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Chapter 32: Left Her Behind

Chapter 32: Left Her Behind

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Tianxin's anger mounted with every step.

When she reached the lobby, Mubai was gone; not even his car was there.

Only Chang An waited for her by the hospital entrance.

"Where's Mubai?" Tian Xian asked the assistant.

Chang An answered respectfully, "CEO Xi had an important business meeting to attend so he had to leave first. He left me behind to wait for Ms. Chu. Don't worry, Ms. Chu, I've asked for a driver, your ride will be here soon."

"He left?" Tian Xin asked incredulously.

"Yes." Chang An nodded.

The smile she prepared for Mubai disappeared instantly.

Mubai not only forwent their lunch, he had the heart to leave her alone at the hospital without informing her beforehand!

Tianxin intended to share with him the grief she had suffered under Xinghe's hands but he had left her behind!

She wondered if she even had a place in his heart.

Wasn't he even a tiny bit interested in the act of kindness that she intended to provide to Xinghe?

Tianxin gritted her teeth because her plan had completely unraveled. She returned to Xinghe to accomplish two purposes, one was to grind Xinghe's confidence to the floor and another was to demonstrate to Mubai her grace and kindness.

But… Xinghe had proved more resilient than she thought and now Mubai had left. If she couldn't show off her grace to Mubai then what was the point in her going back to Xinghe? Other than that, she wanted to complain to him about how badly Xinghe had treated her kindness.

Based on Mubai's personality, if he knew she held on to this grudge, it would only worsen her image in his eyes. He didn't like people who held on to old grievances. Her only brief window to slander Xinghe in his eyes was now.

Alas, the man had already left. She couldn't possibly call him just to complain about Xinghe. It wouldn't help her cultivate a positive image. However, if she missed this chance, she wouldn't be unable to bring it up again.

In other words, her plan had completely backfired.

Or had it…

She sneaked a sidelong glance at Chang An who stood beside her and her eyes welled up with tears.

Chang An became flustered seeing her cry and said hurriedly, "Ms. Chu, what's wrong? CEO Xi really didn't leave you here on purpose, he had something important to attend to. Please don't be sad…"

Tianxin rubbed away her tears and forced a smile, adding, "This has nothing to do with Mubai. It's all my fault for forgetting how prideful Xinghe can be. I should have known it would be difficult for her to stomach her pride and accept my help. Who can I blame but myself for being too insensitive…"

"Ms. Chu, what are you talking about?" Chang An questioned.

"It's nothing. I too have something important to catch, thank you for waiting for me," Tianxin said before turning to leave. She remembered to purposely wipe away the tears that fell down her face.

No matter how hard Chang An called after her, she made sure she didn't turn around.

Chang An watched helplessly as she hailed a cab and left. He returned to report to Mubai.

Mubai didn't actually have an important meeting even though he returned to the office early. He was maddened by Xinghe's behavior so he didn't want to stay at the hospital.

Reclining in his chair, he removed the top button of his shirt as his thoughts returned to the moment Xinghe tore up the cheque before his eyes.

A cheque for one hundred million, and she tore up it without even batting an eye.

Is she really that principled or did she do it to piss him off?

Mubai smirked as he tried to figure out the answer.

In his opinion, Xinghe acted way too foolishly. Currently, she was in a position that gave her no reason to stubbornly hang onto her ideals. Were her pride and principles so important‽

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