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Chapter 724 - Lead the Way!

Chapter 724: Lead the Way!

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However, this image existed only in Lin Nuan’s imagination. Lin Nuan was unwilling to get Lu Hanzi involved with Li Muyang—someone so perverse and whose identity was special.

After calling Tang Zheng back, Lin Nuan knocked on the door to the guest room. Before she said what her reason for coming was, You Nainai already knew about it.

You Nainai was holding onto her coat, putting it on while opening the door. She said, “Tang Zheng gave me a call and told me about it! I’ll go down and drive the car over. You change your clothes first. We’ll meet up with Tang Zheng at JieFang Street’s cross junction!”

Lin Nuan nodded. “I’ll go and tell Auntie Li to stay with Tuan Tuan first…”

After changing her clothes, Lin Nuan called Auntie Li up to accompany Tuan Tuan.

Lin Nuan was about to head downstairs when she turned back to get another coat. She was afraid that when they met Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter later, she’d be cold since it was cold at night.

Man Jiang Lou.

Like the previous time, Li Muyang arrived first. However, this time around, Tang Zheng was more assertive.

Tang Zheng’s men were waiting downstairs. The moment they saw that Li Muyang and Ah Zhan had arrived, they brought Li Muyang to the private room they had placed a reservation for.

Ah Zhan seemed infuriated, but Li Muyang smiled and said, “The reason they are doing this is to assure Nuan Nuan’s safety. My goal is to have a meal with Nuan Nuan. As for where and how it’s done… there’s no need to mind that!”

After saying that, Li Muyang held onto his cane and went up Man Jiang Lou’s stairs, smiling. “Lead the way!”

This time around, Tang Zheng didn’t choose to look from afar like he did the previous time around. Together with You Nainai, he accompanied Lin Nuan into the private room.

Ah Zhan, who was rinsing Li Muyang’s cup with tea, raised his head and looked toward the door. Although Lin Nuan was wearing a mask and a cap, he could still recognize her from her bright eyes.

Other than Lin Nuan and You Nainai, there was a man as well. Upon seeing this, his eyes were filled with wariness.

Ah Zhan placed the cup in front of Li Muyang, filled it up, and greeted Lin Nuan, “Ms. Lin!”

Li Muyang’s dark gaze made it seem as if he couldn’t see anyone else. He held up the teacup that was still steaming and curled his lips as he took a sip. He took the menu and asked, “Man Jiang Lou is a great place. Nuan Nuan, do you have any recommendations?”

Li Muyang’s tone made it sound as if he was close friends with Lin Nuan. It made it seem as if this was a regular meet up to have supper together since both of them were free.

Lin Nuan took off the mask, but her pitch-black eyes, which one couldn’t read any emotion from, were hidden under the shadow of her cap.

“There’s no need for Mr. Li to go to the trouble. The food has already been ordered…” Tang Zheng’s deep eyes had a hint of a smile in them, giving off a reliable and charming feeling. He turned to say to the waiter in the private room, “Serve the food!”

It was only then that Li Muyang looked toward Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng slowly unbuttoned his suit, pulled out chairs for Lin Nuan and You Nainai, then placed his suit on the back of his chair. He only spoke up after sitting down, saying, “Don’t worry, Mr. Li. Since we’re hosting a guest, what I’ve ordered are all Man Jiang Lou’s specialty dishes. We won’t let Mr. Li suffer…”

“Where’s Gu Qingcheng’s adopted daughter?” Lin Nuan sat down, but she wasn’t like Tang Zheng, she wasn’t able to smile and chat with Li Muyang.

Li Muyang closed the menu and casually put it to the side before speaking slowly, “I’ve brought her here. You can take her with you after this meal. I don’t wish for things to be like the other time, where you turn to leave after getting what you want, not having even taken a sip of coffee! Nuan Nuan, I want to spend some time with you over a meal!”

Li Muyang always made his objectives very clear…

Hearing what Li Muyang said, Tang Zheng resisted the impulse to punch him. He was just about to get up and head out when Li Muyang turned to look towards him again.

He smiled and said, “If Mr. Tang doesn’t wish for Miss Yun to be hurt, then don’t go to the trouble! Since I’ve brought her here and said that I’d hand her over to you after a meal with Nuan Nuan, I’ll keep my word! If you go out and look for her while we’re eating, my men won’t know what’s happening. It wouldn’t be good if Miss Yun got hurt!”

Even though Tang Zheng was smiling, his deep gaze was icy.

“I’m not greedy, and I don’t want much. It’s just a meal. Mr. Tang, don’t be anxious. Nuan Nuan, don’t be anxious either!” Li Muyang was trying to calm Tang Zheng down.

After Li Muyang said this, he looked at Lin Nuan, who was pursing her lips and not saying anything. Her skin under the cap was fair and great. When the light rays landed on her delicate chin, they almost went through her skin, and one could faintly see the prints from her blood vessels.

Tang Zheng remained patient. His men had already surrounded Man Jiang Lou, so he wasn’t afraid that Li Muyang would play any tricks.

The food was served. There was an overwhelming amount of food.

Ah Zhan, who had remained silent all this while, wiped Li Muyang’s chopsticks for him, then respectfully placed them down on the plate in front of Li Muyang. He then went to take Li Muyang’s cane from him.

Li Muyang hadn’t lied. He had been waiting for Lin Nuan’s call and didn’t have dinner. He was starving now.

He picked up a hot piece of food and put it on his plate. Seeing that Lin Nuan wasn’t planning on eating, Li Muyang asked, “Nuan Nuan, aren’t you going to eat?”

“I’ve eaten! You can go ahead!”

Lin Nuan’s voice sounded emotionless, and she turned to take out her phone. She downloaded a game and started playing, not even bothering to switch off the sound…

When Ah Zhan heard the sounds from the game coming from Lin Nuan’s direction, the hands at his sides clenched up. His heart was aching for Li Muyang.

Ah Zhan felt that Lin Nuan’s inadvertent actions could easily shatter Li Muyang’s heart without her having to do anything. He wanted to say something so Lin Nuan would be more thoughtful in joining Li Muyang for the meal, but he couldn’t say a word.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Nuan didn’t throw a serious glance toward Li Muyang at all. Right now, she was even using this method to tell him that she was being forced to accompany him for this meal and that she was extremely unwilling to do so.

Lin Nuan’s actions were like those of a rebellious young teen who was about 16 to 17 years old. Li Muyang didn’t mind, and he smiled. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Lin Nuan, who had her head lowered. Her cap was still unable to hide her beauty.

The meal was an extremely strange one!

Li Muyang, Tang Zheng, You Nainai, and Lin Nuan were seated at the round table, but Li Muyang was the only one eating.

Tang Zheng sat casually with his legs crossed. He took out a lighter and cigarettes from his suit, lit up a cigarette, and pulled the ashtray over in front of him. He leaned back in his chair while smoking leisurely and tapping the ashes occasionally, not saying a word.

You Nainai kept close to Lin Nuan, turning to see the words “game over” repeatedly flashing in the game on Lin Nuan’s phone screen. You Nainai felt a little helpless. Lin Nuan was really hopeless in games.

Lin Nuan usually didn’t have the hobby of playing games to pass the time, and she wasn’t good at them.

Li Muyang, who sat opposite Lin Nuan, ate gracefully and slowly, appearing to be in no hurry at all.

After Li Muyang was done with his meal, he put down the chopsticks. He wiped his mouth with the napkin and then casually put it to the side. His low and alluring voice was filled with a hint of dignity and a smile. “I’m done with my meal…”

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