Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 9 - In Haicheng... Everyone Knows

Chapter 9: In Haicheng… Everyone Knows

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Auntie Li brought over Tuan Tuan’s nutritious breakfast and placed it in front of him. The dining table was too tall for Tuan Tuan—even if he used his hands to hold onto the edge of the table, he could barely peek over it.

Lin Nuan passed the cup of milk to Tuan Tuan. He held the cup close to him and quickly finished the milk before turning to look at Lin Nuan with his bright and sparkling eyes.

Tuan Tuan didn’t talk much, and he kept staring at Lin Nuan… as though he was afraid that once he started talking he would scare her away.

Lin Nuan took the empty cup away from Tuan Tuan’s hands and picked up a bowl with a steamed egg.

The bowl holding the egg was rather hot, so Lin Nuan didn’t pass it directly to Tuan Tuan. Instead, she picked up a spoon, picked up a spoonful, and passed it to Tuan Tuan’s mouth.

Tuan Tuan was both surprised and nervous as he stretched his neck to take a bite. His chubby hand held tightly onto the table’s edge as he ate up the food Lin Nuan fed him in small mouthfuls.

When Fu Huai’an came down the stairs, that scene was what he saw.

Tuan Tuan, who wasn’t as high as the table, sat closely next to Lin Nuan. With both hands holding onto the table, he happily raised his head, waiting for Lin Nuan to feed him.

Fu Huai’an buttoned up his sleeves as he calmly walked down the stairs.

“Sir…” Auntie Li greeted Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an sat down. In order not to disturb the “family of three” eating their breakfast together in peace, Auntie Li retreated silently.

“Papa!” Tuan Tuan happily called for Fu Huai’an.

Fu Huai’an’s expression remained normal as he pulled out a chair to sit down. Picking up the newspaper Auntie Li left on the dining table, he calmly started reading, as though the scene happening in front of him was normal, and he was used to it.

“This afternoon at four I’ll make a trip to the Lins and officially meet your parents. That way we can get the marriage certificate tomorrow morning. I’m going on an overseas business trip tomorrow night, and Auntie Li has something to settle at her house so she’ll be taking leave starting this afternoon. These few days while I’m overseas, I’ll leave it to you to take care of Tuan Tuan.”

Fu Huai’an’s voice was neutral, and he arranged everything within a few sentences, clearly not giving Lin Nuan any room to object.

Upon the mention of the Lin family, Lin Nuan paused in the middle of feeding Tuan Tuan his egg soup.

Tuan Tuan opened his mouth but saw that Lin Nuan wasn’t passing him the egg soup. He didn’t complain; he only raised his head to look at Lin Nuan obediently.

Fu Huai’an’s gaze never moved away from the newspaper, his voice calm as he said, “Your passport is still at the Lin household. If we want to get our marriage certificate, it’s unavoidable to visit the Lins.”

Lin Nuan looked at Fu Huai’an’s profile and asked, “You investigated me?”

Fu Huai’an gazed deeply at Lin Nuan and replied, “Haicheng… It’s not a secret here. Everyone knows about it.”

Indeed, the people of Haicheng all knew.

Lin Nuan was once a model lady of a known rich family, but she then became a fake lady everyone pitied.

Everyone in Haicheng knew about Lin Nuan parents; a birth mother who was mentally ill and a selfish birth father.

That year, Haicheng had an earthquake and the Lin family accidentally lost track of their newborn daughter. Father Lin thought that his daughter was already dead, but Mother Lin was unwilling to give up and kept searching.

Lin Nuan’s birth mother gave birth to her daughter on the same day as Mrs. Lin. At the time of the incident, when Lin Nuan’s birth father rescued his own daughter from the baby shower room, he also rescued the little baby girl beside her.

After three months, the Lin family finally found the couple that rescued their daughter. That couple was Lin Nuan’s birth parents.

The Lin family felt extremely grateful for Lin Nuan’s birth parents and took back their daughter. Who would’ve thought that Lin Nuan’s birth father would send his own daughter to the Lins to let her live a wealthy life, while he kept the Lin family’s real daughter to suffer in poverty with them?

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