MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Looking For A Guardian

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Wang Yu viciously clamped his hand down on Ming Du’s throat causing him to only be able to make soft squeaking sounds. If a Magician couldn’t speak then they couldn’t chant or cast any spells! Ming Du was choked to the point where his entire face was flushed a deep red, causing his already hideous appearance to become even worse.

Just as Wang Yu was about to crush Ming Du’s neck, a bright flash of light rose from the ground and a white-robed Priest appeared between them.

Luckily this was was a game. If such a scene happened in real life than most people would have pissed themselves in fright.

“Iron Bull? You’re still fighting?”

This Priest that had suddenly popped up was Fearless who had logged off in this exact spot yesterday after the fight. After reading the forums, Fearless had decided to log in and see what was going on in the game. Who would have imagined the first thing he saw was Wang Yu strangling someone?

“Ah! Argh ah ah!” Seeing Fearless log in, Ming Du revealed what might have been an elated expression and started screeching.

Hearing these odd sounds Fearless turned around and quizzically said: “Hmm? How come your face looks so familiar?”

“Arrrgh ah ah argh ah…”

“Holy f**k! Old Li! Iron Bull quickly let him go! He’s one of us! ” Fearless suddenly realised who this poor soul was and hurriedly tugged at Wang Yu’s arm.

“You recognise this guy?” Wang Yu asked in amazement.

Honestly Ming Du’s face had been crushed by Wang Yu to the point where it was deformed and discoloured! Even his own mother wouldn’t necessarily have been able to recognise him!

“There’s only one man in the world who could still be spouting so much shit while getting choked to death!” Fearless replied.

Having been released, Ming Du clutched his throat and desperately gasped for air as he cursed: “Fuck! You goddamn motherf**kers! Why do you keep hiding from your father instead of adding me to the guild…”

“Well… I’ve been busy…” Fearless nonchalantly replied.

“Cheh! Don’t give me your bullshit you swindler. Is this the new member you guys found?” Ming Du pursed his lips and asked.

“Yea! Not bad right?” Fearless nodded.

Ming Du rubbed his chin while patting Wang Yu’s chest and laughed: “Yes… not bad at all! Very lively man you’ve got here, though he is kinda cruel. This round can be considered a draw but if there’s another chance we can find a more spacious area and settle who’s the best!”

Hearing his words, Wang Yu was truly at a loss for words… A draw? He called it a draw when Wang Yu could have crushed the life out of him at any time? This man’s shamelessness truly wasn’t simple…

“Is he part of Quan Zhen Sect too?” Wang Yu turned around and solemnly asked.

This bastard called Ming Du was truly lawless, but his skill was the real deal. Furthermore, in terms of personality, he was infinitely close the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect members. What’s more, Fearless had said he was one of them.

“Yes…” Fearless slightly dejectedly nodded.

“Then how come you didn’t add him into the guild?” Wang Yu felt rather vexed. There were already barely any members in their guild and yet these clowns still didn’t want to gather together?

“Well… It’s a long story…” Fearless could only helplessly sigh as he shook his head and added Ming Du to the guild.

Within seconds, Wang Yu understood why everyone had been avoiding adding Ming Du like the plague.

<System Notification: Player Ming Du has joined Quan Zhen Sect!>

“Hahahahaha! Quan Zhen Sect kiddies grandpa Ming Du is back! Wooohooooo!!!!!”

“Here kiddy kiddy kiddy you’re grandpa’s back! Why’s no one greeting him?”

“Oh? Everyone’s offline? It’s ok then they can still see this grandpa’s messages when they log back in! Ahahahahaha!”


The moment Ming Du joined the guild, it was as though a bomb had gone off in the guild chat. Within seconds he had spammed it with all sorts of useless bullshit, frightening Wang Yu to the point where he immediately shut the chat down.

Seeing Wang Yu’s expression, Fearless helplessly sighed: “I think you understand why we hadn’t added him to the guild yet. Our tradition of muting the guild chat is because of him!”

“I see…” Wang Yu numbly nodded.

An entire day’s worth of chat logs from the whole guild wasn’t even close to what Ming Du had sent in the last five minutes! No wonder this guy was a Magician! His talking speed was several times faster than a regular person!

Seeing that Wang Yu and Ming Du had stopped fighting, the surrounding players also began to slowly disperse. When the players doing bounty quests saw that Wang Yu and Ming Du had become friends, they immediately perished any thoughts of killing either.

Either of them was more than enough to exterminate all of the players present, let alone working in a team!

At this point, the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect members also began to slowly login.

Seeing Ming Du the rest were both shocked and horrified before slowly greeting him: “Old Li you’re here… It’s really been a while… How come you’re suddenly here…”

“Bullshit!! You motherf**kers were purposely hiding from this old man! You think I couldn’t tell or something? So just cause I’m slightly more talkative you guys don’t treat me like a brother? Very good! If you’re going to treat me like your parents and hide from me I have nothing to say!” Ming Du raged.

“Why do you have so much nonsense to spout… You’re annoying to the point even these neurotic madmen are afraid of you… truly a monster…” Wang Yu dejectedly thought.

Meanwhile, the rest of them were trying to change the topic: “There’s no such thing man! We just got to Twilight City as well! And we were even surrounded and attacked by the Sanguine Alliance! Oh right Iron Bull, what happened in the end anyway? I heard that you successfully beat them into submission?”

“No no there’s no such thing. It was just that they wouldn’t have benefited from fighting me any longer!”

“Ooooh! Very impressive!” They gasped in admiration.

For a single man to have fought a few hundred to a standstill without either side being at an advantage was truly a godlike and unique feat in the game.

Originally, the rest of the members of Quan Zhen Sect had planned on just fighting when they could and escaping when they couldn’t. They had intended on taking advantage of the quality of their individual members and harass their enemies to the point of surrender. Who would have imagined that their new member would have settled the entire matter with his own strength? This really was too impressive!

“Well since we have Old Li back I have an important announcement to make!” Fearless suddenly declared.

Hearing his words, Ming Du happily asked: “Oh? You couldn’t have done something without me? It looks like I really am the true carry of our guild! Hahahaha!!!!”

“Motherf**ker can you just shut the f**k up for once in your f**king life????? Who’s the leader here huh????” Fearless angrily shouted.

“It’s you it’s you… But I still have my right to spe… oh fu…”

Before Ming Du had even finished his sentence Vainglory had grabbed him by the mouth and menacingly growled: “Old Li you better shut the f**k up! I really want to kill you right now… I’ve recently learnt a new skill so if you want me to strangle you to death then keep on talking…”

When Ming Du finally stopped trying to talk, Vainglory turned around and said: “Fearless, you can continue now.”

“Ok so as I was saying, I assume that everyone remembers that we bought a title deed recently right? So basically I plan on accepting the Headquarters Defense quest today! Does anyone have any issues with that?” Fearless emotionally said.

Hearing his words, the usually composed Frost Blade blurted out in surprise: “Are you mad? We’re not even level 15 yet and you want to do a Headquarters Defense quest? No matter what we should still at least wait until everyone is level 20!”

In <<REBIRTH>>, the title deed was merely a tool to begin a Headquarters Defense quest. Players had to bring the title deed to the city lord’s office to exchange it for a quest item. This quest item could be brought to the location stated in the title deed to build their headquarters.

However after the building itself finished construction, it would receive attacks from the original inhabitants of the area.

For example, the location the Quan Zhen Sect’s title deed was meant for was the Dusk Canyon. Hence if they received the quest the Dusk Bandit Gang would launch an attack ten minutes after the construction had been completed!

Such a system was similar to the to the fabled monster siege!

The Dusk Bandit Gang monsters were considered rather high level monsters with even the normal ones being over level 20. And there were still the elite and boss monsters in the Dusk Canyon.

If the Quan Zhen Sect officially accepted the quest several hundred of these “low level” monsters would pour onto them like a flood! The few of them wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

The title deed used to start the quest was a consumable item so if the Headquarters Defense quest was failed then the few hundred thousand they spent buying it would be gone just like that!

Due to this, establishing a guild headquarters was something that only large guilds would even attempt. Small guilds would generally not even bother with such an endeavour.

Although Fearless had bought the title deed from Wang Yu previously he hadn’t dared to use it yet. Although the members of Quan Zhen Sect were all experts in their own right, they were all still only around level 14 or 15 so forcibly fighting these over level 20 monsters was still quite a challenge. He had originally planned to accept the quest after everyone had reached level 20.

Having spent so much time together, the rest naturally knew what Fearless had originally planned. However they didn’t think that he would have suddenly lost his mind like this.

“For something like establishing a guild headquarters, the sooner we do it the better! If we wait too long, someone else might discover the limestone powder and introduce it to the market! Once that happens, we won’t be able profit as much. Anyway since I’ve made the decision, I obviously have some confidence in us!” Fearless continued.

“Can I not go along?” Vainglory sheepishly asked.

“Of course! But in future when we’re rolling in the dough you can just stand there and watch…”

“What kind of bullshit is that? Quan Zhen Sect’s matters are my matters too! I’m willing to die as long as it’s for my brothers!” Vainglory sternly said.

At this point, the ever silent Spring Halo suddenly spoke up: “Honestly with honourable brother Iron Bull around, we shouldn’t have to worry about any boss at all. If I have enough health potions and mana potions we really can give this a shot. It’s just that…”

“It’s just that what? If there are any conditions then quickly say it! As long as you can tank for us during the battle then that’s already half the battle won!”

“Well honestly I think we should try to find a Guardian actually. Otherwise I really don’t think that my recovery will be able to keep up even with all the potions. When that happens we’re all f**ked!” Spring Halo stated in a very matter of fact way.

“So Boson isn’t enough right…” Fearless cocked his head and glanced at Boson.

“Hah! As if! This lord is a brave and powerful warrior! I’m not done kind of little bitch who hides behind a shield!” Boson proudly declared.

“Aren’t Warriors supposed to be just a bunch of cheap f**ks for people to slap anyway? You should take advantage of your youth and play the guardian!!” Ming Du mocked.

Before level 20, players were still considered to be in the adjustment phase. Hence they were still allowed to change their job once!

“Hmph! You want me to stand there and just get beaten up without retaliating? In your dreams!” Boson snorted.

“Boson’s temper really isn’t suitable to be a Guardian… Does anyone have any Guardian friends to recommend?” Fearless asked.

“Nope! A true expert needs no friends!” Boson arrogantly declared.

“We’re all solitary experts!” The rest shamelessly agreed.

“Enough! Stop with all this nonsense and get back on topic!”

“I really don’t man… the only friends I have are you guys… honestly it doesn’t even need to be a high level expert. As long as he can hold down the fort until I can recover my mana it’s already good enough.” Spring Halo honestly replied.

The rest of the members also nodded their heads in agreement at his Spring Halo’s words. They really didn’t have many friends…

“I have one actually!” Wang Yu was an honest man so after hearing Fearless’s words, he immediately opened his friend list and sent messages to everyone he knew and someone had actually replied!

Crotch Lord: “Iron Bull I’m a Guardian. What’s up?”

“Do you have a guild?”

“Nope. Great God Iron Bull which guild are you in? I’ll go find you!” Crotch Lord replied.

“That’s great! Come over now then. I’m in the Hans Inn now!”

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