Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

Chapter 12

Sob, Sob, Sob, Rejected!

Yu Dabao was patiently waiting for Wen Zhanyan’s response.

After a few minutes, Wen Zhanyan coldly replied, “No.”

Yu Dabao was speechless.

Yu Xiaobao was speechless.

Sob, sob, sob, he was rejected.

Yu Xiaobao felt aggrieved, while Yu Dabao couldn’t remain calm anymore. He simply closed his iPad and said, “There’s plenty of time in the future.”

“What does ‘there’s plenty of time in the future’ mean?” Yu Xiaobao asked Yu Dabao in confusion.

Yu Dabao replied, “It means that there will be a lot of time in the future. We can take it slow!”

Yu Xiaobao still didn’t understand and asked, “But my brother rejected us. How can we take our time?”

Yu Dabao was speechless.

There was no need to explain things that could not be explained.

He lifted Yu Xiaobao, who was small in size and swiftly carried her to the room to sleep. Yu Xiaobao pouted her lips in unwillingness.

However, even Yu Anwan was afraid of Yu Dabao’s change of attitude, let alone her, this little cutie.

Yu Dabao decisively turned off the lights, bid her goodnight, and went downstairs without looking back.

Yu Xiaobao whispered, “Mean brother, so fierce.”

Yu Dabao heard it and replied, “Go to sleep.”

Yu Xiaobao said, “Oh.”

Then the sound of Yu Xiaobao snoring.

Yu Dabao chuckled at the sound, he shook his head helplessly, closed the door gently, and then spoke in a soft voice, “Xiaobao, I will bring back your brother.”

At the same time, Wen family mansion.

Wen Zhanyan stared expressionlessly at the tracking program on his iPad.

This was the first time Wen Zhanyan had been pursued and cornered like this since he started playing computer games.

Wen Zhanyan had always had a high sense of self-esteem and couldn’t tolerate such grievances. So, he began to fight back.

As they went back and forth, neither side gained an advantage, and the other party didn’t even mention the main point. Wen Zhanyan stared at the words on the screen, suggesting a meeting, for a long time, his expression unchanged.


He was the heir of the Wen family. How could he simply agree to meet?

If something happened to Wen Zhanyan, it would cause chaos in the Wen family. He couldn’t blindly agree to such a demand.

So, without hesitation, Wen Zhanyan rejected the proposal and closed his iPad.

Coincidentally, the door to Wen Zhanyan’s room was pushed open, but Wen Zhanyan didn’t even glance at it. “Get out.”

“It’s me, Zhan Yan,” a gentle female voice came, followed by a graceful figure appearing in Wen Zhanyan’s room.

Wen Zhanyan didn’t bat an eyelid. “Miss Lu, didn’t the Lu family teach you that it’s extremely impolite to enter someone’s room without their permission?”

Wen Zhanyan’s words instantly made Lu Nanxin’s expression turn ugly.

However, Lu Nanxin endured it and walked towards Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Zhanyan was an accident between Yu Anwan and Wen Jin. When Lu Nanxin returned, she believed she could rightfully become Mrs. Wen.

But she never anticipated that Yu Anwan, that b*tch, would leave Wen Jin a son.

Throughout these years, no matter how Lu Nanxin hinted or insinuated, Wen Jin’s attitude towards Wen Zhanyan remained unchanged.

Not only Wen Jin, but the entire Wen family was the same.

Therefore, Lu Nanxin understood that if she wanted to smoothly become Mrs. Wen, she needed to please Wen Zhanyan.

And this time, with Wen Zhanming’s severe illness, he showed signs of relenting and agreed to Lu Nanxin marrying into the Wen family.

Lu Nanxin lowered her eyes. A fierce glint flashed across her eyes, but she hid it quickly.

Once she successfully married into the Wen family, her priority would be dealing with that little b*stard.

If she could bear Wen Jin’s child, the heir of the Wen family could only be their child, not the one standing before her, Wen Zhanyan.

“Zhanyan,” Lu Nanxin suppressed her emotions and called out to Wen Zhanyan with a touch of grievance, “Your daddy said you need to drink milk tonight, so I specially brought it for you.”

As she spoke, Lu Nanxin extended the milk cup toward Wen Zhanyan.

Wen Zhanyan’s face turned cold. “I’m not drinking.”

“Just a little sip?” Lu Nanxin coaxed.

Wen Zhanyan suddenly looked up, staring at Lu Nanxin. She was momentarily taken aback, followed by a chilling sensation that surged from the soles of her feet to her heart.

She had never expected that when a six-year-old child looked at her with such a stern expression, she would feel such a spine-chilling sensation.

“Zhanyan…” Lu Nanxin was somewhat frightened and stuttered.

“Miss Lu, did you genuinely prepare the milk for me, or did you do it to please me and smoothly marry my daddy?” Wen Zhanyan sneered and asked without any expression on his face.

Lu Nanxin’s hidden intentions were exposed, and she felt utterly embarrassed.

Looking at Wen Zhanyan before her, she took a deep breath, unwilling to argue with him. “Of course, I’m doing this for your good. It has nothing to do with your daddy, I like you very much.”

Her tone was gentle, and her exquisite face appeared much more harmless.

Lu Nanxin took another step forward and handed the glass of milk in her hand to him. “Have some milk first, and then go to sleep, okay?”

“Okay,” Wen Zhanyan suddenly became very easy to talk to.

However, as Lu Nanxin handed Wen Zhanyan the glass of milk, Wen Zhanyan waved his hand without a word and spilled the milk all over Lu Nanxin.

Even though it was warm milk, it still scalded Lu Nanxin’s skin, making it turn red.

Lu Nanxin could not hold it in anymore, and her expression instantly changed. “Wen Zhanyan, do you think I have no way to deal with you?”

Wen Zhanyan quietly watched Lu Nanxin’s frustration in front of him, maintaining his cold and indifferent attitude as if he remained unaffected.

Lu Nanxin felt like she was acting alone. She stared at Wen Zhanyan darkly, abandoning her previous attempts to please him. “Wen Zhanyan, you are nothing more than an illegitimate child without a mother. Do you think you are the prince of the Wen family?”

These words seemed to hit a nerve with Wen Zhanyan, and his little face immediately contorted.

The fact that he had no mother had always been a taboo topic for Wen Zhanyan. No one in the Wen family dared to mention it in front of him.

Yet now, Lu Nanxin openly voiced it.

“You are just a jinx to the Wen family. Your grandfather fell and hit his head to protect you. He is now unconscious. If something happens to your grandfather, you will be the murderer!” Lu Nanxin’s words became increasingly harsh.

“After I marry your daddy, I won’t let you stay in the Wen family. I will send you to a boarding school abroad and let you die out there!”

Lu Nanxin glared at Wen Zhanyan with determination. Every word expressed her true thoughts.

The ruthlessness in her eyes couldn’t be concealed.

Wen Zhanyan thought that Lu Nanxin had gone too far with her word, and his face turned red. Without thinking, he stood up, affected by the manners and upbringing he had received since childhood.

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