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Chapter 897 - Sharing the Booty

Chapter 897: Sharing the Booty

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“Old Bull, you guys are really not good friends… You really helped that brat Captain Don’t Open Fire complete the quest “Immemorial Altar”.”

Seeing the message from Sanguine Warflag, Wang Yu did not even want to bother with him. Tsk, it was Captain Don’t Open Fire who was not the honest one. What does this have to do with Wang Yu?

However, being friends, Wang Yu still replied to him, “We didn’t know the quest at the start at all.”

“Hehe.” Sanguine Warflag smiled so widely as he cheekily said, “Since you guys have helped Void Blade, based on our relationship, it shouldn’t be too much of a trouble to help us, right.”

“This…” Wang Yu was stuck in a conundrum on how to answer Sanguine Warflag.

Wang Yu was really an honest and genuine man. He would definitely go all out to help his friends. However, he could not speak for the rest of the players from Quan Zhen Sect.

Sanguine Warflag thought that Wang Yu did not want to assist him and quickly added, “Don’t worry, you guys will definitely have a share of the rewards.”

“Regarding this kind of things, you need to approach Fearless. He is the guild leader.” Wang Yu reminded him.

Although on the surface it did not matter who the guild leader of Quan Zhen Sect was, Fearless was after all still the official guild leader. No matter how unsophisticated Wang Yu might act at times, he would not openly challenge the authority of Fearless.

Sanguine Warflag displayed a depressed face, “Fearless had blacklisted me from his contacts.”

Wang Yu, “…”

“Is Sanguine Warflag looking for you?” Fearless walked over and inquired.

“He is looking for you. But because you blacklisted him from your contacts he had to find me instead,” Wang Yu explained.

“Hehe.” Fearless grinned, “He kept talking nonsense that’s why I had to blacklist him. Discussing getting things done, aren’t you a better person to talk to? Why would he have looked for me?”

“Do I accept his request?” Wang Yu asked.

Fearless quickly dismissed that, “Ignore him! Let him chase after us.”

Wang Yu wiped his sweat thinking about this game of chess that the guild masters were playing.

Wang Yu did not know other guild leaders but he knew that Captain Don’t Open Fire was nouveau riche. After withdrawing from the dungeon, Captain Don’t Open Fire came forward to shake the hands of every single player from Quan Zhen Sect.

“All of you were absolutely crucial in the successful completion of this quest. Today, all of you have to go with me to celebrate this joyous event.” Captain Don’t Open Fire was filled with immense gratitude.

Fearless replied, “We accepted the fee and helped you complete your quest. This is just a fair transaction. We have other things on now. Captain Don’t Open Fire, I feel that you should be celebrating with your guild members instead of us.”

Captain Don’t Open Fire was also anxious to share his join with his fellow guild members. Therefore, he did not pursue the matter and only personally sent the players from Quan Zhen Sect back to Twilight City.

Upon returning to the guild office, the players from Quan Zhen Sect got down to work.

Through this dungeon, Quan Zhen Sect had gotten a massive harvest. In addition to the equipment and skills obtained by some players, they had also received a big bag of gold coins from Captain Don’t Open Fire.

Void Blade’s guild reserve was likely to be in the red because of this quest. That being said, it was still extremely worth it to exchange this money for an Obsidian guild treasure.

Of course, Quan Zhen Sect had also received their fair share of benefits. After all, the special guild treasure that Void Blade obtained were only useful in certain situations.

After splitting the gold coins evenly, everyone was thrilled as they wanted to quickly spend this wealth. Fearless slowed them down as he said, “Why are you guys in such a hurry, we haven’t even finished dividing the loot.”

“What’s left?” Everyone quickly stopped in their tracks as they heard Fearless.

“Old Bull, take out your treasure chest.” Fearless rushed towards Wang Yu.

“How do we distribute this? Smash it evenly and exchange for gold?” Wnag Yu glanced at the treasure chest in his hands in confusion.

The material for this treasure chest should be black gold. Each one should be able to get a few shards of it if they smashed it into pieces.

“Hehe!” Fearless grinned as he took the chest away from Wang Yu. He gave one good slap onto the base of the chest and a huge bunch of dolls came flying out.

This pile of dolls covered the entire table. There were almost a few hundreds of them with a quick glance.

The Seal of Past Believers: Magic Tool, Able to summon past believers in battle.

“This… This actually turned out to be monsters in the dungeon.”

When they saw the doll’s attributes, everyone was taken aback. No one expected that the sealed treasure chest was used in such a way.

Although magic tools were extremely pricey and these mobs were not comparable to an actual BOSS, their overwhelming numbers more than made up for it. This represented an extraordinary amount of wealth. Who would have thought that Captain Don’t Open Fire had spent so much resources to capture these monsters for it to eventually benefit Quan Zhen Sect?”

Fearless said, “There are a total of 240 sealed dolls. Since you guys didn’t receive any equipment or skills, these can be considered as compensation.”

“Looks like this old dog Fearless has still got a conscience.”

Listening to Fearless, the players who did not benefit in any way from the dungeon beamed in delight.

Although the magic tools were expensive, it was still a distance from the actual worth of the two divine equipment and four skills that the others obtained in the dungeon. However, since everyone was family, there was no need to be so calculative.

“Six of you, one person is entitled to 40 dolls. Come and take your share.”

Ming Du was squatting and reached his hand out to take his share. At this moment, Fearless whipped out his staff and hit down on his hand.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you say everyone had a share.” Ming Du glared at Fearless.

Fearless replied, “None for you! Scram!”

“Why?” Ming Du was feeling aggrieved.

The others also could not comprehend why Ming Du did not have a share. After all, Ming Du also did not receive any items from the dungeon. He was even pummeled by the BOSS once.

“Hmph!” Fearless sneered at him coldly. “You can hide from others but do you think you can hide it from me? Although Treasure Hunter Goblin did not have any good items, didn’t you take his sack for yourself? If you want these dolls, hand over the sack.”

“Hehe…” Hearing Fearless chiding, Ming Du could only smile back as he pointed to the dolls and said, “You guys share among yourselves, I don’t have any part in it.”

The rest of the players, “…”

As everyone took their share, Spring Halo sighed, “I can’t believe that after this quest was completed, the City War is going to start soon… It is much sooner than I thought.”

Fearless replied, “Yeah, after this all the major cities will be turned into battlefields. This may not be a good thing for us.”

“Oh? What is City War?” Wang Yu asked curiously.

As a relatively new player, Wang Yu did not know many parts of the game. He only knew how to kill monsters and upgrade equipment, he was not well acquainted with the other aspects of the game.

Fearless smiled and said, “This… There will be someone to explain this to you in a moment.”

“Is it?’

Wang Yu scratched his head absent-mindedly and there was a knock on the door outside the office.

Fearless gave permission to the guest to enter and Sanguine Warflag came rushing in. He heaved heavily as he entered the house and said frantically, “Fellow esteemed players, you guys have to do us a favor this time.”

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