onto the edge of the table—he raised his legs to climb the chair with some effort and obediently sat next to Lin Nuan. He then placed both hands on his thighs in a well-behaved manner. He looked up at Lin Nuan who was pulling her chair out to sit down, just like a little pug cub trying to please its owner.

Auntie Li smiled at the sight and asked in a gentle voice, “Does Tuan Tuan want to sit next to Miss Lin?”

Tuan Tuan nodded his head hard and said, “En… Sit beside Mama!”

Regarding being called Mama, Lin Nuan still wasn’t used to it…

She had already reached a consensus with Fu Huai’an. She couldn’t deny it, yet she couldn’t accept it immediately. The corner of her lips lifted into an awkward smile.

“Then… Tuan Tuan’s breakfast, I’ll bring it over to you…” said Auntie Li, whose smile grew increasingly bright.

“En!” Tuan Tuan nodded his head.

Lin Nuan sat down next to Tuan Tuan and watched him…

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