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Chapter 33: Looking Down on Xia Xinghe

Chapter 33: Looking Down on Xia Xinghe

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The woman was still as prideful as he remembered; still didn't know chalk from cheese.

He had not met a prouder woman in his life.

No matter what wrong she did, she would not apologize, atone, or express remorse.

Even at the stage that she was in, she still clung to that stubborn pride of hers.

Mubai couldn't help but wonder: will she ever change?

While Mubai was lost in these thoughts, someone knocked on his office door.

He returned from his reverie and said, "Come in…"

Chang An opened the door and strode in. Seeing him, Mubai asked, "How come you're back so soon?"

Chang An replied with a hard-to-read expression, "Ms. Chu hailed her own ride and left. I'm sorry, CEO Xi, for failing to send Ms. Chu home personally."

"What happened, why was she upset?" Mubai asked as an added thought.

Chang An shook his head and replied, "No idea but based on the little Ms. Chu managed to tell me, it sounded like she was bullied by Ms. Xia's family…"

Mubai didn't enquire further, he merely said, "Okay, thank you."

"I'll be leaving then, CEO Xi," Chang An offered. Mubai didn't show the slightest interest of wanting to find out what had happened to his fiancé.

Mubai had predicted such an outcome when Tianxin said she was going to return to lend Xinghe her help. Xinghe had stated clearly that she didn't want their aid.

Tianxin thought her action would be seen as kind in Mubai's eyes but Mubai only thought she was being stupid.

Tianxin went back, knowing full well her kindness would not be accepted. From Mubai's perspective, she deserved the treatment she received.

Mubai was not one who could stand inane actions.

Therefore, he didn't feel sad for Tianxin nor did he have the intention to console her.

After Tianxin returned home, she sat patiently waiting for Mubai's call but obviously none came.

That made her more irritable so she went online to vent to her girlfriends.

That b*tch, I gave her the money because I still treat her as Xi Lin's mom! Who did she think she was that she could insult me in front of the whole hospital staff! She's only a nasty b*tch in my eyes!

Tianxin, she is of course a nasty b*tch, don't lose your temper over a worthless c*nt like her. Your pinkie toe alone is greater than her.

Tianxin smirked. Do I need you to tell me that? By the way, it's sad that you weren't there to see how awful she has become. She looks as wrinkled as a mummy and she stays at a dump. Her life is definitely over now. Did you know how happy I was when I saw her current situation? I almost flew off the ground from sheer joy.

This is what we call karma. Of course, God is going to punish a despicable c*nt like her. Tianxin, just be patient and you'll see the distance between the two of you getting bigger and bigger. In a few years, she's going to need to sell her body to some old fat dude so that she can survive. Then, she can only regret she didn't take your money when you offered her today.

Tianxin's mood increased tremendously.

Her mouth curved into a haughty smile when she replied. Please, the distance between us is already very big, okay? You should have seen the rag she was wearing, I wouldn't even use it as a floor mat. She looks older than my mom, do you know how much I needed to control myself to not call her auntie?

The verbal bashing continued.

Among Tianxin's group of friends, Xinghe was belittled to a stage where she was less than human feces.

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