Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 7 - Give You A Present

Chapter 7: Give You A Present

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Lin Nuan thought about last night. Perhaps Fu Huai’an had already seen them together, so she didn’t try to cover it up and nodded her head.

Fu Huai’an walked to the window and said to Lin Nuan, “Come here…”

Lin Nuan turned to look at him standing beside the floor-to-ceiling window and decided to walk over. Stopping next to Fu Huai’an, she looked up at him and eventually said, “You won’t force Gu Hanyan anymore, right?”

After one night, Lin Nuan no longer spoke so politely to Fu Huai’an—it was a big improvement to Fu Huai’an who smiled at the change.

Fu Huai’an’s black eyes were focused on a certain place outside the window as he reached out to pull Lin Nuan into his embrace.

Shocked, Lin Nuan looked up to see Fu Huai’an’s hand gripping her shoulder, not knowing the reason behind his sudden move.

“Do you see the white Passat on the right?” Fu Huai’an’s magnetic voice entered Lin Nuan’s ears, grazing her with his hot breath.

Feeling embarrassed, Lin Nuan’s ears flushed red as she looked out the window to the right.

“Gu Hanyan already had people watching you,” Fu Huai’an spoke calmly and without a care.

Lin Nuan’s hands curled up, her face carrying awkwardness from having her weakness exposed, but she stubbornly insisted, saying, “I know…”

Gu Hanyan was probably waiting for photos showing her and Fu Huai’an leaving the house together in the morning. With photos—with proof—then once Gu Hanyan blew the matter up, she would have enough reason and the higher ground to not marry Fu Huai’an.

But Gu Huanyan never once considered Lin Nuan’s position.

Asking from others then attempting to trap them, that method of handling things was indeed despicable.

But… as long as Gu Hanyan was doing it for Wen Moshen, Lin Nuan would endure it.

Since she had already reached that step, Lin Nuan suddenly gained the courage to ask, “Mr. Fu… Can I replace Gu Hanyan now?”

“How do you wish to replace her…” Fu Huai’an didn’t let go of Lin Nuan’s shoulder.

Fu Huai’an was an unsmiling man, yet at that moment he smiled at Lin Nuan, his dark eyes revealing an unreadable deepness as the golden morning light shone on them.

“As Gu Hanyan wishes, or properly?”

Fu Huai’an gave Lin Nuan the option to choose.

For a woman like Lin Nuan who had such outstanding looks, no matter which man she stood with, she would still attract others.

That was exactly what Gu Hanyan wanted to make use of.

But Lin Nuan disliked how Gu Hanyan handled matters…

Currently, Lin Nuan was still a child of the Lin family by name.

Lin Nuan who had always followed the rules and became the model of a proper lady from a recognized family… If a scandal came out relating to her snatching away someone else’s fiancé, how could she face her parents who raised her?

These were all matters that Gu Hanyan had never considered for Lin Nuan.

Even before Fu Huai’an gave her the choice, Lin Nuan had never thought about herself.

Since Gu Hanyan’s request had already been accomplished, why must Lin Nuan continue along the path that Gu Hanyan had arranged?

Lin Nuan’s gaze remained fixed on the Passat as her lips parted, and she said, “Properly.”

The corner of Fu Huai’an’s lips lifted up further, and he said, “Let me give you a present…”

“Huh? Lin Nuan let out a sound of puzzlement.

“Since you don’t wish to see Wen Moshen’s beloved woman marry other people, then I will let Wen Moshen’s woman be unable to marry anyone else from now on. She can just wait obediently for Wen Moshen.”

What kind of present was that?

Lin Nuan speculated with some meanness that it probably stemmed from the need to avenge his self-esteem as a man.

Lin Nuan watched as Fu Huai’an turned around, removing his bathrobe to change his clothes. She turned back in a panic, then covered her awkwardness with a slight cough and said, “I’ll go back to the guest room first.”

Just as Lin Nuan opened the door, she saw Auntie Li carrying a sleepy Tuan Tuan out of his room.

Tuan Tuan was wearing one-piece pajamas with a cartoon bear theme. While clinging onto Auntie Li’s shoulder, the bear-shaped hood covered his small head. His small face, fair and soft, rested on Auntie Li’s shoulder, his right chubby cheek pressing down.

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