MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Preparing For Battle

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Travelling in <<REBIRTH>> was a very simple matter. Regardless of how far you were, using a return to town scroll and utilising the teleportation formation in town would get you to your destination in no time. It was significantly more convenient than travelling around in the real world.

After a few rounds of drinks, Crotch Lord had already reached the Inn.

“Bull God!!!” Everyone was taken aback when a tall and sturdy Warrior rushed over to Wang Yu’s side, frantically greeting him.

“So you’re him right…” Wang Yu paused for a moment, laughing as he asked.

Wang Yu and Crotch Lord had only met once and that was in the beginner village. At that time, Wang Yu had not bothered to take note of Crotch Lord’s appearance, hence when he approached the group Wang Yu had been unable to recognise him.

“Yes yes yes, it’s me!” Crotch Lord grinned.

Seeing how unfamiliar the two men were with each other the other members of the Quan Zhen sect started to feel rather uneasy.

“The f*ck, can we trust Iron Bull or not!”

“Based on what I can see, these two don’t seem to know each other very well….don’t tell me they just met!”

“Watch what you’re saying, would Uncle Bull do something so treacherous?”

“Even if other’s wouldn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that Iron Bull wouldn’t. How about we make a bet!”

“F*ck off!”

At this moment, Wang Yu had dragged Crotch Lord over to introduce him to the rest: “This the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect, Fearless. This is Spring Halo…”

All the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were well-known players who dominated the Leaderboard.

Each member of the Quan Zhen Sect was stronger than the previous. No matter who he was introduced to, Crotch Lord would heave a heavy sigh, mouthing words like “Are you f*cking kidding me”.

Words like “what the f*ck” were meant to be used to scold others, but now the more vain and arrogant members of the Quan Zhen Sect had taken them to be words of admiration. A wide grin was plastered across their faces.

“You recognise them?” Wang Yu curiously asked as he looked at Crotch Lords reaction.

Crotch Lord was taken aback, quickly replying: “Just open the Leaderboards and look! They’re all notable figures that dominate the Leaderboard! Your Quan Zhen Sect really is a gathering of talented and powerful individuals, no wonder the Sanguine Alliance was beaten to such a sorry state!”

The other members felt really pleased with themselves when they heard the praise Crotch Lord was heaping on them.

“Hey Iron Bull, this friend of yours is even more charismatic than you!” The loose-tongued Ming Du made a snide remark at Wang Yu.

The rest chimed in agreement: “Not bad, the Quan Zhen Sect really lacks people like him! If your strength can meet our requirements, then this brother over here can join us as a permanent member!”

“Hehe” Crotch Lord chuckled, not saying a word.

Crotch Lord had heard of the reputation of the Quan Zhen Sect.

“Don’t just brush them off as shameless and despicable people, they really are decent people! Don’t be afraid!” Wang Yu told Crotch Lord.

Fearless nodded in agreement: “That’s right, don’t believe all those vicious rumors that you’ve heard about us. Oh that’s right, I wonder what this honorable brothers name is?”

“My name is Crotch Lord!”

“OH!!!” Everyone was stunned for a moment, before exclaiming at the same time: “The number one Guardian in the country! So you were an expert as well!”

In actual fact, Crotch Lord was also a famous player on the Leaderboard, which everyone a little surprised when they heard his name. Which made them think, for a player like Wang Yu, all his friends would naturally be high calibre players like himself.

Crotch Lord blushed: “Please don’t exaggerate, I really can’t compare with all of you here! I’ve even seen Bull God fighting!”

It seemed as though Crotch Lord had assumed that everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect were experts on the same level as Wang Yu.

When they heard his words, the smiles on their faces became very forced.

Fearless laughed as he asked: “Hey Crotch Lord, did Iron Bull tell you anything when he called you over?”

“Nope, Bull God asked me to come over, so I did!” Crotch Lord honestly answered.

“Well about that, our guild is planning on accepting a mission with an extremely high difficulty that is probably impossible to complete at this stage of the game, but our Quan Zhen Sect really likes to challenge ourselves. So if you don’t want to take any risks with us, then there’s still time to back out now…” Fearless replied.

“What quest is this? It’s just a game, why do you really have to put it that way? Even if we die, all we lose is 10% of our experience points, what’s there to be afraid of.” Crotch Lord laughed.

Fearless shook his head: “It’s not just 10% of your experience points!”

Once the Headquarters defence quest started, the respawn point would be changed to a designated location in the Headquarters. This would remain so until the quest was completed or the guild had failed the quest.

Once the monsters started attacking the Headquarters, the respawn point would no longer be a safe zone.

If the monsters managed to overrun them and flood the headquarters, they would all be repeatedly killing over and over again. They would either log off and give up or be killed… until they returned to level 1.

Crotch Lord thought about it for a moment before resolutely answering: “Since you guys dare to take on this quest, then you should have some confidence. Since Bull God has called me over, I can’t let him lose face by leaving now. I’d be willing to fight, even if I end up back in the beginner village!”

Fearless laughed: “Good lad! Don’t worry, once this quest is completed you’ll reap immense benefits as well!”

“Exactly what quest are we doing?” Crotch Lord curiously asked.

“Headquarters defense quest!”

“What the f*ck! Big bro Fearless, you’re not crazy right?” Crotch Lord was so taken aback he almost lost his footing.

Was the Headquarters defense quest something that players could currently complete? Even a massive guild like the Sanguine Alliance with several hundred players would not dare to take on a Headquarters defense quest.

“Nope I’m not, originally I had about 5 parts of confidence, but if you join us for this quest then I think it’ll at least be 10 parts!” Fearless casually replied.


Seeing how confident Fearless was, Crotch Lord helplessly asked: “Other than the eight of us, how many other helpers do you have?”

“Helpers? Why would need outsiders to interfere in the matters of the Quan Zhen Sect?” Fearless indifferently replied.

“Oh my god!” Crotch Lord silently cursed as he asked: “You mean it’s just the eight of us?”

“That’s right!” Fearless smiled.

Crotch Lord was speechless. Exactly what gave them so much confidence, that they would dare to take on a Headquarters defense quest with just eight people!

It had to be known that the difficulty of a Headquarters defense quest was comparable to a Hell tier Dungeon Instance.

Even if the eight of them managed to fight the hundreds of monsters swarming forth to attack them, then what about the boss?

In <<REBIRTH>>, the hardest part of the Headquarters defense quest was the fact that the boss would lead the normal monsters to assault the defenders.

This had been tested by players during the beta testing period.

Once the Headquarters defense quest had started, the boss of that area would rise one tier.

In other words, a boss that was originally Silver tier would become a Gold tier boss for the duration of the quest.

But the quest would not become much hard if it was just the boss that had received a power up.

The crux lay in a skill that bosses would gain during Headquarter defense missions. All bosses would gain a skill called [Invigorate] that would affect all the monsters around them, boosting their attributes.

This skill was similar to the [Halo] skills that Knights had, only that it was significantly stronger.

The [Blessing Halo] skill that Templars had would boost both the Physical Defense and the Magic Resistance of other players, while the [Blazing Halo] of the Crusaders would increase Physical and Magical attacks. Both skills had a maximum range of three metres.

The [Invigorate] skill that bosses had were extremely overpowered in comparison. Not only could it boost all kinds of attacks and defenses, as long as the boss was in the battlefield, all other monsters would be affected by this buff, regardless of the distance between them and the boss.

This would make the attributes of the normal monsters stronger than the elite monsters. Even a large guild might not be able to handle so many empowered monsters.

Just thinking about it, how could eight people possible resist an entire mountain of elite monsters?

But the people standing before he didn’t have an ounce of fear, they even looked like they had complete assurance for this matter… Crotch Lord’s thoughts were in disarray. It seemed as though the rumor that everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect was a lunatic was not completely unfounded.

“What’s the matter? You don’t trust us?” Fearless unhappily asked as he looked at Crotch Lord’s expression.

“Logically speaking I really shouldn’t be trusting you guys. But I’m not sure why, but I feel that since we’re still so low levelled, training again from scratch wouldn’t be a problem! Even if we failed it’s still something we can brag about right?” Crotch Lord answered.

“Just based on that one sentence, I think you really can get along with the people from the Quan Zhen Sect!” Wang Yu laughed.

Crotch Lord cheekily grinned, turning around to ask Fearless: “Hey boss, when you said that you were 10 parts confident for this quest, were you being serious?”

“Mm! Of course I meant it! Just that it’s 10 parts out of a 100!”


This b*stard was really asking for a beating, to dare to attempt such a quest with only 10% assurance that they would succeed?

Fearless decreed: “Alright then, everyone should take the time now to go prepare yourselves. Go stock up on health potions and mana potions, this Headquarters defense quest should roughly take about 4 hours to complete. Please ensure that you’ve paid your internet bills and your electricity bills, don’t just disappear when we’re fighting the boss.”

“The internet bill and electricity bills aren’t the problem. I have to go tell my mom about this matter, otherwise she’ll come into my room and beat me when I’m really engrossed in the game!” Boson sighed.

Fearless nodded in agreement: “Yeah, I have to tell my dad as well.”

“I have to tell my wife…” Wang Yu said.

“You have a wife?” Everyone exclaimed in unison.

“Yeah…” Wang Yu nodded.

“Heh…” Everyone shook their heads. It was hard to believe that the most heaven-defying expert in the guild was afraid of his wife.

“It’s not what you’re thinking…” Wang Yu tried to explain as he realised that everyone started having strange ideas.

Fearless suddenly instructed Spring Halo: “Brother Spring, go make a thread about this matter on the forums, you have to make it sound epic so that everyone will see it!”

“You want to make a post about this?” Crotch Lord asked.

“Of course we do! This is something that will be recorded in the system, a huge matter! We have to let the whole world know that the Quan Zhen Sect is number one in <<REBIRTH>>!” Fearless declared.

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