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Chapter 34: Hacked into her Computer

Chapter 34: Hacked into her Computer

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After Chengwu's successful operation, Xia Zhi found some time to hack into Tianxin's computer, dead set on taking revenge for his sister.

He finally got into her computer but those were the messages that awaited his effort.

He was furious reading the ways Tianxin and these random strangers lambasted his sister.

"This is too much!"

Xia Zhi balled his hands into a tight grip, the veins on the back of his hands bursting. There was metaphorical fire in his eyes like he was staring at the picture of his nemesis.

Xinghe just finished washing Chengwu's face and arms. She turned to rinse the towels. She saw Xia Zhi's face and asked, "What's going on with you?"

"It's nothing…" Xia Zhi said in a hurry as he slammed the laptop shut. He was afraid his sister might see what they wrote about her but his action only increased her interest.

Xinghe gently moved his hands that covered his laptop and she sat down beside him and started reading.

Xia Zhi was afraid she might get mad so he added quickly, "These people don't know you so let's not take what they said to heart. In my heart, you're the best woman there is, no one is better than you, especially not this Chu Tianxin."

"You hacked into her computer?" Xinghe asked, staring at the screen.

Xia Zhi admitted with a nod, "I did, I planned to crash her computer for being so rude towards you."

He didn't expect to stumble across these messages.

If he had known the woman was so heartless, he wouldn't have let her off so easily that morning.

"Sis, don't get angry, I'll crash her computer now. We'll show her," Xia Zhi said in a rush.

Xinghe, who wasn't listening, asked, "Zhi, have I really grown into a wrinkled mummy over the past few years?"

"Of course not, if anything, you're as gorgeous as Cleopatra! You're not one bit ugly, trust me!" Xia Zhi spoke from his heart. The harsh years had toughened her features but for Xia Zhi, that only worked to enhance his sister's beauty.

Her looks weren't quite approaching those of a goddess but she could still be considered a beauty. In Xia Zhi's eyes, she was at least 100 times more beautiful than Tianxin.

Xinghe though saw the truth in Tianxin and her friends' words. She added softly, "But we are indeed poor."

"Sis, I'll earn lots of money in the future and we'll only buy the most expensive clothes! We'll never wash them because we'll toss them out when they're dirty. Whenever we see Tianxin, we'll lob our money at her. After all, it is not a crime if you kill someone with money!"

Xinghe finally laughed. She said, "Who told you it's not a crime if you use actual money to kill someone?"

"Then, we'll only throw until she's half-dead," Xia Zhi replied firmly. He swore he was going to earn a lot of money, to show these people who looked down on them that they were wrong.

Xinghe knew everything he said was greatly influenced by his anger but she was still warmed by his words.

Her uncle and Xia Zhi had been so protective of her and she in turn didn't want them to suffer anymore.

"Zhi, calm down. Let's see what else Tianxin has on her computer," Xinghe advised. Xia Zhi's eyes instantly lit up with mischief. "Okay! I'm on it!"

Xia Zhi did a rudimentary scan of Tianxin's computer and noticed it was filled to the brim with pictures.

The woman must have been incredibly narcissistic to have more than ten thousand selfies.

There were also some pictures she took with Mubai. In all those pictures, Mubai had the same expression, boredom.

Xia Zhi guessed, "Sis, as a man, I can see that Xi Mubai is not truly in love with her."

"Who he is in love with has nothing to do with me," Xinghe replied emotionlessly.

She already knew Mubai wasn't in love with Tianxin. The man had a heart that was as cold as ice so there was no woman in this world that was going to make him fall in love.

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