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Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Alone

Chapter 127: Alone

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“Thank you, thank you!” Zhang Nan thanked her profusely. Fei Fei and Guo Na also nodded. They really couldn’t do such a thing.

It was that feeling again. The feeling of being spied on. Fu Xin suddenly felt as if someone was staring at her. This was not the first time. The sudden turn of her head seemed to have scared away the gaze, leaving only the afterimage in the bamboo forest.

“Meow…” At this moment, a tabby cat appeared from the forest and jumped onto the wall. Fu Xin turned around.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Nan looked in the direction Fu Xin was looking.

“Nothing. It’s a cat.” Fu Xin turned her head and bumped into Feng Fei, who was returning with bamboo.

Fu Xin didn’t want to disappoint Feng Fei, so she focused on cutting the bamboo for him. Soon, the bamboo was cut out.

Then, Fu Xin recalled that gaze. It didn’t seem to be malicious. It was just that it had been following them for too long. Fu Xin didn’t guess too much. Perhaps it was a villager who was interested in them!

“Are you confessing to me?” Fu Xin looked at Jiang Yi in disbelief.

Jiang Yi was silent for a moment. “Yes!” He was silent for a moment to calm himself down. This feeling had been in his heart for too long, so long that it was about to overflow. His heart raced and his blood boiled. If he wasn’t silent for a moment, he was really afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his temper and kiss Fu Xin.

Fu Xin flew into a rage. “I treat you as a brother, but you want to hit on me?”

Jiang Yi then looked into her eyes. This was the first time he was sizing her up. In the past, Jiang Yi only suppressed his feelings in his heart and did not dare to look at her like this. He was afraid that she would discover his true heart and ignore him. “I never thought of you as a buddy.”

He finally said it and finally had the right to stare at her like this. Her eyes were very beautiful. He took advantage of the fact that he was sizing up her facial features. She had such an exquisite and beautiful face.

“I’ve liked you for a long time,” Jiang Yi added. Since he had already said it, he should just say it. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have wasted a precious opportunity?

Fu Xin looked at him in disbelief. Then, she reached out and clenched her fists. She looked at her two fists. “They said that I’m a little beautiful, but my martial arts level is too high. They don’t dare to be with me and only treat me as a bro.” After a pause, Fu Xin asked the question that could make Jiang Yi smile for the rest of his life. “Aren’t you afraid of domestic violence?

Jiang Yi did not answer her. Instead, he lifted his shirt, revealing his eight-pack. “I don’t think I’ll let you beat me to death.”

“Pfft…” Fu Xin laughed so happily. This was the first time she had changed her opinion of Jiang Yi. He usually looked gentle, but she didn’t expect him to secretly cultivate an eight-pack. Moreover, his abs were so good-looking and his skin was fair. When the two were combined, it could be said to be perfect. It was the kind she liked.

Although she had many ‘good brothers’, she had never seen their abdominal muscles. On the surface, they called each other brothers, but in fact, they maintained a strong gender defense.

Fu Xin wasn’t the kind of person who would hug you if you were my good brother. She couldn’t do such a thing. Moreover, those boys might be liked by one of the girls. If they didn’t differentiate between them, other girls might misunderstand.

It was better to keep a distance so that no one would be jealous.

However, everyone knew that Fu Xin liked abdominal men. When girls saw handsome abdominal men, they would share them with her. She imagined that scene in her mind and drooled.

“If there’s something about you that attracts me, good studies and handsomeness are nothing. It’s fine if you know how to cook and have abdominal muscles.” These were Fu Xin’s words.

After ending his memories, Jiang Yi slowly walked back under the moonlight. Since he had already been discovered, he had to leave quickly. Fu Xin had learned martial arts since she was young and had extremely sharp observation skills. It wouldn’t be good if she caught him.

Moreover, she had already forgotten what had happened previously. It would be awkward if he appeared in front of her rashly. He had never thought of a way to appear in front of her and even asked questions on his personal account.

The answer given by the netizens was to not suddenly appear. Otherwise, it might seem unreal.

Jiang Yi’s love for Fu Xin was too sincere. He didn’t want her to feel that way. Therefore, he had to choose a good time. He would take it slow! In any case, he had pursued her for a long time in the past. He was not afraid of waiting.

However, he was envious of Jiang Xinyuan! They were all surnamed Jiang, but why was the treatment so different? She could kiss, hug, and lift him up high, but he could only walk on the lonely road. Hearing the dogs barking around him made him feel even more annoyed..

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