Mom’s Antics on Social Media Went Viral

Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Mom Is Back Again

Chapter 128: Mom Is Back Again

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It wasn’t difficult to make a fishing rod. Previously, Fu Xin had already helped the children finish the fishing line. They just had to wrap it around the bamboo pole. After everyone was done, they went home.

The last-minute program ended, and the cameramen also got off work. At eight o’clock, their phones were distributed.

Fu Xin wanted to play with her phone quickly, so she quickly went to wash up, leaving Jiang Xinyuan alone in the room.

Jiang Xinyuan watched as his mother closed the bathroom door. He got off the bed and sneaked out. There were no surveillance cameras in the corridor, so after he went out, the netizens couldn’t see him.

There were three fishing rods by the door. One was long, two were short. He had made one of the short ones himself. Then, he picked up the rod that he had made and ran all the way.

Jiang Yi, who was watching the live broadcast, seemed to have sensed something and ran out of the door. He happened to bump into Jiang Xinyuan, who was coming towards him.

Under the moonlight, Jiang Xinyuan handed the fishing rod to Jiang Yi. “Dad, I made this for you. When you go home, you can go fishing with Mom and me.”

Jiang Xinyuan was extremely touched. The happiness of having a good son arose spontaneously. No wonder Fu Xin accepted Jiang Xinyuan so easily.

This child was too warm! Then, he took the fishing rod and sized it up for a while. This was a joint masterpiece of Fu Xin and Jiang Xinyuan. Although most of it was made by Fu Xin, it was also filled with his son’s filial piety.

Jiang Yi imitated Fu Xin and hugged his son. He even kissed his head.

Jiang Xinyuan completely accepted his father’s behavior. He was not as shy as he was when facing Fu Xin. It was as if it was just a normal thing. After a while, he left Jiang Yi’s arms. If Fu Xin hugged him like this, he would definitely want time to pass slower, but not Jiang Yi. “Dad, I have to go back first. Mommy will be done washing up soon.” After saying that, he reached out a pair of small hands.

Jiang Yi did not know what he wanted to do and looked at him in confusion.

“Dad, you have to give me back my fishing rod. I’ll give it to you when we get home. Otherwise, Mom will ask me when she finds out that the fishing rod is gone. ”

JiangYi: “..

Although he was a little reluctant, he still returned the fishing rod to him in the end. He even specially sent him to the corner of the fourth courtyard and watched him enter before leaving in relief.

Jiang Yi looked at Jiang Xinyuan’s back view and could not help but shake his head. He was so young, but he had thought things through.

This must have been inherited from me.

Fu Xin was a carefree person. She only did what she liked and didn’t care about anything else. However, he was different. He was methodical and meticulous.

When Fu Xin came out, she saw Jiang Xinyuan sitting on the bed, reading a little book.

[Where did Little Xinyuan go? Think…]

[It’s a pity that there are no cameras. I can’t see anything. I’m bursting with curiosity!]

[The little guy was very excited when he went out. When he came back, he seemed very calm.]

[Don’t we have that kind of baby camera now? Just install one for the children. The director will definitely arrange it next time.]

[From Little Xinyuan’s point of view, his eyes would definitely be overflowing with hearts when he saw Fu Xin!]

[Little Xinyuan looks so cute when he’s reading seriously!]

[My heart is sour. I don’t know if I’m jealous that Little Xinyuan has such a beautiful and capable mother, or if I’m envious that Fu Xin has such an adorable son.]

Late at night, the director found Chen Xiaomei and told her about the termination of the contract. Her house had stopped broadcasting at noon, and the cameras in Room 1 were turned off.

Bai Ruirui was woken up by her mother. During the day, she had fainted and felt a little uncomfortable when she woke up. Coupled with the terrible things her mother had said at night, she had fallen asleep late.

However, she only slept very lightly and was woken up by Chen Xiaomei’s shake. She remembered what her mother had said that night. Her mother said that her father did not want them anymore. Her mother was also sick and did not have the courage to continue living.

Bai Ruirui was afraid that her mother would leave her, but her mother did not. Her mother told her that as long as she went to the river quietly at night, her mother would follow her and die with her. In the next life, they would be mother and daughter.

With her mother around, Bai Ruirui was not afraid of death. What she was afraid of was that if her mother asked her to do bad things, she would be at a loss.

“Ruirui, Mommy’s little darling…” Her mother suddenly hugged her and cried. She even called her little darling. This was her mother! Mommy was back.

Was it because they were about to die that their mother was back? Bai Ruirui quickly hugged her mother. “Mommy, is Mommy back?” Bai Ruirui cried..

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