MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Following Discussion Is Not Directed At Any Guild

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Once Spring Halo logged off, he immediately went to the forums. Like a skilled story teller, he carefully crafted a title for the discussion thread before finally posting it.

“Announcement: Notice to all you useless players. The Quan Zhen Sect wishes to announce that they will be commencing a Headquarters defense quest at 10am today. We will prove to everyone in <<REBIRTH>> who is truly the best. Naturally, the following discussion is not directed at guild, it is targeted at every guild!”

Spring Halo had fully understood Fearless’ intent, writing with unbridled arrogance, looking down on everyone else.

The moment this thread was created, it incited heated debates and discussions in the forum.

“What the f*ck, those idiots from the Quan Zhen Sect sure are lively…”

“Starting a Headquarters defense quest? Do those fools not know their limits…”

“Who’s the Quan Zhen Sect?”

“Are you kidding me? You don’t know the Quan Zhen Sect? Have you never played any games?”

“I’ve only heard of Apocalypse, Sanguine Alliance, Hades. But I’ve never heard of the Quan Zhen Sect before!”

“Don’t mention the Sanguine Alliance, have you not heard about what happened in Twilight City yesterday? The Sanguine Alliance offended the Quan Zhen Sect and were beaten into submission, they even apologised…”

“Are you kidding! How many people did the Quan Zhen Sect have to mobilise?”

“Would you believe me if I said one?”

“Haha, it seems that the people from Twilight City really like to shamelessly brag!”

The commotion on the forums quickly reached the ears of the players that were currently playing, even the leaders of the large guilds were informed.

Storm City

The guild leader, Desert Shade, of the third highest ranked guild “Endless Desert” had received this news. He was taken aback, quietly mumbling to himself: “Damn it, how are those crazy b*stards still alive?”

The vice guild leader,Endless Gale, vigorously nodded his head in agreement: “That’s right, I heard they already caused a huge commotion in Twilight City. They just had a brawl with the Sanguine Alliance yesterday, apparently Sanguine Warflag’s younger brother was killed six times by a pugilist from the Quan Zhen Sect.”

“What the f*ck! You mean that gigglo?” Desert Shade probed.

“Yup!” Endless Gale nodded.

“Heh he really deserves it, even I want to cut him down. More Importantly who’s the Pugilist? Spring Halo or Boson?” Desert Shade asked.

“Its neither of them, apparently its a new guy…”

“Haha, seems like they managed to pull an expert out of nowhere again……speaking of which, they really are quite capable. The highest levelled player in their guild should be Spring Halo at level 15!” Desert Shade sighed in admiration.

Endless Gale opened the Leaderboard before replying: “Mm that’s right, the rest of them are level 14, the top few players on the Leaderboard are all members of the Quan Zhen Sect.”

“Do you think they’ll succeed?”

Endless Gale shook his head: “I doubt so! Think about it, even if it was our guild doing the quest, we would probably only have a 30% chance of success, let alone a small guild like theirs. They probably don’t even have a one in hundred chance of succeeding at all! I really don’t know what they’re thinking…”

Desert Shade smirked: “Haha, remember the time they challenged the three demon grave? Wasn’t it said that they didn’t have a one in a million chance of winning? In the end they still won…”

“That’s true, a one in a hundred chance of success is more than enough for those guys, they’ll definitely try…”

“Truly a bunch of idiots…”

Sky Dragon City

In the main branch of the Apocalypse guild, the guild leader Solitary Nine Spears had also received this news, coldly laughing: “This bunch of retards, what game are they trying to play this time?”

The military strategist, Scheming Beggar, replied: “Who cares what game they’re trying to play. Trying to do a Headquarters defense quest is simply asking to be killed!!!”

“Those guys really have no other talents than bluffing!”

“That’s right, back when we were playing <<Golden Colony>>, didn’t they say they would complete the “Four Gods of Mount Hua” quest? In the end, they were just beaten to death by the God of The East, becoming the biggest joke in <<Golden Colony>>. What’s even more shameless was when they said that there was still glory in that loss, criticising others for not even having the balls to take the quest……I think history is going to repeat itself today.” Scheming Beggar laughed.

“Ha ha ha, those moral-less scumbags!” Solitary Nine Spears laughed as he recalled failures of the Quan Zhen Sect.

At this moment, Brother Light, who had previously remained silent, suddenly blurted out: “Boss, I don’t think this is such a simple matter. I heard that they recently recruited a new expert who even managed to suppress the Sanguine Alliance…”

“Hmph, Sanguine Warflag? It would be a surprise if he managed to beat that bunch of scumbags!”

“No I mean I heard that the new expert is really strong…” Brother Light said.

“Chey, no matter how strong he is, he couldn’t possibly take on ten people by himself right?” Scheming Beggar impatiently retorted.

Brother Light remained silent……When the Pugilist had eliminated his team, it didn’t seem to have been a challenge for him at all.

Brother Light naturally wouldn’t want to bring up the fact that his group of sixteen players had been completely wiped out by that one Pugilist.

Twilight City

Once he had received the news, Sanguine Warflag hurriedly gathered the upper echelons of the Sanguine Alliance for a meeting.

“I heard that the Quan Zhen Sect is planning to try a Headquarters defense quest, what are your thoughts?” Sanguine Warflag asked.

After having suffered such a crushing defeat previously, the members of the Sanguine Alliance began to enthusiastically discuss their ideas.

“Those idiots, if they really want to die so badly then just let them go!” Sanguine Darkness grumbled.

Everyone was in agreement: “That’s right that’s right, the difficulty of a Headquarters defense quest is so obvious. It would be strange if they could actually win, given their hit and run tactics.”

“Anyone has any ideas to suppress them?” Sanguine Warflag laughed.

Sanguine Asura chuckled: “When the time comes, we can be the first to go laugh at them on the forums! Those bastards really disgraced the Sanguine Alliance, I feel so ashamed to identify as a member of the Sanguine Alliance now…”


What Sanguine Asura said did have some logic to it, even though his last sentence was completely unnecessary. Sanguine Warflag had a really dark expression on his face when he heard the former’s words.

Even though Sanguine Darkness was usually on very good terms with Sanguine Asura, his words this time were simply too much.

“Why don’t we go disrupt them when they are doing their quest?” Sanguine Darkness suggested.

“This idea is not bad.” Sanguine Warflag said appreciatively.

“This idea is terrible!” Sanguine Stormbringer, who had been quietly observing this whole time, suddenly interjected.


“When the Headquarter defense quest starts, the AI of the monsters will not differentiate us from the members of the Quan Zhen Sect and attack anything indiscriminately. If we were to join the fray, we would just end up helping them. Tell me, if those monsters attacked you, would you retaliate or not?” Sanguine Stormbringer explained.

The room went silent.

If they retaliated they would be helping the Quan Zhen Sect, If they didn’t they would die……Both these options were detrimental to them.

“That’s why we should just sit by and watch them. If they win then we’ll offer a few words to congratulate them. If they lose then we’ll shame them on the forums, at that time they’ll definitely be suppressed by the press from the rest of the players!” Sanguine Stormbringer explained.

“Not bad not bad!” A satisfied grin appeared on Sanguine Warflag’s face upon hearing this idea.

Sanguine Primrose stood at a corner and sighed to herself: “If they dared to insult every single guild in this game, I really doubt that group of idiots would give a damn if everyone else in the game was mocking them…”

Once everyone had settled their personal matters offline, they once again gathered in the Inn. At this moment, everyone in the Inn were heatedly discussing the same topic.

Fearless was extremely pleased with how effective Spring Halo’s thread was: “I saw Brother Spring’s thread and I must say, he really did put a lot of effort into it! Even I wanted to clobber his face when I read it!”

“You’re exaggerating!” Spring Halo contentedly laughed.

Crotch Lord frantically looked at his surroundings: “No one will recognise us right…”

“Nope, this game doesn’t reveal our character names, no one will know who you are. But of course, once you appear in public with us, everyone will recognise you!” Ming Du narcissistically laughed.

Crotch Lord gravely replied: “As long as they don’t recognise me its fine. I’m just afraid that once we fail, I won’t be able to face the world…”

“F*ck you’re still thinking about your face? If you cared so much about your face why did you even come to help our Quan Zhen Sect……

Before Ming Du could even finish his sentence, Vainglory had pulled him over by the scruff of his collar: “Old Li, why are you such a nuisance!”

Dark lines appeared on Wang Yu’s face: “Little Chicky, the skill I gave you is to be used to kill people, not to deal with annoyances like him…”

Frost Blade slammed his dagger into the table, drawing everyone’s attention as he spoke: “Settle down guys, I have an important matter to share with you all!”

“What’s that matter Frost Blade.” Everyone immediately settled down as they asked him.

“It looks like someone has set up a Gambling Den in the marketplace, why don’t we all go place our bets?”

“What are the odds?” Spring Halo was the first to ask.

“Currently the odds are 1:100!” Frost Blade explained.

Vainglory was shocked: “So high! Doesn’t that mean that if I bet 1 gold coin on us winning, I would get 100 gold coins in return?”

“That’s right!” Frost Blade excitedly said.

Spring Halo chuckled as he took out 10 gold coins, handing them over to Frost Blade: “Hey Frost, help me place my bet on us winning.”

“The hell, Brother Spring is really rich, 10 gold coins…” Boson muttered as he passed 5 gold coins to Frost Blade: “This is all the money I have, help me place a bet on us winning!”

Seeing that Boson had taken out 5 gold coins, Fearless threw out 5 gold coins as well.

“What about you guys?” Frost Blade looks at Vainglory and the rest.

Vainglory shook his head, staring at Spring Halo as he replied: “I already swore to the heavens that I would never bet again!”

Spring Halo laughed: “Don’t be so stingy young man, if you follow this old man over here, you’ll win for sure!”

Vainglory clutched his head and he entered into deep thought, before finally taking out 1 silver coin: “Then I’ll just bet 1 silver coin as a formality!”

“Me too…” Crotch Lord hurriedly said as he threw out 1 silver coin.

“Then what about you Old Li?” Frost Blade looked at Ming Du as he asked.

Ming Du chuckled: “Well recently I’ve destroyed quite a few tables and chairs in this Inn, I’ve spent all my money repaying them. Why don’t you pay for me first, then when we will I’ll evenly split the money with you! Let me tell you, I’m not someone that likes to take advantage of people…”

“Yeah yeah yeah, you’re definitely someone who likes to take advantage of others. Alright then, I’ll place a bet with 1 gold coin on your behalf.” Frost Blade cut in.

Ming Du hugged Frost Blade’s thighs as he exclaimed: “You really are a good brother! I, the honorable Li Ming Du, was right to make friends with you!”

Only now did Wang Yu realise that Ming Du’s name was actually Li Ming Du. No wonder everyone called him Old Li, he was using his real name in the game!

“Do you want to play Iron Bull?” Frost Blade asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took out a bag labelled ‘200’, passing it over to Frost Blade as he indifferently said: “Help me bet on us winning!”

“What the f*ck!!! 200 gold? Are you crazy???!!!”

Everyone was taken aback when they saw that Wang Yu had taken out such a large sum of money, after all they all knew that Wang Yu’s financial situation was not particularly good.

“Since we’re going crazy, might as well go all the way! Besides, I got this bag of gold rather easily, it doesn’t matter if i spend it all.” Wang Yu laughed.

Everyone one confused, asking: “Then where did you get this money from?” Currently in the game, the number of people that could take out this much gold could be counted on one hand.

“This was the reparations I got from the Sanguine Alliance…”

“Bullshit!!!” Everyone shouted in agreement.

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