Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 725 - Nuan Nuan Is So Anxious?

Chapter 725: Nuan Nuan Is So Anxious?

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Lin Nuan checked the time. It was currently 10:36 pm.

Lin Nuan put aside her phone and raised her head, looking in Li Muyang’s direction and, with a hint of impatience, asking, “Where is Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter?”

Li Muyang took the hot towel that Ah Zhan passed him and wiped his fair, long, and slender fingers that appeared almost translucent. The smile deepened in his deep and narrow eyes, and his dark gaze hid his desire to engulf Lin Nuan. “Nuan Nuan is so anxious?”

Ah Zhan didn’t say anything and poured Li Muyang another cup of hot tea. The steam blurred out Li Muyang’s handsome features, which would make women’s hearts throb.

“I’m here to get into your good books, so I’d naturally not lie to you!” Li Muyang’s fingers held onto the cup. He glanced at the floating tea leaves and smiled. “I haven’t received a wedding invitation. Since you invited me to attend your wedding the other time, shouldn’t you give me one?”

Lin Nuan straightened her back and stabilized her easily angered emotions. “Alright! I’ll get someone to send one to Mr. Li’s hotel on another day.”

“Alright, then I’ll be waiting!” Li Muyang nodded, his tone filled with a hint of joy.

“Then, Mr. Li, Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter… Are you still not planning on handing her over to us?” Tang Zheng put out the cigarette in his hand, puffed out a circle of smoke, and asked.

Li Muyang got up after taking a sip of tea. He placed a car key on the round table and turned it until the key was before Lin Nuan…

He held onto his cane and smiled at Lin Nuan. “In the black Benz downstairs, the one with the car plate number ending in 510.”

After saying that, Li Muyang left the room.

Li Muyang was a man of his word. Since he said that he’d hand the girl over to Lin Nuan after a meal, then he’d definitely do so.

It was like Li Muyang had said, he was there to get into Lin Nuan’s good books, and he only wanted her to have a meal with him.

Downstairs, Tang Zheng opened up the rear passenger door to the Benz. A girl who was around 18 or 19 years old was lying down on the leather seat. Hidden under the long, black, and messy hair was an ashen face…

She was covered with a dark gray men’s wool coat, and her body was curled up under it. She was so thin and small that the sight of her would make one’s heart ache.

Lin Nuan had thought that Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter was probably a little girl about the same age as Tuan Tuan. She hadn’t expected her to be a young lady who was around 18 or 19 years old. This was out of her expectations.

Tang Zheng could see faint signs on the girl’s face that indicated that she had been beaten up previously. He clenched his fists and called out, “Xiao Liuli?”

The young lady was sleeping very lightly. When she heard someone calling her, her brows furrowed. However, she still didn’t open her eyes.

Lin Nuan held onto the car door and saw the frail young lady in the rear passenger seat. She said anxiously, “Let’s head to the hospital first!”

“Sis-in-law, please help contact Bai Jinyu!”

After saying that, Tang Zheng carried the young lady, keeping her wrapped with the wool coat and getting into their car.

On the way to the hospital, Lin Nuan sat in the rear passenger seat. The young lady by the name of Liuli rested her head on Lin Nuan’s legs…

Lin Nuan’s long, slender, and warm fingers brushed away the hair on Yun Liuli’s face. She had a small palm-sized face, as well as fair and clean skin that had the firmness and smoothness that a young lady should have. Her lashes were unbelievably long, and she looked as beautiful as a doll!

Haicheng’s colorful night lights shone in from the car windows, flashing as they cast down on the side of Yun Liuli’s face and onto her distinct features. Even though her small face was dirty, one could still see that the young lady had exceptional beauty.

Tang Zheng kept one hand on the steering wheel while holding his phone with the other, talking to Lu Jinnan.

“Alright. I’ll get Sis-in-law to take a photo together with Xiao Liuli and send it to Old Gu!”

Tang Zheng hung up the phone and said to Lin Nuan, who was supporting Yun Liuli in the rear passenger seat, “Sis-in-law, can you take a photo together with Xiao Liuli and send it to Lu Jinnan? Otherwise, Gu Qingcheng won’t feel at ease!”

“Let me do it!” You Nainai was very considerate and took Lin Nuan’s phone, taking a photo of Lin Nuan and Yun Liuli, who was sound asleep, in the rear passenger seat. She then sent it to Lu Jinnan.

In the photo, Yun Liuli’s small hand was resting on Lin Nuan’s legs, clutching tightly to Lin Nuan’s pants. Her beautiful brows were furrowed tightly, and her hair was brushed to the side, revealing the bruise on the corner of her lips.

The photo had just been sent out when Lin Nuan’s phone rang. It was Fu Huai’an.

You Nainai passed the phone to Lin Nuan. “It’s Sir Fu!”

Lin Nuan didn’t bring up the matter about having a meal with Li Muyang in exchange for Yun Liuli with Fu Huai’an. She had taken action first without reporting beforehand.

It was probably because Tang Zheng was very trusting toward Lu Jinnan that when he let Lin Nuan take the photo, he didn’t realize that he had exposed Lin Nuan!

Lin Nuan was also a fool. With Fu Huai’an there, why did she take a photo of her and Yun Liuli together…

When Tang Zheng heard You Nainai mention that Fu Huai’an was calling, he was immediately struck with the realization. He smacked his mouth in self-reprimand. “Sh*t! If Old Fu discovers that I brought you to have a meal with Li Muyang, I have the feeling that he’ll send me to Africa!”

Both Lin Nuan and Tang Zheng wore bitter expressions.

The call was connected, and Fu Huai’an’s deep voice was filled with coldness. “You aren’t at home?”

Lin Nuan took a look at You Nainai, who was in the front passenger seat and had turned to look at her. She answered honestly, “En. Li Muyang said that… if I were to have a meal with him, he’d hand Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter to me! So… I got Tang Zheng and Nainai to come along with me to Man Jiang Lou. But I didn’t eat anything. I was playing games the entire time, and I even turned the volume of the game up so that it was very loud! Li Muyang was the only one eating! He kept his word and handed her to us after he was done eating!”

Tang Zheng looked through the rearview mirror, a little in disbelief that a cool beauty like Lin Nuan would admit to everything so honestly. Moreover, her tone was clearly fawning.

Fu Huai’an’s breathing could be heard on the other end of the call.

Lin Nuan lowered her gaze and continued saying, “The meal is already over, don’t worry! Right right, we’re on the way to the hospital with Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter! The reason I promised Li Muyang to have a meal with him… was primarily because I was worried that if things took too much longer, Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter would get hurt! Then… we’d be letting Gu Qingcheng down.”

Lin Nuan’s words struck Fu Huai’an in the heart.

It was true that Fu Huai’an had always felt guilty toward Gu Qingcheng. However, he hadn’t expected that this guilt had also silently grown in Lin Nuan’s heart.

“Let’s leave the talk until you’re back, alright?” Lin Nuan’s voice was very soft, like that of a kitten.

There were some intimate words that Lin Nuan couldn’t bring herself to say in front of Tang Zheng and You Nainai.

“We’re taking the young lady to the hospital for a checkup! I’ll talk to you later. Right now, she’s with us. Huai’an, tell Gu Qingcheng to focus on his recovery. We’ll help him take care of this child!”

Hearing his wife’s considerate words, even if Fu Huai’an was feeling angry, he couldn’t get himself to unleash his anger…

It was only after a while that Fu Huai’an spoke. “We’ll talk after I get back!”

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless.

Fu Huai’an’s meaning was that his anger wasn’t appeased yet…

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