Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: Why? Does CEO Wen want to put me under house arrest?

Chapter 220: Why? Does CEO Wen want to put me under house arrest?

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Wen Jin continued to gaze at Yu Anwan with a stern expression. “Yu Anwan, do you have to oppose me like this?”

Yu Anwan remained composed and replied, “I can’t think of any reason to accompany President Wen back to the Wen family.”

Her tone was calm, distancing herself from Wen Jin once again.

Wen Jin felt somewhat annoyed as he looked at Yu Anwan. He couldn’t quite describe the feeling. It was as if this woman had been in his arms just last night, but the moment she turned around, she could act as if they were strangers.

Wen Jin thought he was cruel and heartless, but now, compared to Yu Anwan, he realized that the cruelest one was Yu Anwan, not himself.

He truly wanted to see what kind of heart this woman possessed, one as unyielding as stone.

“If President Wen finds it troublesome, I’ll take Xiaobao out of the car,” Yu Anwan stated, maintaining her direct attitude.

If it were possible, Yu Anwan would have wanted to bring Yu Dabao back as well. However, she knew the importance of avoiding exposure, so she could only take Yu Xiaobao with her.

If she could avoid being around Wen Jin, it would reduce the level of danger. Yu Anwan meant what she said.

Wen Jin sneered at her and kept his gaze fixed on her. In the next moment, right in front of Yu Anwan, he locked the central door control.

He accelerated the engine, but Wen Jin maintained a stable speed as he drove in the direction of the Wen family mansion.

Yu Anwan furrowed her brow, looking at Wen Jin with irritation. “Wen Jin, is this necessary?”

Wen Jin’s face remained cold as he retorted, “If you want to argue with me in front of Xioabao and Zhanyan, feel free to raise your voice.”

Wen Jin was using the situation to threaten Yu Anwan, and it left her so angry that she couldn’t find the words to respond.

This despicable man truly knew how to apply pressure.

Yu Anwan couldn’t help but feel a mix of frustration and helplessness.

Wen Jin paid no further attention to Yu Anwan and continued driving towards the Wen family villa.

Yu Anwan let out a scoff and quickly regained her composure. If Wen Jin was willing to take them to the Wen family mansion, so be it. Her legs were perfectly fine. Once they arrived at the Wen family mansion, couldn’t she just leave?

If Wen Jin had the ability, he could try to confine her.

D*mn it!

Yu Anwan cursed inwardly.

She swiftly turned away, determined not to engage with Wen Jin any longer.

When the car stopped at the entrance of the Wen family mansion, the butler and servants promptly came forward, opening the car door with the utmost respect for Wen Jin.

Wen Jin stepped out of the car and walked over to Yu Anwan.

Yu Dabao got out of the car quietly, seemingly unaware of what had transpired.

He was constantly searching for an opportunity to switch himself and Wen Zhanyan back.

Meanwhile, Yu Xiaobao, who had just woken up, blinked her eyes in confusion. She genuinely had no idea what was happening.

“Mommy, Daddy, where are we?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

She looked around with curiosity, her gaze fixed on the enormous Wen family mansion. But before Yu Xiaobao could explore further, Yu Anwan had already taken her hand.

Yu Xiaobao blinked up at her mother. “Mommy, what’s going on?”

Her bright, grape-like eyes were filled with anticipation. She wanted to run and play on the grass.

There was also Yu Xiaobao’s favorite Border Collie on the grass.

Yu Anwan squatted down and looked at Yu Xiaobao. “Xioabao, we need to go home first.

Yu Xiaobao was taken aback, but when she looked at Yu Anwan, she nodded obediently without any intention of being rash. “Alright.”

Yu Anwan smiled at Yu Xiaobao before holding her hand and walking out of the Wen family mansion.

Wen Jin looked at Yu Anwan’s actions, and his expression turned even uglier.

In the next moment, Wen Jin’s hand had already grabbed Yu Anwan’s hand. “Stop, who allowed you to leave?”

“Why, is President Wen going to put me under house arrest?” Yu Anwan looked at Wen Jin without any intention of avoiding him.

The atmosphere seemed to have become heated again.

Yu Dabao rolled his eyes silently and nodded at Yu Xiaobao. He did not bother with the naughty parents in front of him.

Yu Xiaobao blinked and mouthed to Yu Dabao to be careful.

Yu Xiaobao had no intention of stopping the fight. After all, she wanted to buy time for Yu Dabao and Wen Zhanyan so that the two of them could switch their identities and avoid causing trouble with Wen Zhanming.

After all, bystanders could see clearly, but the people involved could not.

Wen Zhanming wasn’t someone who was easily fooled.

Now, Wen Ye’s car was already waiting at the entrance. Wen Zhanyan was in the car. As long as Yu Dabao was not noticed and walked out smoothly, he could swap identities with Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Ye just needed to find a reason to send Wen Zhanyan back.

Wen Jin noticed this. He looked at Yu Anwan with a stern face and warned her. But when he walked up to Yu Xiaobao, Wen Jin’s entire person seemed to become gentle.

He squatted down and looked Yu Xiaobao in the eye. “Xioabao, can you go play with Zhanyan first? Daddy has something to say to mommy.”

“Oh, okay, okay.” Yu Xiaobao said, “Daddy and Mommy can have a good talk.

The adults can’t do anything.”

“I won’t.” Wen Jin was amused by Yu Xiaobao.

Yu Xiaobao nodded obediently and looked at Yu Anwan seriously. “Mommy, you can’t hit Daddy either. Talk nicely! I’m going to look for Brother Zhanyan first. I’ll look for you later!”

As she spoke, Yu Xiaobao winked at Yu Anwan before blowing her a kiss and disappearing.

Soon, only Wen Jin and Yu Anwan were left at the entrance of the Wen family mansion.

Yu Anwan was still on full alert as she looked at Wen Jin warily. Although she didn’t say anything bad, her attitude wasn’t good either.

On the contrary, Wen Jin seemed to have softened as his deep eyes fell on Yu Anwan.

Without blinking.

Yu Anwan felt uncomfortable being stared at.

Wen Jin’s well-defined fingers had already pinched Yu Anwan’s chin, forcing her to look at him.

It wasn’t that Yu Anwan couldn’t resist, but she seemed to have forgotten to resist in an instant.

Wen Jin’s gentle voice sounded in her ears. “Anwan, is Xioabao not my daughter?”

Facing Wen Jin like this, Yu Anwan wanted to blurt out the truth for a moment, as if she had been bewitched by Wen Jin.

Wen Jin looked much gentler like this.

After spending so much time with Wen Jin and Wen Zhanyan, Yu Anwan knew that Wen Jin might be a scumbag as a husband, but as a father, Wen Jin was qualified.

However, rationality held Yu Anwan back at the last moment.

She looked at Wen Jin expressionlessly and suddenly slapped Wen Jin’s hand away with a smile. “President Wen, do you want Xioabao to be your daughter?

Do you expect me to give birth to twins for you back then?”

Wen Jin didn’t respond, but he looked at Yu Anwan with unblinking eyes. It was as if he wanted to read Yu Anwan’s true thoughts…

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