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Chapter 896 - Immemorial Covenant

Chapter 896: Immemorial Covenant

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The light gradually dissipated as the Covenant Altar flew back into the arms of Captain Don’t Open Fire.

At this instance, everyone received a system prompt: Your team has cleared the S-level guild mission dungeon quest “Temple of Treasures”. Void Blade’s guild level was upgraded to level 5.

You gained experience…

You gained gold coins…

After a huge heap of rewards, the players received another message which appeared on top of their head.

System Announcement: Due to the unceasing efforts of Void Blade, their guild is upgraded to the highest level, and they are <<REBIRTH>> first max-level guild. Their heroic deeds will be forever written in the history books.

System Announcement: The Immemorial Covenant is activated. City warfare will begin shortly. Please head over to the official website of <<REBIRTH>> for more details.

The two system announcements were played three times consecutively and all the leaders of the large guilds were informed about this new development.

“Void Blade? Where did this guild come from? They actually managed to complete “Immemorial Covenant?”

As China’s first guild, in the headquarters of Ancient Empire, Sacred Mountain’s face was full of incredulity as he heard the system announcement.

“Immemorial Covenant” was not some hidden quest but was available once a guild reached level 4. The guild master can approach the guild housekeeper (NPC) to undertake this S-level guild mission.

In general, guild quests were much more difficult compared to the ordinary single player quests. This disparity of this difficulty is even more significant at the S-level quest level.

It was not easy to even achieve a level 4 guild status. One had to contribute large amounts of money to the guild. Another way was to complete certain quests.

Thus at this point in the game, most of the guilds were only level 3. There was a handful of level 4 guilds which were mainly the top guilds.

Void Blade was not the only level 4 guild around. However, one could only imagine the difficulty of this quest based on the fact that only Void Blade had managed to complete it after such a long time.

Of course, Quan Zhen Sect was also a level 4 guild but their players were rarely seen in the guild headquarters. They probably even forgot about the fact that there was such a guild housekeeper (NPC).

If one of the more famous big guilds had completed this quest, Sacred Mountain would not have been as surprised as he was now. To think that it was this small no-name guild that completed the quest. He felt it was hard to stomach this fact.

Although the new game mode had attracted a lot of newcomer experts, the vast majority of the resources in the online gaming still belonged to the big guilds. Which expert in the right mind would decline the high salaries and readily available resources that the big guilds could offer and choose to bury themselves in a small guild?

At this moment, Boundless Ocean who was nearby also reacted with shock. When he heard Sacred Mountain, he said, “Void Blade is a new guild. During the internal testing phase, they were ranked around top 20 and they held the record for the first to kill a level 40 BOSS. Their guild leader is called Captain Don’t Open Fire. I heard he comes from a nouveau riche family.”

“Nouveau riche?” Listening to Boundless Ocean, Sacred Mountain’s mood lightened a little.

Pay-to-win players had always been existent in the game. These type of players were not only rich but also capricious. It was easy for them to lure a few experts over to upgrade the guild.

“You said that they were the first to take down a level 40 BOSS when they were just level 20? Which BOSS was that?” Sacred Mountain inquired.

“Wharton,” Boundless Ocean replied.

Sacred Mountain was momentarily taken aback, “This BOSS sounds so familiar, which city was it?”

Boundless Ocean answered him once again, “Twilight City.”

“Twilight City… Could it be Quan Zhen Sect?” Upon hearing Twilight City, Sacred Mountain thoughts raced towards the guild that once took down their headquarters. He shuddered at those thoughts.

“Quan Zhen Sect? That cannot be the case. If they had the ability to complete “Immemorial Covenant” on their own, why would they bother to help others?”

After Sacred Mountain analysis of the matter, Boundless Ocean still did not believe that Quan Zhen Sect was involved in this matter. From his point of view, Quan Zhen Sect had no incentive to help another guild complete the quest.

After all, Void Blade and Quan Zhen Sect belonged to the same city. The first guild to complete such a quest would get so much benefits. Why would Quan Zhen Sect voluntarily help to increase the strength of a rival guild?

“Hehe!” Sacred Mountain chuckled and said, “Looks like you do not know about the incident at the Termination Manor. You don’t understand the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect at all.”

“Oh?” Boundless Ocean curiosity was piqued by these comments.

Sacred Mountain continued, “Do you know that these players have been long-time experts but there are less than 10 people in their ranks?”

“Less than ten people? That explains it… Their guild level is not high enough.”

Boundless Ocean had heard the exploits of Quan Zhen Sect were the first to take down another guild’s headquarters and were already a level four guild. Who knew that the rumours were so exaggerated… How could they possibly be a level f5 guild?

“That is not completely correct. Sacred Mountain explained, “That bunch is very profit-driven. As long as the price offered is satisfactory, even though they may be a level four guild themselves, they will definitely be willing to take on the task without any hesitation.”

“F*ck, there is this type of people? What game are they playing?”

For their own interests, they could even resort to working for their competitors. Boundless Ocean did not get the logic in that.

Sacred Mountain smiled as he continued, “These guys are simply mercenaries and they have no desire for power. The game to them is just another way to have fun. They are really a group of people who know how to enjoy life.”

After saying his piece, Sacred Mountain let out another sigh, “Sigh, this group of wild horses… Originally they could have been tamed… But due to Termination Manor.”


Boundless Oceans heard the words and grew despondent.

From his perspective on how to play the game, Boundless Ocean simply could not understand the intentions of the players from Quan Zhen Sect.

The guild leaders all around the world were frantically trying to guess how Void Blade managed to complete the quest. The close friends of the players from Quan Zhen Sect were bombarded with questions.

Most people did not have many close friends and did not have to spend much time to reply to them…

However, Wang Yu was different. He was well connected and numerous queries were directed at him. His body was covered in sweat not before long as he struggled to reply to all of them with how slow he was typing.

“Old Bull Bro, isn’t Void Blade in your Twilight City? Did you help them complete the quest…” Rolling Mario asked.

“Smart!” Wang Yu simply replied with a single word.

Lone Wolf buzzed, “Old Bull bro, can you help me inquire about what good items Void Blade acquired? I am willing to offer a high price.”


Wang Yu was almost at his limit when the Sanguine Warflag came in to join the fun.

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