Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 10

Fight, What’s There to Be Afraid of!

Yu Anwan smiled and pointed at the diamond ring on the dressing table. “Then let’s have this engagement diamond ring. In any case, it didn’t matter who Senior married. If Anxin is pregnant, I won’t mind. Let her give birth to this child, and I will treat it as my own.”

As Song Yan listened to Yu Anwan’s words, he found her to be even more obedient and sensible. He then looked at Yu Anxin’s appearance, who had gained weight due to her pregnancy, she had lost her previous charm, which was visible.

Song Yan was even more certain about the idea of swapping wives on the spot.

Then, Song Yan walked towards the dressing table without a word. Yu Anxin was so shocked that she couldn’t say anything. After all, she was tied up and couldn’t move.

The people present were also stunned. They knew that Song Yan was ridiculous, but they did not expect him to be so extreme.

“Senior, aren’t you going to propose?” Yu Anwan lazily spoke up.

Song Yan flicked his hair and walked up to Yu Anwan, thinking he looked very handsome. However, he didn’t kneel on one knee, and his voice sounded arrogant. “Wanwan, marry me. I will immediately inform my parents and change my fiancee!”

Yu Anwan didn’t respond. Instead, she looked at Yu Anxin, whose face had turned incredibly pale.

However, Yu Anwan just kept looking at Yu Anxin and played with the diamond ring that Song Yan handed her for a while. Then, right in front of everyone, Yu Anwan simply tossed it away.

Song Yan was shocked and instinctively grabbed Yu Anwan’s wrist. “Yu Anwan, what are you doing? Do you know the value of that diamond ring?”

“Oh, I don’t like it. The quality is too poor,” Yu Anwan said coldly. In the next moment, she bent her knees. “So, you wanted to pursue me by giving me a cheap diamond ring? You must have been dreaming.”

This time, it was Song Yan who screamed in agony.

Song Yan bent down and hugged his penis. His face turned pale, and he let out a sound resembling a pig being slaughtered.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Yu Anxin didn’t even dare to say a word. Her face turned pale, and she felt embarrassed. The engagement ceremony had turned into a complete farce.

More and more people rushed over, observing the scene, and engaging in various discussions.

Yu Anxin had never experienced such humiliation before.

Song Yan could get whatever he wanted, but he had never been in such a sorry state before. Now, Song Yan’s expression completely changed. He said in a breathless voice, “Yu Anwan, it’s your luck that I like you. Don’t be so shameless.”

He was panting heavily. As soon as he finished speaking, Yu Anwan slapped Song Yan twice on both sides of his face. She didn’t take Song Yan seriously at all.

She didn’t care about him.

Song Yan’s face was swollen from the slap. His handsome face could no longer be seen and leaving him looking like a pig.

The surrounding people gasped in shock.

Enraged, Song Yan shouted, “Someone, tie this woman up! I want to see how she can still be so arrogant.”

The bodyguards outside suddenly snapped back to their senses and hurriedly walked into the lounge.

The lounge descended into chaos, but Yu Anwan remained unfazed by the scene. She looked at the bodyguard in front of her calmly.

“Just fight me, what was there to be afraid of?”

The word ‘fear’ was never found in Yu Anwan’s dictionary. She had even dared to provoke Wen Jin, let alone the mob standing before her.

The bodyguards quickly approached Yu Anwan, but before they could lay a hand on her, a chilling aura swept through the room, instantly silencing everyone present.

Yu Anwan glanced in the direction of the disturbance and saw that Wen Jin had arrived.

Wen Jin walked straight toward Yu Anwan, and anyone could tell that Yu Anwan was Wen Jin’s ex-wife, which was no secret in Jiang City.

Back then, Yu Anwan had embarrassed Wen Jin so much that she had become the biggest joke in Jiang City.

Wen Jin was furious. It was not strange for Wen Jin to come looking for Yu Anwan, who had suddenly come back to life. No one would be foolish enough to believe that Wen Jin was there to support the Yu family.

After all, the events of six years ago had blacklisted the Yu family in Wen Jin’s eyes.

“What are you doing?” Wen Jin looked at Yu Anwan in a deep voice.

His deep eyes fell on Yu Anwan, and he seemed to be even more secretive.

Yu Anwan smiled at Wen Jin, causing his vigilance to instantly rise. Having learned from past experiences, Wen Jin wouldn’t think that Yu Anwan was simply smiling at him.

While Wen Jin was on his guard, Yu Anwan suddenly removed the handkerchief from Yu Anxin’s mouth and warned, “Come, tell him the whole story of what happened six years ago. Otherwise, I guarantee that you will die here today.”

Yu Anwan spoke each word, without a hint of joking, while toying with a brow scraper in her hand. It was as if she could slice through Yu Anxin’s cheek, disfiguring her completely, if she didn’t speak properly.

The mention of events from six years ago made Wen Jin narrow his eyes. Those words held a significant taboo for him as well, as the event was deeply embarrassing.

However, Yu Anwan’s unexpected move made Wen Jin realize that something was amiss.

His gaze turned cold. “Speak, what exactly happened six years ago?”

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk…” Yu Anxin trembled, her voice quivering. “Song Yan and I conspired to deceive Yu Anwan into going to a hotel. We didn’t expect her to be so easily fooled. I then informed President Wen to catch them in the act of adultery, and that’s why…”

In essence, Yu Anxin couldn’t accept Yu Anwan marrying into the Wen family. As for Song Yan, he was driven by his lustful desires. Additionally, having just returned, he was completely unaware of the situation in Jiang City and did not know about the relationship between Yu Anwan and the Wen Family. Thus, influenced by Yu Anxin’s suggestion, he cooperated with her to deceive Yu Anwan.

Subsequently, things escalated.

Over the years, the Wen family had never given the Song family any face, let alone in private.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Song Yan panicked on the spot. If he angered Wen Jin, the outcome could be imagined.

As Wen Jin listened to Yu Anxin’s words, his eyes narrowed, emanating a sense of ruthlessness. He recalled the anxious and aggrieved expression Yu Anwan had worn when explaining the situation to her back then.

However, Wen Jin didn’t believe her at the time.

But now, he listened attentively, every word sinking in.

“How dare you.” Wen Jin sneered.

Yu Anxin was already trembling in fear, and Song Yan, on the brink of desperation, was about to lay his hands on Yu Anwan. However, before Yu Anwan could make a move, Wen Jin had already restrained Song Yan’s hand.

Compared to Yu Anwan’s strength, Wen Jin’s grip was lethal.

Seeing the situation unfold, the Song family members dared not take a breath. They never imagined that things would escalate to this point tonight.

However, the Song family members continued to beg for mercy desperately. Wen Jin didn’t even spare them a glance, tossing Song Yan to a nearby bodyguard. “Get rid of him. Also, I don’t want to see the presence of the Song and Yu families within the next three days.”

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