Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 38 - Lin Nuan Doesn’t Settle for a Relationship

Chapter 38: Lin Nuan Doesn’t Settle for a Relationship

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Lin Nuan immediately pulled back her hand from Fu Huai’an’s grasp. She stood stiffly, keeping a distance between them.

Holding the plastic bag, she tucked her loose strands of hair behind her ear to cover up her uneasiness.

She was grateful that Fu Huai’an let her take off at the administration building that morning, but she didn’t dare to expect he would leave things at that.

So she didn’t want to leave Fu Huai’an the impression that she was a promiscuous woman, ready to cheat on him the second she got the chance.

The green light flashed on.

Lu Jinnan released the brakes and asked, “Are you really into this girl?”

Lu Jinnan knew his question was redundant. If Fu Huai’an wasn’t, why would he choose to collect his marriage certificate with her?

Fu Huai’an didn’t answer. Lu Jinnan knowingly shut his mouth and kept silent.

At the door of the Haiwei Doughnut Shop, Lin Nuan watched as the car carrying Fu Huai’an took off, her eyebrows furrowing.

Wen Moshi felt his throat growing dry as Lin Nuan kept silent.

“My brother returned, so I was afraid that if I didn’t tell you this… I might never get the chance again,” Wen Moshi said, gulping underneath his collar, his ears red like a strawberry, “I won’t force you to give me an answer now. Just think about it.”

All Lin Nuan had to do was leave to get out of the awkward situation.

But since she had no intention of giving Moshi any chance, she didn’t want to act all indecisive and muddled which would only delude him into thinking there was still hope—it would keep him hanging in mid-air.

Since the elephant in the room was already addressed, she didn’t mind making things more awkward than they already were.

“Moshi, we don’t belong in the same league. You’re the second heir of the Wen Family, yet I’m no longer the pampered girl of the Lins. My father is a well-known fraud in Ocean City and my mother is a mentally ill lunatic…

Wen Moshi wanted to say something but Lin Nuan cut him off.

“If you don’t mind this, your parents will. I don’t have the energy or the courage to fight for us… and at the end of the day I won’t love you romantically—not ever.

Wen Moshi’s lips pressed tightly together.

“What sense does it make for us to be together when I clearly have feelings for your brother? You might not mind me treating you like a substitute, but I do. I spent my whole childhood playing and growing up together with you, so I know you’re good enough to make a good girl fall for you.”

No sugar-coated words could cover up the fact that Lin Nuan rejected him. Despite being mentally prepared for it, Wen Moshi still felt a blow to his heart.

Lin Nuan accurately communicated three messages across to Wen Moshi: Firstly, she didn’t like him; Secondly, she wouldn’t settle for a relationship; and lastly, he was her good friend and nothing more.

“Lin Nuan, you really do speak too bluntly,” Wen Moshi said to alleviate the awkwardness, twitching his lips.

“Because it’s you, I don’t want to be on the fence when rejecting you just because I feel bad. Since I know what your personality is like, if I tell the truth as it is we can still be friends. But if I turn you down after giving you hope for too long we might not even be able to keep this friendship anymore”.

Wen Moshi knew her first sentence was the truth. The second one, however, was simply Lin Nuan letting him down easier.

When she put it that way, even Wen Moshi felt bad at the idea of them growing distant because of her turning him down.

Wen Moshi knew Lin Nuan was always smart.

Wen Moshi let out a long sigh. He smiled to conceal the anguish in his heart and said, “Let me send you off…”

“There’s no need. It’s a turn away. I’ll head off first…”

Wen Moshi stood there, flustered, as he watched Lin Nuan’s thin figure walk away.

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