MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 707 - The Taunt and Taunted

Chapter 707: The Taunt and Taunted

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Terminator was extremely pissed after being ridiculed in front of so many players and Clan Leaders. He was a League Master, a League Master! There was no way he would allow someone to humiliate him like that!

D*mn it!

Clenching his teeth, Terminator quickly reached for his weapon. He would defend his honor even if it led to his own death.


Suddenly, Black Emperor blocked Terminator with his hand. Leering at Qin Ruo, he shouted.

“You’re the League Master of the No. 1 League in Honor & Glory and also the champion of the Grand Tournament. Hence, I find your terms for the bet unreasonable. It’s unfair for you to taunt Terminator, an ordinary League Master, like that!”


Qin Ruo looked at Black Emperor inquisitively.

“Everyone knows just how powerful you, the Winter Demon, are. No one here, including my friend Terminator, can withstand your attack! As for your Defense Magic, I suppose everyone here has seen it too. It doesn’t matter how strong Terminator is… He’s just one man. There’s no way he could deliver a blow that’s more powerful than the joint-attack of those hundreds of men earlier. So, no matter how we see it… Terminator will definitely lose the bet.”

Although he openly admitted that Terminator was weaker, Black Emperor had handled it rather well. Including others on the scene into his analysis, Black Emperor was able to save Terminator’s life without allowing him to lose face.

“Heh, so you’re Black Emperor, huh?”

Qin Ruo looked at Black Emperor in the eye and asked loudly, ignoring his scornful retort earlier.

“Yes, I’m Black Emperor.”

“All right. If you think my proposal’s bad… then how about we try something else… something harder…”

Qin Ruo raised his finger, then pointed at Black Emperor and his fellow League Masters.

“Sixty seconds! If I can’t defeat all ten of you in sixty seconds… I lose. And I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”


Qin Ruo’s words were like explosives… Instantly, there was a huge uproar in the crowd before him!

Angered by Qin Ruo’s provocation, the members of the Ten Great Leagues all looked to their League Masters…

Ten versus one!

The ten League Masters were powerful Champions; seven of them had leveled up so much that they were about to advance to Demigod Tier. Additionally, they were all experienced combatants.

It was true… Qin Ruo was the Divine Champion in the Grand Tournament… He may have possessed Demigod Equipment and learned a few Tier 6 Magic Spells…

However, there was no way that he could defeat all ten of these Champions in just a minute!

This Aquamancer had to be out of his mind!

Nonetheless, they had also witnessed how Qin Ruo emerged without a scratch from their joint attacks earlier. Thus, the ruckus was mostly from the Clan Leaders who were hovering in the air above, not from the members of the Ten Great Leagues below.

Hundreds of Clan Leaders in the air discussed the issue softly…

“He wants to take on all ten of them?”

“Has Qin Ruo grown that strong already?!”

“Hmm… I’ve heard that Black Emperor and Terminator are almost as powerful as Majestic Hero. So, there’s no way he could pull this off in just one minute.”

“Yeah, I think so too…”

Black Emperor did not immediately give Qin Ruo a reply. Clenching his teeth, he turned to his nine fellow League Masters behind him.

He could not understand what made Qin Ruo so confident that he thought he could defeat all of them in under a minute; however, this was a golden opportunity to defeat the patronizing brat…

The ten League Masters were all experienced and powerful combatants. Perhaps they were not as strong as Qin Ruo and could not defeat him in a one-versus-one duel…

However, this was a ten-versus-one duel!

Combining their strengths and Pets, they could definitely take Qin Ruo and his Pet on.

Besides, some of them also owned a few Demigod gears. And, they had fought a few players with some Demigod equipment on before…

Sure, Qin Ruo was strong… but there was a limit to it!


Qin Ruo’s weird Defense Magic earlier was probably a High Tier Water-type Illusion Spell. His real self was probably hidden amongst the crowd. The illusion did not take damage from either magic or physical attacks—that was how he came out unfazed by their troop’s attacks earlier.

If they were to bring their battle to a wide-open space, Qin Ruo’s illusion would be useless— there would be nowhere to hide.

Therefore, they were confident that they could take him on!

On top of that…

Qin Ruo’s bratty words had enraged all of them earlier!

They were all tired of people claiming that they knew nothing other than ordering their men around to do their bidding. There was also no honor in winning by flooding their foes with a massive army. They were not locusts. They were proud warriors!

So, in order to redeem their reputation, they needed to step up and fight…


All ten League Masters agreed to Qin Ruo’s challenge!


As Black Emperor turned back to Qin Ruo and leered coldly at him…

“We agree, but we have a condition.”

“Sure, spill it,” Qin Ruo calmly replied.

Looking at the Clan Leaders hovering in the sky, Black Emperor projected his voice.

“There are so many Clan Leaders here today, so let’s announce our wager for the bet here and have them be our witnesses. What do you think?”


Qin Ruo replied curtly.

Hearing that, Black Emperor wore a grin on his face.

“Now, we agree to your bet. The time limit will be one full minute. As for our wager… it’ll be our Leagues.”

“What do you mean?”

Although Qin Ruo was frowning when he asked the question, deep inside, he was laughing… Things were going as planned…

“The one who loses will need to dissolve his League and quit Honor & Glory!”

Black Emperor’s proposal was like an atomic bomb dropped from the sky! Everyone was shocked upon hearing his proposal!

Dissolve his League?!

Quit H&G?!

The Clan Leaders thought they had heard wrong. They looked at one another in utter shock and confusion…

Everyone held their breath as they stared at the cold and cunning Black Emperor as well as his nine allies. Then, they shifted their eyes to Qin Ruo.

“All ten of you agree to it?” Qin Ruo asked with a long face.

“Yes, we all agree to it. If you win, we’ll delete our avatars and leave the game forever. We’ll leave our Leagues behind too!”

Black Emperor stared Qin Ruo straight in the eye.

Finally, he was able to acquire an advantage… the high ground in this standoff.

“I see…”

Closing his eyes, Qin Ruo replied calmly.

“I didn’t think you’d risk so much for the Hall of the Exalted. It looks like you’re all really close to Bruvver. Well, at least one of you is something more to him… more than a friend…”

“Cut your crap!”

Black Emperor snapped, interrupting Qin Ruo’s words.

“Just answer me! Do you dare to accept this challenge or not?!!”


Opening his eyes, Qin Ruo gave Black Emperor a smirk.

“You’re a funny guy. Dare? The Ten Great Leagues are now nothing but a bunch of run-down dysfunctional failing losers. It’s only a matter of time before you’re all utterly destroyed. And you think you can win some grounds back by taking me on? What wishful thinking.”

Black Emperor’s face was now as pale as a sheet.

It was true… If the situation continued to escalate, their planned attacks on the Fallen Angels would not only fail, but the Ten Great Leagues would also become the laughing stock of the Angel Faction.

He truly wanted to lure Qin Ruo into the trap that he was setting up for him.

Qin Ruo just had to agree to the terms, and they would be able to use every trick under their sleeves to stall for time and win the bet.

Then, there would be no way for Qin Ruo to go back on his word in front of so many Clan Leaders. His reputation would be in ruins and everyone would look down on the Fallen Angels.

Most of all, everyone would ignore their failed attempt at striking the Fallen Angels that day…

Yet, he never thought that the confident Qin Ruo would step on the brakes at the very last moment!


“I see. So, the Winter Demon is actually a coward.”

“Hmph, what a braggart. I thought he had ascended to be an invincible god earlier! I didn’t think he’d be such a p***y!”

Several people in the Black Emperor League started to hurl insults at their hated enemy. Soon, other players from the Ten Great Leagues joined in too.

“Yeah, No. 1 player in H&G? What a load of crap!”

“If you’re such a chicken, then get lost!”

“Heh, Qin Ruo, just who do you think you are?! You’re trash!”


“All right! All right!”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Qin Ruo gave them a loud reply.

“If you want your Leagues to disband so much, I’ll oblige. But! We can’t fight here. Let’s go to the eastern gate of Moonrise City. There’s a huge open space there and spectators can gather round to watch. It’ll help stop you from going back on your word when you lose.”

“The duel will begin in ten minutes. Go and spread the news. Also, bring as many people as you can over to Moonrise City. If you want to discuss strategy, now’s the time as well.”

Qin Ruo then disappeared under everyone’s noses.


“Did I hear correctly?”

“The Winter Demon agreed?”

After Qin Ruo left, many players looked at one another in shock. They did not expect him to agree… They did not think that Black Emperor’s taunts would work.

Eleven League Masters would meet up in Moonrise City and fight to the death! The wager? Their Leagues and honor!!


“We heard it too!”

“Eastern Gate! Moonrise City! Hurry! Tell everyone to head there now!”

A few Clan Leaders quickly flung out their Return Scrolls while they anxiously yelled orders to their underlings.

Black Emperor and his allies grinned at one another before they flung out their Return Scrolls too.

With the Ten Great Leagues and hundreds of Clans spreading the news, in just three minutes, the entire Angel Faction knew about the duel of the century!


Thousands and thousands of players morphed into glaring white rays, teleporting out of the forest…

In the depths of the Dark Region in the Ghostvine Shrub… the corpses of the players also began to fade away.

And of course…

There were also many players who did not bring Return Scrolls, and they were panicking in the forest like mice trapped in a cage.


“Anyone here has a Return Scroll? I’ll give you 200 gold coins for one of it!”

“Five hundred gold coins! I’ll give you 500 gold coins for it!”

“Ahhh!! Stop talking about the Return Scrolls! I don’t have any! F*ck! Good thing I just recently leveled up to Level 50. My friend, please kill me. Just kill me so that I can… Hey, don’t leave me here!”

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