Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 39 - Those Who Know Nothing, Fear Nothing

Chapter 39: Those Who Know Nothing, Fear Nothing

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If he didn’t say anything he would still have a strand of hope left—but after being rejected for vocalizing his feelings he gave up all hope.

No matter what he did, he wouldn’t be as good as Wen Moshi, as deserving of Lin Nuan’s love.

As soon as Lin Nuan came out of the elevator, she saw a crowd huddled around the station manager’s office door. There was apparently a scene going on inside.

Bai Xiaonian spotted Lin Nuan from the crowd and dashed towards her in her high-heels.

She grabbed Lin Nuan’s arm and lowered her voice, “That old Lee pervert was just in the middle of you-know-what with Wu Qianying in the office and they got caught by his wife by surprise. My gosh… Wu Qianying’s face was beaten up so badly. Lee wanted to close the door but his wife is keeping it wide open and shouting out loud to get people to come take a look at these shameful people.”

Bai Xiaonian wasn’t merely laughing at his misery. It’s just that even somebody mildly attractive working in the radio station these days would get hit on by Lee Zhiguo. Bai Xiaonian originally had a great opportunity to host the noon show on Ocean City’s channel, but Lee Zhiguo came onto her and said as long as she was willing to sleep with him, she could even secure the position of the late-night host.

Bai Xiaonian rejected his offer. Lee Zhiguo shamelessly kept her stuck in the radio station.

Lee Zhiguo also thought of hitting on Lin Nuan, but the girl was smart and had the guts to stand up for herself when other girls would just cry and keep things to themselves if they were harassed.

Lin Nuan only got hit on once and she marched straight into the manager’s office one morning and made a speech during their afternoon meeting about sexual harassment in the workplace, in order to raise awareness amongst her coworkers. She didn’t bring up Lee Zhiguo’s name specifically, but it was enough to intimidate him and make him give up on the idea of harassing her. However, he didn’t give her any more opportunities for career advancement either.

“I’ve heard that our staff was on the hunt for a morning host. Guess what? Lee recommended Wu Qianying,” Bai Xiaonian said as she grabbed Lin Nuan to watch the commotion at the door.

Lin Nuan didn’t like scenes like that. She’d taken a brief glance into the office when she got pushed into the middle of the crowd.

The usual well-dressed and radiant Wu Qianying had nothing left on her. Lee Zhiguo’s wife who was twice her weight was sitting on and cursing at her. She aimed straight for Wu Qianying’s face and slapped it hard until it turned swollen. Wu Qianying had blood all over her nose and mouth.

Lee Zhiguo only had a pair of underwear on. He was wearing a set of handcuffs and sitting on the sofa looking as timid as a mouse, not daring to say a word.

The office was flooded with Wu Qianying’s desperate pleading and the piercing vulgarities coming from Lee Zhiguo’s wife.

Lin Nuan grimaced at the repulsive scene before her.

Lin Nuan pushed her way out of the crowd, some of which were filming the scene.

Bai Xiaonian also came out of the crowd and saw that Lin Nuan was just dialing the security number on her phone. Bai Xiaonian snatched her phone away and said in a low voice, “Can’t you see that nobody in our whole department is calling for security? This Lee guy is too despised, that’s why everybody just wants to watch the scene.”

“There’s screaming noises all over the entire floor, it’s just giving me a headache,” Lin Nuan said in an agitated voice. She took back her phone and passed the doughnuts and milk tea to Bai Xiaonian, “Stay and watch the commotion. I’m going to the recording room.”

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