Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 222 - Chapter 222: Heh, Isn’t This Saying One Thing?

Chapter 222: Heh, Isn’t This Saying One Thing?

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However, Yu Anwan’s words sounded like Yu Anwan was protecting this man.

Heh, was she afraid that he would cause trouble for this man?

Wen Jin chuckled mockingly, but his gaze on Yu Anwan deepened.

“President Wen, do you have any more questions? If everything’s fine, I’ll take Xiaobao back, ” Yu Anwan said, not wanting to continue the conversation with Wen Jin.

After her statement, Yu Anwan turned and walked toward Yu Xiaobao.

This time, Wen Jin remained stationary.

At the same time, Yu Xiaobao had also quietly noticed the changes between Wen Jin and Yu Anwan.

“Brother Zhanyan, did Daddy and Mommy have another argument? Things seemed fine when we were at Great-grandma’s place,” she whispered as she looked at Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Zhanyan didn’t reply but simply watched her. Then he lowered his eyes and comforted Yu Xiaobao, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Yu Xiaobao asked, “Brother Zhanyan, do you think Daddy and Mommy will break up in the end?”

Wen Zhanyan responded confidently, “No, they won’t.”

Curious, Yu Xiaobao asked, “Why are you so sure?”

Wen Zhanyan explained, “Great-grandfather is back. If he finds out that

Mommy is here, he won’t allow Daddy and Lu Nanxin to be together. Your and Dabao’s identities can’t remain a secret forever. If there’s no other way, revealing your identities will make Great- grandfather ensure Daddy and Mommy stay together.”

Wen Zhanyan’s tone was resolute, and Yu Xiaobao listened attentively, nodding in agreement.

When she saw Yu Anwan walking toward her, Yu Xiaobao didn’t hesitate.

“Brother Zhanyan, I’ll go back with Mommy. Keep in touch!” Yu Xiaobao made a fist-pumping gesture.

“Alright,” Wen Zhanyan agreed.

Yu Xiaobao playfully shook her head and then ran toward Yu Anwan, calling out, “Mommy, I’m here!”

Her soft and melodious voice brought a smile to Wen Zhanyan’s face.

It seemed that with Yu Xiaobao around, one’s mood would inexplicably brighten.

Yu Anwan caught Yu Xiaobao, who had rushed into her arms, and teased her,

“Couldn’t you have run a bit slower?”

Yu Xiaobao replied sweetly, “But I’m so happy to see Mommy. That’s why I couldn’t wait to come over.”

Yu Anwan couldn’t help but laugh, and the gloom caused by Wen Jin instantly dissipated.

Then, hand in hand, Yu Anwan, and Yu Xiaobao walked out of the Wen family mansion without even glancing back at Wen Jin.

Wen Jin did not attempt to follow them.

However, Wen Zhanyan quietly approached Wen Jin and remarked, “Daddy, aren’t you going to accompany Mommy and Xioabao? I noticed that it’S going to rain, and there are no cars available near the Wen family mansion.”

After all, the Wen family mansion was a private residence with a vast area.

Outsiders didn’t usually visit, so there were no transportation facilities. Even if they called for a taxi, they wouldn’t be able to reach the entrance of the Wen family mansion.

Walking that distance would indeed be a bit precarious.

“Xioabao doesn’t enjoy walking, and she might not be able to handle it, ” Wen Zhanyan casually explained.

Wen Jin remained expressionless, seemingly indifferent to Wen Zhanyan’s words.

Wen Zhanyan raised an eyebrow, slightly curious, but he wisely didn’t push further.

Wen Jin suddenly turned his gaze towards Wen Zhanyan and asked, “Why did you change your clothes?”

Wen Zhanyan was left speechless.

No, this class distinction didn’t involve him. Why had the focus suddenly shifted to him?

He and Yu Dabao didn’t come from the same background at all. How could they coincidentally be wearing the same outfit?

“Ah…” Wen Zhanyan seemed hesitant as if he wanted to say something.

Wen Jin’S eyes now held a dangerous glint. “You weren’t wearing this outfit before,” he stated firmly.

Wen Zhanyan blinked. At this point, the more he talked, the more confusing it became. So, Wen Zhanyan decided to be straightforward. “No, Daddy, you must be mistaken. I was wearing this outfit. I just took off my coat.”

He appeared utterly certain, not believing he was lying.

Wen Jin didn’t say anything more, his gaze locked onto Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Zhanyan stood there calmly, but his palms were drenched in sweat.

Just then, rain started to fall from the sky. The raindrops appeared to grow heavier in an instant.

“Daddy, It’s raining. Are you going to let Mommy and Xioabao walk out in this weather? Xioabao’s health doesn’t seem too good!” Wen Zhanyan shifted the topic, partly to divert Wen Jin’S attention away from him.

Wen Jin glanced at the steadily falling rain. He was familiar with rainy days in Jiang City, and he suspected this rain might not let up soon.

However, he could visualize Yu Anwan’s determined face in his mind, unwilling to bow down to him, even though her emotions were evident. She remained fiercely proud.

And then there was Yu Xiaobao’s sweet voice, calling him “Daddy”.

With these thoughts in mind, Wen Jin muttered under his breath and swiftly got into his car. The vehicle sped away from the Wen family mansion.

Wen Zhanyan raised an eyebrow, watching Wen Jin’S retreating figure, and clicked his tongue.

Wasn’t this just a blatant lie?


“Mommy,” Yu Xiaobao called out softly. “It’s raining!”

The rain wasn’t heavy, but it was steady. Prolonged exposure would undoubtedly leave them soaked.

Yu Anwan, as an adult, didn’t mind the rain, but it wasn’t the same for Yu Xiaobao. She risked catching a cold if she continued getting wet.

“But it’S okay. Uncle is ahead,” Yu Xiaobao said, smiling.

She pointed her small hand towards a flashy sports car up front, its hazard lights flashing. It belonged to Wen Ye.

Yu Anwan raised an eyebrow, chuckled, and made a sound of agreement.

Yu Anwan wasn’t in a hurry, but when Wen Ye saw Yu Anwan and her daughter, he swiftly reversed his ostentatious red sports car and expertly parked it next to Yu Anwan.

Wen Ye got out of the car and, holding an umbrella, picked up Yu Xiaobao. “Uncle will carry you,” he said. Then, he turned to Yu Anwan. “Sister-in-law, please get in the car and leave this place.”

His tone was no different from that of an escape plan.

Observing Wen Ye’S jittery and nervous demeanor as he quickly settled Yu Xiaobao in the backseat, Yu Anwan looked around cautiously before joining him in the car.

All these actions were executed seamlessly.

Yu Anwan burst into laughter once they were inside the car.

After getting in, she teased Wen Ye, “Wen Ye, if people who don’t know better saw this, they might think you’re running for your life.”

Wen Ye chuckled and admitted, “I am practically running for my life. If Boss sees me, he’ll have my life!”

As the car sped up, Wen Ye’s eyes remained fixed on the rearview mirror.

Before Yu Anwan could say anything more, Wen Ye suddenly screamed dramatically, “Oh no, oh no, It’s Boss….”

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