Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 726 - I Thank You on Behalf of Old Gu!

Chapter 726: I Thank You on Behalf of Old Gu!

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But it might be a good idea to talk when they returned, for Lin Nuan always had her ways of appeasing Fu Huai’an!

 By the time they ended the call, Tang Zheng had driven to the entrance of the hospital.

 Because he didn’t know if Yun Liuli had fallen asleep or fainted, Bai Jinyu asked for a mobile bed.

 Bai Jinyu’s face was tense throughout, his expression solemn as they pushed Yun Liuli to complete all the checkups. Blood test results revealed that she had fallen asleep after being injected with tranquilizers. There were no problems otherwise.

 The injuries on her face and body were superficial wounds and would recover in no time.

 Bai Jinyu gritted his teeth. Those people were really unscrupulous, to have targeted the people around Gu Qingcheng!

 Bai Jinyu expected that after Gu Qingcheng’s condition stabilized, it would be a bloody affair.

 Yun Liuli was the daughter of Gu Qingcheng’s benefactor. That man had his entire family killed for Gu Qingcheng’s sake, and he was only left with this one daughter. She was someone Gu Qingcheng vowed to protect with his life!

 Bai Jinyu had such hatred in his heart that he was clenching his teeth hard. He was also mad at himself for being of no help at a time like this.

 He had originally planned to go to France. However, Lu Jinnan had said that among them, Bai Jinyu’s background was the cleanest, and there was no need for him to be caught up in this mess…

 “Nainai, send Little Sis-in-law back to rest first!” Tang Zheng said to You Nainai as he removed his jacket and handed it to her.

 You Nainai didn’t extend her arm. She turned her head sideways and glanced at Lin Nuan, who was standing at the foot of Yun Liuli’s bed, seemingly waiting for Lin Nuan’s decision.

 Tang Zheng looked at Lin Nuan too upon seeing where You Nainai was looking. “Sis-in-law, Old Bai and I can take care of things here. No matter how many more people stay around here, it won’t help matters. Go back and take a good rest! If you’re still worried, you can come tomorrow to take my and Old Bai’s place!”

 Knowing that what Tang Zheng said made sense, Lin Nuan nodded. “Then okay, thank you and Dr. Bai for the hard work!”

 Tang Zheng sent Lin Nuan and You Nainai downstairs, then helped Lin Nuan pull open the car door to the backseat and thanked her, “Sis-in-law, I thank you on behalf of Old Gu! If you hadn’t rescued Xiao Liuli, we’d probably have to go through much more effort. I can’t imagine how much more hardship this kid would have had to go through then!”

 Lin Nuan shook her head. “We all owe Gu Qingcheng. This is what I should do!”

 Tang Zheng understood that Lin Nuan viewed herself and Fu Huai’an as one body now. Since Fu Huai’an felt that he owed Gu Qingcheng, Lin Nuan naturally felt the same.

 Tang Zheng didn’t continue with the formalities, merely nodding at Lin Nuan.

 Lin Nuan got into the car, and Tang Zheng closed the car door then said to You Nainai, “Be careful on the road!”

 You Nainai nodded, then got into the driver’s seat.

 Tang Zheng stood there with his hands in his pockets as he watched You Nainai and Lin Nuan leave. Frowning, he frustratedly retrieved a box of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket. He bit a cigarette at the corner of his lips and lit it.

 The large searchlight in the parking lot of the hospital dimmed for a moment, then brightened up again.

 Through the white smoke of the cigarette, Tang Zheng glanced at the searchlight, then headed to the stairs of the wards building, finishing his cigarette before going upstairs.


 It wasn’t a good time for Tang Zheng to return. Bai Jinyu and his little girlfriend were being intimate together.

 He heard Bai Jinyu comforting his little girlfriend in a gentle voice. “I can’t leave right now. Old Gu’s adopted daughter is as good as my niece. I’ve got to stay here and wait for the girl to wake up. Only then will my heart be put at ease.”

 Xu Wanwan was a little unhappy. The one lying on the hospital bed was a young and pretty girl, which gave her a sense of danger.

 Xu Wanwan didn’t hide her insecurities though. “The girl inside is too pretty. My heart isn’t at ease!”

 “Why is your heart not at ease? You’re so much prettier than Yun Liuli! Don’t be so suspicious. Be careful, I’ll deal with you when we get back!” Bai Jinyu pinched Xu Wanwan’s slim waist and lowered his voice to a very low volume.

 Xu Wanwan’s ears reddened. She circled her slim arms around Bai Jinyu’s narrow waist and said in a delicate and soft voice, “Hubby…”

 Tang Zheng was rendered speechless.

 Was this still the Bai Jinyu he knew?

 As a man, Tang Zheng knew what he meant by “deal with.”

 Bai Jinyu was famous in the hospital for being honest, elegant, handsome, and patient. He was very gentlemanly and affable with every student and was thus the Prince Charming in the eyes of many ladies!

 To hear something so filthy coming from Bai Jinyu’s mouth…

 Tang Zheng coughed.

 Xu Wanwan and Bai Jinyu, who were standing at the door of the ward, were shocked. Xu Wanwan immediately let go of Bai Jinyu, her face reddened. “President Tang!”

 “En!” Tang Zheng stood with both hands in his pockets and tried his best to look decent and serious.

 “Then… I’ll get going first! Remember to… eat the supper I brought for you guys!” Xu Wanwan said, then nodded at Tang Zheng before jogging towards the elevators with her reddened face.

 As Xu Wanwan brushed shoulders with Tang Zheng, he turned his head and looked at her slim back view. A smile appeared on his lips as he thought about how nice it was to be young.

 Bai Jinyu placed both of his hands into the pockets of his white robe and said to Tang Zheng, “Wanwan brought supper. Wanna eat a little?”

 “Better not! Your little girlfriend clearly meant to bring this supper for you. She merely said otherwise when she saw me unexpectedly. I’m no fool, so obviously I could tell!” Tang Zheng walked to Bai Jinyu and patted him on his shoulder. “How nice it is to be young. It’s just that… does your waist ache?”

 Bai Jinyu was rendered speechless.

 “Scram scram scram scram scram!” Bai Jinyu pried away Tang Zheng’s hand and walked into the ward.

 “Vulgarities aren’t suited for Dr. Bai!” Tang Zheng quickly followed and closed the door behind him.

 “Please stay several meters away from me then…”

 Because of the little episode with Xu Wanwan, sunshine seemed to have shone through the layer of fog over Bai Jinyu and Tang Zheng’s hearts.

 Thank god Yun Liuli was fine. So long as Yun Liuli was fine, Gu Qingcheng could recuperate in peace.


 Early in the morning, Lin Nuan called and asked Bai Jinyu about Yun Liuli’s condition, then asked Auntie Li to prepare some carp soup, planning to visit Yun Liuli at the hospital later.

When Tuan Tuan was slumped in the kid’s high chair eating breakfast, he smelled the aroma of the carp soup and felt hungry for it.

 Auntie Li couldn’t stand the way Tuan Tuan was staring at her adorably, so she scooped a bowl for him. “Alright, eat it!”

 Tuan Tuan scooped a spoonful and shoved it into his mouth, and his eyes lit up. He flashed a thumbs up at Auntie Li. “Delicious!”

 Auntie Li smiled vibrantly. “Since Tuan Tuan likes it, in the future, I’ll make it for Tuan Tuan every day, okay?”

 Tuan Tuan nodded his head eagerly.

 Seeing Lin Nuan and You Nainai come down for breakfast, Tuan Tuan raised a spoon and wanted to feed Lin Nuan. Lin Nuan extended a hand and stroked Tuan Tuan on his little head, then lowered her head to finish the spoonful of soup. Seeing Tuan Tuan gaze at her with his bright and sparkly eyes, Lin Nuan couldn’t resist praising Tuan Tuan, “Our Tuan Tuan is terrific! He knows how to share good food with Mama!”

 Tuan Tuan nodded.

 After breakfast, Lin Nuan sent Tuan Tuan to the car, and Tuan Tuan waved goodbye to Lin Nuan reluctantly.

 You Nainai had already called to check at the hospital. Yun Liuli had woken up and was being given an IV drip right now.

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