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Chapter 895 - Covenant Altar

Chapter 895: Covenant Altar

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After hearing Wang Yu, Captain Don’t Open Fire had nothing more to argue about. The bunch from Quan Zhen Sect never knew how to take a loss, god only knew what these players had gone through.

“Okay, let’s not talk about that anymore.” Fearless waved the matter away and interrupted their conversation. He pointed towards Goblin’s carcass and directed Captain Don’t Open Fire saying, “Hurry go and take care of it.”

“Me?” Captain Don’t Open Fire was taken aback. He did not expect Fearless to let him search for equipment as they already had prior arrangements on who should do it.

Fearless replied, “You spent so much money. This matter is surely very important to you. If we find something valuable, we don’t even trust ourselves with it. Do you dare trust us?”

“Hmm… I will go and search.” Captain Don’t Open Fire understood Fearless intentions and quickly went forward.

The players from Quan Zhen Sect were truly an unruly group of people, they would not even blink an eye when killing others.

Treasure Hunter Goblin had spent a good part of his life scavenging for treasure. As a sentient BOSS, his death along with all his treasures was really a great loss.

Captain Don’t Open Fire rummaged around for half a day but only managed to find an old dirty piece of armour.

Scavenger Coat (Clothing) (Armour set)

Physical Defense: 70-120

Magic Resistance: 110-150

+44 Agility

+22 Intelligence

Item Introduction: Armour of Treasure Hunter Goblin

Scavenger Armour Set (1/3)

Scavenger Coat(1/1)

Scavenger Headdress(0/1)

Scavenger Trail(0/1)

Survival: Increase all attributes by 10% in a wilderness map (Activated)

Hawkeye: Increase perception of identifying the best equipment by 10% (Not Activated)

Luck: 10% increase in general luck (Not Activated)

Treasure Hunting: After collecting the full set of the scavenger armour, the rate of finding treasure is increased by 30% (Not Activated)

Required Level: 45

Job Requirement: Thieves, Archers

It turned out that this seemingly decrepit piece of equipment was still part of an armour set. It was only around the level of a silver tier equipment. Furthermore, its additional attributes were pretty ordinary.

The stats for this armour were way too trashy. Even if it was 10% higher, it was not worth wasting a slot in equipping this.

As for the effects of Hawkeye, Luck and Treasure Hunting, they were still passable. But the difficulty lay in collecting the full set of armour…

“Old Bull, you take this armour and try to see if you can transfer the special attributes onto other equipment.”

Captain Don’t Open Fire passed the equipment over to Fearless and Fearless tossed it over to Wang Yu. Wang Yu accepted it and stored it in his bag.

Captain Don’t Open Fire continued inspecting Goblin’s body and found a second item. It was a magic item known as “Goblin Stinky Smokescreen”.

Although the item description showed the item that was used for escaping purposes, this item could be used for more insidious and wretched ways. Fearless proceeded to pocket the item…

“Can you do it or not? Should your luck be decent since you have so much money? Why do you keep finding rubbish?” Upon seeing that Captain Don’t Open Fire did not find anything valuable, the bunch from Quan Zhen Sect began chiding him. His luck was way too awful. Was it the case that he used up his luck the moment he was reincarnated?

“Hm, there is one more chance, let me try again…”

Captain Don’t Open Fire had a very thin-skinned and his face quickly turned tomato red upon receiving the playful insults of the other players. He gingerly went up to search Goblin’s body for the last time.

This time, Captain Don’t Open Fire managed to find a dagger from his body.

This dagger was familiar to everyone as he was the same one that Frost Blade had lost to Goblin. Even the attributes were exactly the same…

After using up his three chances and not finding the item he wanted, Captain Don’t Open Fire had a darkened look on his face.

“This, this is not possible… The mission introduction clearly stated that the Covenant Altar will be here. Why can’t I seemed to find it?”

Covenant Altar… At the moment, the players from Quan Zhen Sect finally knew what Captain Don’t Open Fire was looking for.

“How is it supposed to be like?” Wang Yu asked curiously.

“I am also not too sure.” Captain Don’t Open Fire shook his head sullenly, “However, according to logic, it should be a round and circular object.

Covenant Altars that were usually seen in games were mostly round-shaped.

“Round?” Wang Yu looked around his surroundings and pointed towards the magical base below the treasure chest saying, “Could that be what you are looking for?”

“That?” Captain Don’t Open Fire scratched his head and he looked a little befuddled. How could that base possibly be what he was looking for? However, there was indeed no other round shaped objects in the Temple of Treasures.

Captain Don’t Open Fire went up to test if that was indeed what he was looking for. As he stood before the magic base, he brought out a model house.

Everyone had seen such a model before, it resembled the guild headquarters…

Captain Don’t Open Fire swiftly placed the model of the guild on the magic base. Once the two items came into contact, the magic rune on the base burst into a dazzling light.

The magic base slowly became smaller and smaller and finally merged with the model into one singular object. It flew up and hovered in mid air.

Everyone stopped probing as the altar descended before the players.

Covenant Altar (Guild Treasure) (Obsidian)

Altar Blessing: Passive Skill, Increase all attributes for guild members by 5%, skill damage is increased by 10%.

Collective Heart: Passive Skill, Decrease monsters attributes by 10%, increased experience gained by 10%

Power of the Covenant: Active Skill, Players can sign a covenant through the altar and become allies. Up to 10 players from one guild is allowed.

Bloody Alliance: Passive Skill, players who have signed the covenant can be merged into a single alliance guild within the valid time of the covenant. Up to a maximum of 50,000 people.

“F*ck, an Obsidian Guild Treasure…”

The players from Quan Zhen Sect sucked in a breath of cold air upon seeing the attributes of the altar.

Guild treasures were simply a luxury item because supply for it was too low. Even the most basic bronze tier guild treasure could be sold for an astronomical price, much less needed to be said about an Obsidian tier treasure.

Moreover, the attributes that this Covenant Altar possessed were quite BUG.

Although there were thousands of players in bigger guilds, an ordinary guild only housed about 500 members.

Guild headquarters could not be shared among guilds therefore communication was inconvenient among the different guilds. It was also very restrictive to fight between guilds.

With this Covenant Altar, one could merge many guilds in a single Alliance Guild. This could help to create an overwhelming numbers advantage in any guild war.

It could be seen how valuable this guild treasure was to a big guild. Even though this item was of no use to Quan Zhen Sect, their members could not help but covet the treasure. It was no wonder why Captain Don’t Open Fire spent so much effort to acquire it.

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