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Chapter 1388 - Fearless’ Ambitions

Chapter 1388: Fearless’ Ambitions


Upon hearing Fearless’ words, Sanguine Warflag almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

F*ck, Quan Zhen Sect truly lived up to their reputation. The moment they opened their mouths, they could cause others to vomit blood.

This wasn’t Sanguine Warflag being petty.

After all, in the eyes of Sanguine Warflag, as long as Saga City could survive this predicament, it was already the best outcome for him. With regards to Yamatai City, Sanguine Warflag did not even think of coveting it.

At the moment, all Sanguine Warflag wanted was to cause the enemy to retreat and deter them from future attacks. Fearless, on the other hand, wanted to seize Yamatai City.

Sanguine Alliance, with over tens of thousands of players, had never thought of taking over Yamatai City. Quan Zhen Sect, on the other hand, only had over ten players and yet they coveted it… Heck, Sanguine Warflag had finally understood the meaning of having a huge appetite.

After recovering from his shock, Sanguine Warflag replied, “Brother, we are currently in a life and death battle over here, and yet you are eyeing Yamatai City?”

“Hehe!” Fearless coolly said, “To tell you the truth, I already had such an idea right from the start!”

“Respect!” Sanguine Warflag threw a big thumbs up towards Fearless and said in admiration.

The bigger the heart was, the bigger the dream was. Fearless was the person with the most courage and insight that Sanguine Warflag has ever known in his entire life.

“So how? Brother Warflag, this condition isn’t too unreasonable, right!” Fearless coolly replied.

Truthfully speaking, Fearless knew that Quan Zhen Sect’s action was profiting from Sanguine Alliance’s misfortune. Sanguine Alliance had completely pulled all of the Black Dragon Guild’s aggro, giving Quan Zhen Sect the chance to launch a sneak attack on Yamatai City. Strictly speaking, if Yamatai City were to fall, they had ought to give Sanguine Alliance half of it.

Even though Fearless liked to take advantage of others usually, he did not discount himself when it came to his principles. Therefore, he had naturally disclosed the entirety of the matter to Sanguine Warflag.

“It’s reasonable!”

With regards to Fearless’ intentions, Sanguine Warflag did not have the slightest objection towards it. He hurriedly said, “It is completely reasonable! As long as you are able to get us out of this predicament, I am willing to give you whatever price you desire!”

Sanguine Warflag wasn’t a fool. Even though he knew that Sanguine Alliance was currently holding off Black Dragon Guild, he also knew that if Quan Zhen Sect did not intervene now, much less Yamatai City, they might not even be able to remain in Saga City.

Since Sanguine Alliance never had any plans in taking over Yamatai City, it was fine if they were to give it to Quan Zhen Sect. The future was uncertain. Should the Black Dragon Guild suddenly decide to retaliate again in the future, it would be reassuring to have a strong backup like Quan Zhen Sect.

Sanguine Warflag also knew that with only a few members in Quan Zhen Sect, it was unlikely that they would cause trouble for Sanguine Alliance. On the contrary, they might be able to lend them a helping hand in times of emergencies.


Upon seeing Sanguine Warflag agreeing to the condition so readily, Fearless laughed in satisfaction and said, “Then it is settled! After this is over, you had better not have any ideas of taking Yamatai City!”

As he was speaking, Fearless was still cheekily smiling as he glanced in the direction of Wang Yu, who had a serious look on his face.

Using a carrot and a stick to extort others was Fearless’ special ability.

Sanguine Alliance glanced towards the direction of Wang Yu as well, as a shiver went down his spine. He hurriedly wiped off the sweat on his forehead and said, “That’s… that’s a given!”

What a joke. With Wang Yu there, there was simply no one that could prevent them from stealing the City Lord Seal.

“Good!” Following which, Fearless turned around and faced Wang Yu and the rest and said, “Since that’s the case, let us help out Brother Warflag this one time!”

After finishing his sentence, Wang Yu and the other members from Quan Zhen Sect behind him revealed their wings. Following which, over tens of human figures rose into the sky and flew towards Yamatai City.

There was currently over a hundred thousand players in large scale formations outside of Saga City, with the battlefield being a chaotic mess. There was no one that would bother noticing the group of players flying above their heads, and if they did, they probably would not put them into heart.

Just like that, Wang Yu and the rest flew over the heads of the Black Dragon Guild players and approached Yamatai Valley.

Yamatai Valley, was near the boundary of Saga City. Apart from the constant flow of Black Dragon Guild players rushing out of it, there weren’t any Black Dragon Guild players in any other places.

The flying ability required a huge amount of mana to sustain it. Even though everyone had already equipped their mana regeneration equipment, apart from Wang Yu, everyone else had already depleted all of their mana just by flying up till this point. Thus, everyone found an empty area and sat down to recover their stats.

At this moment, Spring Halo, who had been quiet all this time, suddenly posed a question to Fearless, “Yamatai City is Black Dragon Guild’s headquarters. Surely, they wouldn’t have sent all of their forces out of the city, right?”

Spring Halo’s concern was extremely practical. From the numerous battle strategy that the Black Dragon Guild had employed, it was clear that the boss of Black Dragon Guild wasn’t a brainless person. If it wasn’t for Quan Zhen Sect setting up an ambush at the back, Saga City may have already fallen into Black Dragon Guild’s hands.

Such a person usually handled things perfectly; how could there be such a large loophole for them to exploit?

Sanguine Alliance was forced into a corner by Black Dragon Guild and did not have a choice but to believe in Quan Zhen Sect. However, the people from Quan Zhen Sect were still sane, they would naturally not believe Fearless’ words as easily as Sanguine Warflag.

“Of course not!” Fearless calmly replied, “Not only would they have not sent out their full force, but there would also even be more elite experts remaining in Yamatai City to defend it.”


Upon hearing this, Ming Du immediately stood up from the ground. He pointed his finger at Fearless and shouted in a dissatisfied manner, “Since you knew that there would still be people remaining in Yamatai City, why are you still sending us there to our deaths?”

“What are you being impatient for?” Fearless used the magic staff in his hand to whack Ming Du’s thigh, causing his figure to tremble.

Ming Du, enraged, immediately took out his magic staff and was just about to retaliate when Vainglory, who was by his side, reached out to pin him down on the ground.

“Tsk!” Upon seeing Ming Du being restricted, Fearless smiled and said, “If you were Sanguine Warflag, how many people would you send to launch a sneak attack?”


Frost Blade pondered over the question for a while before replying, “In sneak attacks, the smaller the force, the higher the chance of success. Now that the entire battlefield is in a complete mess and filled with Black Dragon Guild’s players, if he did not set up the ambush beforehand, it will be impossible for him to send in a hundred-man team into Yamatai City. Therefore, if I am Sanguine Warflag, I will at the very most send in a ten-man squad.”

“Very good!” Fearless nodded his head and said, “You have already perfectly thought about the situation in Sanguine Warflag’s shoes! Then, if you were the boss of Black Dragon Guild, how many people would you send to defend against the sneak attack of this ten-man squad?”

“Heng!” Wang Yu snorted in disdain and said, “Is there a need to set up a defense against a ten-man squad? In the past, during the “Hundred Squad War”, over a hundred thousand players were unable to catch me!”

Upon hearing this, everyone raged and said, “Can the inhumane personnel please f*ck off? This is a discussion between humans. Don’t interrupt us!”

Spring Halo thought about it once more and answered, “If it was to defend against the sneak attack of a ten-man squad, I would at least leave a hundred players in order to feel reassured! Given that Black Dragon Guild was uncertain as well, I estimate that they would have left at least two hundred players behind in order to ensure nothing would go south.”

“That’s right!” Fearless nodded his head once more, before pointing to Wang Yu and saying, “Even if they had five hundred players, do you think that five hundred people is enough to block this monster?”

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