MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 706 - The Appearance of the Ten League Leaders

Chapter 706: The Appearance of the Ten League Leaders

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“Oh my, oh my…”

Qin Ruo lazily shrugged as he threw a glance at the crowd below the tree.

“It looks like I’ve blown my cover.”

Although he had changed his appearance to look like a Berserker’s, Qin Ruo still retained his Elemental Perception ability. Using Elemental Perception, he was able to observe a surge of Mana rising in the surrounding area and see several members from the Ten Leagues drawing out their Magic Scrolls.

Other than that, Bright Dawn had also summoned more Warriors and Bowmasters to the scene. Naturally, that did not escape Qin Ruo’s eyes too.

In the meantime, the hundreds of Clan Leaders on the huge tree were surprised after they heard the “mysterious Berserker’s” joke. A few Elementalist Clan Leaders also noticed the subtle changes in the Ten Great Leagues’ troops down below through their Elemental Perception, and they immediately went on high alert!

Of course…

Bright Dawn was utterly shocked after he heard Qin Ruo’s words!

“Do it!”

Without hesitation, Bright Dawn ordered his men to attack as he flung out a Magic Scroll from his belt.

“Svarog Vulcan!!”

After Bright Dawn launched his spell at Qin Ruo, the other members of the Ten Great Leagues within a thirty-meter radius also flung out their Magic Scrolls and released their attacks. In an instant, the Bowmasters’ fully charged arrows, Elementalists’ powerful AoE Magic Spells and Warriors’ long-ranged strikes all rained down on Qin Ruo.


“What the hell?!”

Although they did not know why the Ten Great Leagues suddenly launched this preemptive attack, the Clan Leaders and other players who were on the tree were relieved to know that they were not the Ten Great Leagues’ target. Nonetheless, they instinctively stretched out their wings and zoomed up into the sky or activated their defensive skills to evade and guard against the ongoing attacks.

Hundreds of bright rays and attack spells rained down on the huge tree, making it look like a colorful Christmas tree that was being lit on fire…

Looking at the Berserker, who had claimed to possess information on the Ancient Ghostvine, being flooded by the Ten Great Leagues’ overwhelming attacks, the Clan Leaders looked on curiously while they hovered in the air.

It was quite peculiar. They were just negotiating earlier… and everything seemed to be going well. Why did they suddenly attack the Berserker?

While they pondered…


“That Berserker! His body has been broken into pieces!”

“…Wait… what skill is that?!”

The Elementalists noticed that the Berserker was standing still in the exact spot he was standing in earlier, unfazed by the hundreds of long-ranged attacks. His body appeared to be severed into pieces since it had been hit by the attacks, yet in mere seconds, the scattered body parts quickly joined back… like his body was some kind of… hologram.

It was a pretty odd sight.

And in the eyes of Bright Dawn as well as the members of the Ten Great Leagues, the sight was their greatest nightmare…

All of their attacks… physical attacks… magic attacks… everything! They did not damage Qin Ruo at all.

What sorcery was this?

Seeing this, members of the Ten Great Leagues and other spectators could not help but swallow in curiosity.


“Oh well, I thought I could end this ruckus peacefully. I never thought the Ten Great Leagues wanted to destroy us, the Fallen Angels, so badly… Oh my, what a headache.”

Noticing that the Berserker was totally unfazed by their relentless attacks, the faces of Bright Dawn and the other members of the Ten Great Leagues turned pale and grim.

The Berserker, maintaining his calm voice, spoke loudly into the sky.

“We’ve got many Clan Leaders here today… so I, Qin Ruo, would like to invite everyone to be my witness.”


“Qin Ruo?!”

“He’s the Winter Demon!”

The crowd that was hovering in the air could not believe their eyes as they heard him.

Of course, the Ten Great Leagues’ pawns, who knew nothing besides accepting Bright Dawn’s order to attack, were all scared sh*tless after they hearing that!

The moment they discovered the “Berserker’s” real identity, it felt as though the wind… and the rain around them stopped moving…

Now… they knew why the guy did not flinch from their attacks earlier…



Despite being shaken by Qin Ruo’s enigmatic Defense Magic, Bright Dawn quickly got back on his feet.

“You’re the League Leader of the Fallen Angels. Just what are you planning to do by sneaking up to us in a disguise?”

He knew…

If he allowed Qin Ruo to continue talking to the Clan Leaders, the Ten Great Leagues would be doomed.

However, he had totally lost control of the situation.

This lone “Berserker” was so bold that he appeared right before his enemies alone; then he shrugged off wave after wave of powerful attacks from hundreds of high-tier players. That was enough to make most of the members under his command lose their will to fight.

In the meantime, Qin Ruo was now almost as strong as a god in the eyes of the other players on the scene, who were neither from the Ten Great Leagues or the Fallen Angels.

Everyone’s attention was now focused on Qin Ruo…

It did not matter how many times Bright Dawn ordered his men to attack… It did not matter how many attacks landed on Qin Ruo. No damage was inflicted…

It did not matter… because all that would not stop what Qin Ruo was about to announce next!


“Black Emperor, Robot Corps, Terminator… all of the Ten Great Leagues have accepted the anonymous poster’s bounty to chase us, the Fallen Angels, out of the Mythical Continent…”

“However, we didn’t want any conflict. Thus, we decided to move on and stay in the Underworld. Yet, you still weren’t satisfied and pursued us all the way here. Today, you attacked my fellow Fallen Angels in our training spots… Hmph! Up until this war, all we’ve ever done was defend ourselves. I ordered them to never seek revenge. So, I’m curious… Just what did we do to make all of you want us dead so much?”

Then, Qin Ruo’s voice turned sour.

“Too bad… from the moment we’ve fought until now… your ten League Leaders have never contacted me about the reason for our fight. All my side has seen is just continuous waves of attacks… Heck, we haven’t even seen your League Leaders on the frontline.”

Qin Ruo’s words were heard by everyone in the vicinity. They were loud and clear.

Many members of the Ten Great Leagues started to question their own actions as well.

Even though it was normal for Leagues to clash with one another from time to time, not everyone within the Ten Great Leagues agreed with attacking another League without a solid claim. Not everyone within the Ten Great Leagues would agree to it just because of one unreasonable order to attack…

Back then, they thought that they were trying to save their friends who were trapped in Black Flame Valley and the Dark Region within the Ghostvine Shrub. After they heard Qin Ruo’s words, they started to second guess their current campaign against the Fallen Angels.

“That’s a bunch of bullsh*t!”

Realizing that something was wrong, Bright Dawn barked, interrupting Qin Ruo.

“Stop your nonsense! Why are we attacking you? What other reason do we need? Everyone in H&G knows that you, the Winter Demon, are a despicable human being! Black Flame Valley, Blackscale Canyon, and Chimera Lair have been occupied by your League for two whopping months! No one gets to enter at all! Other than that, the newly established Hall of the Exalted was about to build its first city in the Underworld, but you and the Four Great Leagues joined forces to bully them! You forced them to disband! Hmph! What a hypocrite! If you can do that to others, why can’t others take you on too?!”

“Mr. Dawn… would you be so kind as to clarify something for me… Doesn’t the Black Emperor League have its own personal hunting grounds too? From what I’ve learned from the others, you’ve occupied more areas than us. In fact, you even had several conflicts with other Clans because of this just yesterday… So, could you please consider your words carefully before you embarrass your fellow brethren in the League?”

Qin Ruo’s cold mocking words were like a huge slap on Bright Dawn’s face. His face instantly turned red as he could not find the words to retort. How did Qin Ruo know about all these internal dealings within the Black Emperor League?

“As for the Hall of the Exalted… I suppose everyone in H&G knows just what exactly happened back then. If they hadn’t broken the rules and crossed the line by poaching members from the Five Great Leagues, they would still exist today. In fact, Bright Dawn… you’re doing the same thing they did back then. Trying to spread false rumors about us and the other Four Great Leagues like this… Haven’t you heard? Karma’s a b*tch. Your League will be in ruins very soon.”

“Why you…”

Bright Dawn started to panic when he heard that. Qin Ruo, however, did not pay him any attention and continued, “I told you earlier: one hour! We gave you one hour to make amends, ye you didn’t make use of the opportunity. Now, perhaps it’s about time for us, the Fallen Angels to annihilate the Ten Great Leagues too. And you don’t need to wonder if we’ve got the ability to pull it off. This isn’t something you should be worried about.”

“Today, I’d like to proclaim in front of everyone here that we, the Fallen Angels will wage war against all of the Ten Great Leagues!”

Hearing that, hundreds of Clan Leaders all gasped in surprise…

Waging war against not just one League but all ten of them!

It was expected, coming from the Winter Demon! How gutsy! What a hard-boiled man he was!

“From today onwards, I’ll initiate League Wars on a daily basis. I’ll do it again and again until all of you are annihilated!”

Qin Ruo’s words echoed loudly in the area to the point that even Bright Dawn felt a tremendous fear creeping into his heart.

Commencing a League War would require a lot of manpower and gold coins.

However, it was apparently nothing but child’s play to the Fallen Angels. If they were to send out their Demigod Tier members into the League War, the Ten Great Leagues would surely face doom!

He could feel it in Qin Ruo’s words… His determination!

If this went on, the Ten Great Leagues could be destroyed like the Hall of the Exalted!


Clap! Clap! Clap Clap…

A loud round of applause was heard after Qin Ruo’s brave proclamation…

In the next second, nine men and a lady clad in high-tier equipment walked toward Qin Ruo from amongst the Ten Great Leagues’ army.

“League Leader!”

“League Leader!!”

The silence that came after Qin Ruo’s proclamation was replaced by a huge uproar within the Ten Great Leagues’ army.

Qin Ruo calmly looked at the approaching ten League Leaders, unfazed by their appearance. In fact, if they still had not shown up by then, Qin Ruo would have started his onslaught on those losers—there would be no need for them to show up anymore at that point.



“As expected of the Leader of the No. 1 League. What a cocky man child!”

“So you want to destroy all of us? All of the Ten Great Leagues? Stop bluffing!”

As soon as the ten League Leaders showed up, several people started to spew insults out of anger.


Qin Ruo smirked and pointed his finger at the battlefield.

“I merely sent out a small number of men, and it was enough to slaughter over seventy thousand members from your pathetic Ten Great Leagues. Yet, you still think I’m bluffing… In that case, let’s make a bet, shall we? Let’s engage in a duel. If you can withstand just one attack from me and not kick the bucket… I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Or perhaps, I’ll stand right here and allow you to hit me with three of your strongest magic spells. If I die, I’ll do whatever you ask. If you can’t kill me… well, I don’t really want to hurt you… so, if you can just say ‘I’m so sorry, dad’, I’ll forgive you. What do you think?”

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