Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 11

I’m Quite Brave, Why Don’t You Bear With It?

“I don’t want you to interfere.” Yu Anwan frowned, “Who allowed you to touch my toys?”

Her tone was dissatisfied and arrogant. She glared at Wen Jin, thinking that Wen Jin was meddling too much.

Yu Anwan wasn’t interested in the Song family. If Wen Jin wanted to play with the Song family, he could take it. The Yu family was Yu Anwan’s toy, how could it just disappear like that? What was she supposed to play with then?

What was Wen Jin doing here?

However, as soon as Yu Anwan finished speaking, Wen Jin approached her step by step, quickly grabbing Yu Anwan’s hand. “Yu Anwan, do you think you can get away?”

Yu Anwan gave a sly smile, “President Wen, didn’t I make my escape openly?”

The irony was about the incident in the garage.

Not only was she sarcastic, but Yu Anwan also wanted to strike another blow at Wen Jin. “President Wen, your proud security system has been compromised. I wonder how President Wen feels? Shouldn’t I interview you on the spot?”

Yu Anwan truly had no fear of death. She casually picked up the eyebrow pencil from the desk, pretending it to be a microphone, and handed it to Wen Jin.

Wen Jin sneered. Just as Yu Anwan prepared herself for a slap, Wen Jin unexpectedly held onto Yu Anwan’s waist and walked toward the lounge.

Yu Anwan was speechless.

Oh well, the script wasn’t supposed to go like this?

However, Yu Anwan didn’t want to get entangled with Wen Jin either. Wen Jin was unfathomable, definitely not as simple as he appeared on the surface.

Moreover, she didn’t trust a single word Wen Jin said. Who knew if this person was planning to seek revenge on her secretly?

Thinking of this, Yu Anwan fell silent for a moment.

Wen Jin also halted his steps. The two stood by the poolside. Wen Jin was much taller than Yu Anwan, and he looked down at Yu Anwan from above.

Yu Anwan raised her chin arrogantly, not holding back. She took the initiative, “President Wen, I remember that there’s nothing for us to discuss.”

Wen Jin looked at Yu Anwan without a blink. He stared at the beautiful face in front of him.

Six years ago, Wen Jin was extremely impatient and disgusted with this face, but now, Wen Jin felt a hint of greed.

“Yu Anwan, you’re quite bold. It seems that I’ve underestimated you back then.” Wen Jin’s face was cold as he spoke word by word, his gaze fixed on Yu Anwan.

Today was the marriage alliance between the Yu and Song families, so Wen Jin naturally guessed that Yu Anwan would come back. The Yu family still had something that Yu Anwan did not take away, so Wen Jin had specially come here to block Yu Anwan.

He knew that the truth from six years ago was an accident.

However, this didn’t mean that Wen Jin would let it go just like that.

“The events of six years ago, I’ve kept my word and won’t hold them against you. But I want to know the entire truth,” Wen Jin’s tone was devoid of any joking emotions.

Yu Anwan sneered.

“Tsk, who gave Wen Jin such a face? Why does he have the right to know the whole truth?” Yu Anwan thought to herself.

“What are you laughing at?” Wen Jin frowned, He was not pleased to see that Yu Anwan was not shocked.

“President Wen,” Yu Anwan suddenly called out to Wen Jin.

Wen Jin nodded but before he could react, Yu Anwan said, “I’m quite bold. Can’t you bear with it?”

Wen Jin furrowed his brows in confusion. Before he could react, Yu Anwan, who was standing in front of him, forcefully pushed Wen Jin.

Wen Jin looked at Yu Anwan in disbelief as he was unexpectedly pushed by Yu Anwan into the pool.

Wen Jin was speechless.

The bodyguard was speechless.

Meanwhile, the culprit, Yu Anwan, had long escaped.

The bodyguard stood frozen in place, unsure whether to chase after Yu Anwan or protect Wen Jin.

When Wen Jin emerged from the pool, drenched from head to toe, she watched Yu Anwan’s fleeing figure, and his gaze grew increasingly dark.

How dare she be so audacious and expect him to bear with it?

“Yu Anwan, run. Let’s see how long you can escape.”

Then, without saying a word, Wen Jin quickly walked out of the Yu residence with a gloomy face.

Tonight’s spectacle had completely shattered any thoughts of an engagement between the Yu and Song families. The Song family was already struggling to protect themselves, and the Yu family couldn’t afford to stir up trouble for themselves. The engagement was completely ruined.

As for the child in Yu Anxin’s womb, the Yu family didn’t even consider it. That night, they promptly took Yu Anxin to the hospital to deal with the unborn child.

If they allowed Yu Anxin to give birth to this child, it would only complicate matters further.

When Yu Anwan returned to the villa, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

As soon as she entered, she saw Dabao and Xiaobao huddled together in front of the iPad, whispering to each other. They didn’t even notice Yu Anwan come in.

“Dabao, Xiaobao, what are you doing?” Yu Anwan curiously asked.

Yu Xiaobao was startled and patted her chest, speaking in a subdued voice, “Mommy, you scared me.”

Yu Anwan was at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. If someone who didn’t know the truth would believe Yu Xiaobao’s words, Yu Anwan certainly wouldn’t believe it.

Yu Xiaobao wasn’t that timid. It was already good enough that she didn’t scare people. When would it be her turn to be scared?

As for Yu Dabao, he calmly closed his iPad and said, “Playing games.”

He was composed and didn’t utter unnecessary words.

Yu Anwan nodded and said, “Don’t play games all the time. It’s not good for your eyes, okay?”

Yu Dabao acknowledged with a sound, and just as Yu Anwan was about to start her rambling, he quickly asked, “Mommy, do you want supper? If you want, I’ll make you seafood baked rice. By the time you finish showering, it will be ready.”

Yu Anwan was immediately taken by his suggestion. She hugged Yu Dabao tightly and gave him a big kiss. “Dabao, you’re truly Mommy’s little angel. You always know what Mommy likes.”

Yu Dabao allowed Yu Anwan to kiss him, but he didn’t forget to coax her, saying, “Then let’s hurry. It won’t taste good if it gets cold.”

“Okay,” Yu Anwan nodded. She was genuinely hungry.

As soon as Yu Anwan turned around to go upstairs, Yu Xiaobao immediately looked at Yu Dabao. Yu Dabao opened his iPad, and on the screen appeared a line of text, “Who are you guys?”

Yu Xiaobao held Yu Dabao’s hand in excitement and said, “It’s brother. He replied.”

Yu Dabao nodded, and Yu Xiaobao spoke without hesitation, “Tell brother that it’s us.”

“We can’t,” Yu Dabao refused. “If we reveal ourselves, our identities won’t be hidden anymore, and Mommy might get into trouble. This matter can only be discussed in person, not here.”

The internet wasn’t safe, as it could be intercepted. Besides, Wen Jin was a computer expert who also monitored Wen Zhanyan’s online activities.

“Brother, what should we do then?” Yu Xiaobao’s face wrinkled like a bitter melon.

Yu Dabao comforted Yu Xiaobao and quickly typed on the keyboard, “A very important person. Can we set up a meeting?”

After sending the message and confirming that the other party had received it, Yu Dabao immediately destroyed it.

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