Mom’s Antics on Social Media Went Viral

Chapter 129 - Chapter 129: I Caused the Disaster in My Past Life

Chapter 129: I Caused the Disaster in My Past Life

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“It’s all Mom’s fault. Mom is sick, and it seems like there’s a different me living in my body. That’s why she treated you like that.” Chen Xiaomei couldn’t help but cry. She blamed herself for making her daughter suffer because of her.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was in a bad mood because of her husband’s affair, the otherworldly soul wouldn’t have taken advantage of her. Initially, she thought that her husband didn’t want this family anymore. She was so sad that she might as well give her body to the otherworldly soul and let her take care of everything for her.

But what had they all done? Scolding the children, torturing them, making them do bad things, abusing them, and finally telling them to die? She couldn’t stand it. She tried her best to rush out and take over her body again, but she knew it was only temporary.

She could not defeat the otherworldly soul and the so-called system unless she perished with them.

She was still worried that her child would really listen to the otherworldly soul and die. “Ruirui, promise me that no matter how difficult it is, don’t be discouraged. Don’t lose your confidence. Live well, understand?”

Bai Ruirui was still crying, but she seemed to understand what she meant. Her mother did not want her to die.

“I understand, Mommy… Boohoo…” Bai Ruirui sobbed.

Chen Xiaomei pulled Bai Ruirui into her arms. “What a good child. However, I have another mission for you.”

“What mission?” Bai Ruirui sniffed.

“I don’t know when that bad woman will take over Mom’s body, so you have to look for your Aunt Fu now. Mom has something to discuss with her.” Chen Xiaomei lowered her voice.

“But…” Bai Ruirui was a little afraid. After all, the bad woman’s actions over the past two days seemed to have offended Aunt Fu. She was afraid that Aunt Fu would reject her.

“Don’t hesitate. Go quickly! I’ll wait for you here.” Chen Xiaomei’s eyes were filled with despair. “Don’t be afraid. Aunt Fu is a good person, and that bad woman is afraid of her. Only you can help Mom now. I’ll rely on you for this.” Chen Xiaomei encouraged her daughter.

Bai Ruirui was also an obedient child and listened to her mother very much. In addition, she had not been with her real mother for a few days, so she had to be even more obedient. After being encouraged by Chen Xiaomei, she became bolder and went to look for Fu Xin.

Seeing that Bai Ruirui had walked far away, she went straight to the kitchen, found a sharp knife, and stabbed herself in the chest without hesitation. She did not know when the otherworldly soul would occupy her body again, so she had to do it early before she found her phone and told her about her funeral. She found the director’s dialog box and recorded a 20-second video for the director before sending it out. Then, she fell heavily to the ground.

Chen Xiaomei’s soul came to the door of Jiang Yi’s house and knocked gently.

Under normal circumstances, no one would look for Jiang Yi at this time. Jiang Yi hesitated for a moment before opening the door.

When he saw Chen Xiaomei, he couldn’t help but frown. Chen Xiaomei could see his confusion. Now, her gaze wasn’t so scary. She looked like a normal person. “Mr. Jiang, I’m sorry for causing trouble for your family these few days. It’s all my fault. After my husband betrayed me, I had the thought of committing suicide, causing the otherworldly soul to take advantage of the situation and come to my body.

“I know you’re here because you know something about Otherworldly Souls.

“I only have five minutes to explain my matters. The first thing I’ll do is apologize to you. If I weren’t weak and wanted to die, I wouldn’t have allowed the otherworldly soul to do evil in my body.

“Also, the system of the otherworldly soul is completely inferior. It relied on absorbing the luck of the host and the people around the host to survive and upgrade. Originally, the Space Administration did not allow such inferior products to exist, but it took advantage of the loophole.

“I’m sorry, I caused the disaster in your family’s previous life. Now that I’ve chosen to commit suicide, the otherworldly soul and the System shouldn’t be able to stay in my body any longer. However, all of this isn’t over yet. I’ll live in this world as a vegetable, then bind to other Systems and go to another world to complete missions. If I complete them, I’ll have a chance to return.

“I’m also grateful to you for hiring ghostwriters to calm down the public opinion. That’s why the otherworldly soul didn’t absorb all my luck..”

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