Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 40 - Piece Of Cake

Chapter 40: Piece Of Cake

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Lin Nuan had arrived even earlier than the editor today. She made herself a cup of tea and leaned on the table in the recording room, propping herself up with one hand, buried in her messy train of thoughts.

Wen Moshen’s frail face popped up, followed by Fu Huai’an’s penetrating gaze through the mist.

“Why is it only you? Where’s your editor Meng Meng?”

Bai Xiaonian came back from watching the commotion. She saw Lin Nuan standing alone in the recording room, staring blankly into the distance with her headset around her neck.

“There might be a traffic jam since it’s Friday night…” Lin Nuan took a sip of the cup of tea in her hands, “Done with the commotion?”

Bai Xiaonian walked over and leaned against the table next to Lin Nuan and said with a smile, “The longer I watched the more pointless it seemed. Everybody was well aware of what kind of person Lee was, but the second something like this happened his wife attacked and beat up Wu Qianying instead. She didn’t even touch his husband despite yelling all kinds of vulgarities at him… Sigh. Why do women make life harder for one another?”

Men become emboldened in their actions just because there were too many women like Lee Zhiguo’s wife. Those men knew they wouldn’t get hurt when they got caught. Their own husbands cheated on them, yet they would push the fault to another woman instead.

How could a beautiful woman in her prime like Wu Qianying be willing to give herself to a dirty old man?

Once a man develops impure thoughts toward a woman, he would do all kinds of corrupt things, especially to women like Wu Qianying who rely on men to survive and to progress in their careers.

Wu Qianying made a choice between her body and her future, and she chose the latter…

The majority of people in society would choose the latter since people had long grown corrupt and given up their principles beneath the facade of glamour in the modern age.

Compared to investing their blood, sweat, and tears in their dreams, trading their bodies for a bright future seemed much easier.

“Hey, Lin Nuan’s here…”

The colleague who just passed by the recording room took a few steps back and said to her, “The morning news department’s director just called for you and said that it was an emergency. He needed you on set ASAP!”

He then rushed off with the cup of coffee and files in his arms.

Bai Xiaonian and Lin Nuan exchanged a triumphant glance.

The director of the morning news department, Miss Summer, was a famous badass. She never wasted her time meeting irrelevant people. She must have chosen Lin Nuan to host the morning show when she called her to go on set all of a sudden.

Bai Xiaonian rose up and stomped her feet in excitement. But she was careful not to be too loud in case other people heard them. She lowered her voice with great effort and said, “Girl, your lucky day has arrived!”

Bai Xiaonian was even happier for Lin Nuan than herself for getting the opportunity. She nagged Lin Nuan to rush over there.

The office for the morning news channel was on Level 13 of Building A in the radio station. It would take less than ten minutes to get there from Building B.

It was already late afternoon. The spacious morning news office had a chill vibe to it. Only seven or eight employees were organizing news scripts and other items in front of the meeting table, appearing relatively busy. The rest of the office was empty and quiet…

Building B and Building A had a different decor. The whole building structure and design was based on glass. Rays of sunlight fell into the room through the transparent west windows. The room was clothed with a layer of soft orange and the whole office appeared spacious and classy, unlike their department.

Seeing Lin Nuan come out of the elevator, the staff inside the meeting room pushed open the glass door and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

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