Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 221 - Chapter 221: Yu Xiaobao Is Not Blood-related to You!

Chapter 221: Yu Xiaobao Is Not Blood-related to You!

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However, this woman seemed impenetrable, like an insurmountable fortress that left you completely puzzled.

Then, Yu Anwan sneered. “Well, I’m sorry, President Wen. You’re overthinking it. Xiaobao has nothing to do with you. I’ve said it before, Xioabao is my child.”

“Xioabao looks a lot like Zhanyan,” Wen Jin said straightforwardly.

“Nonsense, they’re both my children. How could they not look alike?” Yu Anwan retorted without hesitation.

Wen Jin was left speechless.

“If there’s nothing else, please let me go, President Wen. I need to take Xiaobao home. She’s still young and needs to rest. I promise I’ll meet you at the airport tomorrow, and I won’t go back on my word,” Yu Anwan expressed her stance clearly.

As she finished speaking, Yu Anwan tried to withdraw her hand from Wen Jin’s grasp.

However, Wen Jin showed no intention of letting go. He simply continued to gaze at Yu Anwan.

When Wen Jin seemed on the verge of confronting Yu Anwan, the fundamental difference between a man and a woman came into play. Yu Anwan was no match for Wen Jin in terms of physical strength.

The more she struggled, the tighter Wen Jin held her, rendering her powerless to resist.

The atmosphere seemed to become increasingly tense.

At that moment, Wen Jin’s phone vibrating broke the silence. Wen Jin glanced down at it, and Yu Anwan seized the opportunity to break free.

But it only lasted a moment before Wen Jin grasped Yu Anwan again. She was so infuriated that she couldn’t utter a word and could only glare at Wen Jin reluctantly.

Wen Jin’s gaze turned heavy as he continued to fix his eyes on Yu Anwan. It appeared meaningful.

However, in the next moment, Wen Jin simply pulled Yu Anwan closer and warned in a low voice, “Behave.”

Yu Anwan glared at Wen Jin.

Wen Jin paid her no mind and calmly answered the phone.

The call was from Xu Xiaoche.

“The results are out,” Xu Xiaoche stated plainly.

Wen Jin acknowledged with a hum, signaling for Xu Xiaoche to continue.

Xu Xiaoche’s tone turned somewhat mocking. “Well, you might be disappointed. Yu Xiaobao is not related to you by blood. You are not father and daughter. She was born a year after Zhanyan.”

This meant that after Yu Anwan left Wen Jin and abandoned Zhanyan, she immediately found another man and gave birth to Yu Xiaobao.

These words cast a dark shadow over Wen Jin’s expression.

It was an indescribable feeling as if all hope had been extinguished in an instant.

Before him stood Yu Anwan, with her unruly yet stunning beauty, and Wen Jin’s emotions became more complex.

“Hey, Wen Jin, it can’t be that bad, can it? Are you feeling upset?” Xu Xiaoche asked teasingly, seeing that Wen Jin had remained silent for a while.

Wen Jin’s voice was cold as he replied, “No, that’s all for now.”

Then, without giving Xu Xiaoche a chance to speak again, Wen Jin hung up the phone.

However, Wen Jin’s gaze remained fixed on Yu Anwan the entire time.

Sensing danger in Wen Jin’s eyes, Yu Anwan felt a shiver down her spine.

While this person had been looking at her before, at least there had been a hint of affection and gentleness in his eyes.

But now, Wen Jin suddenly seemed like he had come from hell, ready to consume her entirely.

Who had called?

Yu Anwan furrowed her brow, but she didn’t dwell on it.

“Wen Jin, let go of me!” Yu Anwan warned Wen Jin firmly.

“What if I don’t?” Wen Jin’s tone seemed devoid of much emotion.

Yu Anwan regarded Wen Jin with a sense of absurdity, scoffed, and couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. Her peripheral vision, however, had already shifted toward the direction of the two children.

But Yu Anwan could tell that the person in front of her wasn’t Dabao but Wen


They had already completed the exchange.

This time, Yu Anwan also breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Yu Anwan wasn’t sure if Yu Dabao would be exposed in front of Wen Zhanming.

Meanwhile, Wen Zhanyan had already taken Yu Xiaobao into the Wen family mansion. Wen Ye returned to the car and sped off as if he was being chased.

Yu Anwan only felt relieved when Wen Ye’S car disappeared.

“Why are you looking at Wen Ye?” Wen Jin followed Yu Anwan’s gaze and looked over.

That was the direction Wen Ye had left in.

Wen Jin’S brows furrowed slightly. He did not know where Wen Ye had run off to, but Wen Jin rarely asked about Wen Ye•s whereabouts.

But for some reason, Yu Anwan looked at Wen Ye and gave Wen Jin the illusion that she had cheated on him, and the person who cheated on him was his brother.

This feeling was not good.

At the thought of this, Wen Jin’S gaze turned even colder. “Why didn’t I know that you and Wen Ye had such a good relationship? You were able to keep an eye on Wen Ye as he left?”

Yu Anwan frowned at Wen Jin’S sarcastic emphasis.

Before she could say anything, Wen Jin’S gloomy voice was heard. “Since

Xioabao isn’t my daughter, then whose child is she?”

Yu Anwan looked at Wen Jin without batting an eyelid.

From Wen Jin’S words, Yu Anwan could more or less sense that Wen Jin was no longer as stubborn as before in believing that Yu Xiaobao was her biological daughter.

Thinking back to Wen Jin’S phone call earlier, Yu Anwan had an idea.

The results of Wen Jin’S paternity test had probably been tampered with by


Therefore, the conclusion that Wen Jin had obtained was unrelated to Yu Xiaobao and Wen Jin.

With this knowledge, Yu Anwan wasn’t nervous at all.

Yu Anwan could easily guess who was calling Wen Jin. It was Xu Xiaoche, Wen Jin’S childhood friend. Wen Jin would not doubt Xu Xiaoche’s answer.


Therefore, Yu Anwan appeared calm and composed when she faced Wen Jin. “Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Speak.” Wen Jin’S tone was a little aggressive, and the look in his eyes when he looked at Yu Anwan was even more terrifying.

Yu Anwan wasn’t afraid. She simply didn’t want to get entangled with Wen Jin. Staying here for even a second longer was risky.

“You don’t know him,” Yu Anwan answered quickly. “After I arrived in London, I accidentally slept with someone and had Xioabao. I gave birth to Xiaobao because my vitality was greatly damaged when I was pregnant with Zhanyan, and a miscarriage might have endangered my life.” Yu Anwan said without changing her expression.

It didn’t look like she was lying at all.

Wen Jin’S hands tightened in his pockets. When he looked at Yu Anwan again, there was a hint of danger in his eyes..

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