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Chapter 1387 - Letting Others Have A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Chapter 1387: Letting Others Have A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

“Got it!”

Upon hearing the news from Yang Nuo, Fearless wasn’t surprised in the least. Instead, he casually forwarded the message to Sanguine Warflag.

When Sanguine Warflag received the news, he immediately peed in his pants.

Only one’s feet would know whether the shoes one wore was broken. Following the same logic, only Sanguine Warflag knew what the current situation for Sanguine Alliance was.

Even though it seemed like Sanguine Alliance was engaging in a one-sided slaughter against Black Dragon Guild and had the upper hand in this battle, after an entire afternoon of battle, the arrows and medicine in Saga City had already been depleted by half…

And that was only four or five hours of battle. It should be known that the shortest a City War ever lasted was still 24 hours.

Sanguine Alliance was already struggling to deal with the current enemy in front of them, now that there was still additional reinforcements coming… How the f*ck…

In a city defense, the most important players were the long-distance players. Once the supplies were depleted, surely Sanguine Alliance can’t expect their players to jump down the city walls and engage in a melee slaughter against the enemy.

If Black Dragon Guild was to lose, the most they had to do was to give away that piece of land and compensate Sanguine Alliance before retreating back to their own cities to recuperate. If Sanguine Alliance were to lose, there would not be any opportunity for them to make a comeback.

“Boss Fearless, you have to help me think of a solution!”

Sanguine Warflag was currently at a loss. Quan Zhen Sect had become Sanguine Warflag’s final helpline. Whether or not Sanguine Alliance could survive this battle completely depended on the people from Quan Zhen Sect

“Solution?” Fearless pondered over the situation for a moment before asking, “How long can the supplies last?”

After doing some mental calculations, Sanguine Warflag replied, “We can still last for three hours…”

In the face of life and death, Sanguine Warflag did not bother hiding the issue of the lack of supplies from Fearless.

“Three hours…” Fearless sighed and said, “I knew it. Coming all the way here to exact revenge and you aren’t even willing to bring more supplies?”

“This…” Sanguine Warflag’s face flushed red in embarrassment as he said, “Saga City was a small city, so I thought that we didn’t need that many supplies… Who would have thought that Black Dragon Guild would actually go all out to claim back the city!”

Black Dragon King’s despicable method of using sheer numbers to overrun them was something that not only did Sanguine Warflag not think of, even Fearless himself was a little surprised.

Fearless replied in frustration, “Look at you! You brought all of your subordinates over but you did not bring all of your supplies! If someone were to backstab you right now, you wouldn’t even have the chance to turn around!”

“Boss Fearless’ scoldings are right, I will take note of it next time.” Sanguine Warflag hurriedly nodded his head in acknowledgement.

It couldn’t be helped; Sanguine Warflag needed Fearless’ help desperately and could only submit to him. Even if Fearless were to give him two tight slaps right now, Sanguine Warflag would not dare to reveal any dissatisfaction.

Fearless replied, “However, Black Dragon Guild and your Sanguine Alliance are similar in the sense that the both of you only know how to charge blindly without thinking…”

“Why would Boss Fearless say that?” Sanguine Warflag asked curiously.

Sanguine Warflag knew what Fearless meant when he referred to Sanguine Alliance, but he mentioned that the Black Dragon Guild was similar to them, causing Sanguine Warflag to be confused.

Fearless smiled as he pointed outside the city walls and said, “Do you see the number of players outside of the city? With so many people currently attacking the city, and they had even called for reinforcements… This should be all of the Black Dragon Guild’s players!”

“Makes sense!”

When Sanguine Warflag heard this, he agreed and nodded his head.

“From the start, how did they attempt to deal with Sanguine Alliance?” Fearless asked Sanguine Warflag.

“Eh…” Sanguine Warflag replied, slightly embarrassed, “They trapped majority of the Sanguine Alliance players outside of the city and attempted to ambush me…”

“Why did they try to ambush you?” Fearless asked once more.

“Because I have the City Lord Seal. As long as they kill me and take the seal, the City War would be lost.”

“That’s right!” Fearless added, “This is called taking drastic measures to deal with the problem! Now that your supplies can only last you for three hours at most, if you want to win this war, speed is of utmost importance. Therefore, this is the best solution!”

“What do you mean?”

“Let them have a taste of their own medicine!” As he was speaking, Fearless revealed a sinister smile on his face.

A City War worked both ways. Successfully defending the city for 24 hours wasn’t the only way for the defending party to win the war. Stealing the enemy’s City Lord Seal was another brutal way of winning it.

However, directly stealing it was more easily said than done.

After all, the attacking party had a relatively large advantage in a City War.

They had come over to steal the defending party’s City Lord Seal, and would have thus brought a large force with them, allowing them to have the initiative in the battle.

It was the complete opposite for the defending party to try and steal the attacking party’s City Lord Seal.

The defending party was the one that was following the flow of the battle. They would thus have difficulty fending off the enemy troops outside of the city walls, much less send a large force out to try and steal the other party’s seal.

Therefore, in normal circumstances, no one would have thought of such an idea in a City War. The difficulty of such a plan was extremely high, they had might as well simply defended the city…

Sanguine Warflag knew of this point as well. While pointing towards the sea of Black Dragon Guild players outside of the city walls, he replied, “The idea is good, but we are unable to send our men over…”

There was only one path to Yamatai City from Saga City, and currently, Saga City was surrounded by over a hundred thousand Black Dragon Guild players… One could not even see the end of this wave of Black Dragon Guild players.

Wanting to bypass so many players and head over to Yamatai City to steal the City Lord Seal was simply wishful thinking…

With lesser players, they would definitely not be able to bypass. By the time they reached Yamatai City, Saga City would have been taken down.

With more players, the target became bigger and much more dangerous.

Furthermore, between Saga City and Yamatai City lied the Evil Spirit Valley, which was the resurrection point of the Black Dragon Guild players. Even if they could squeeze out of the battlefield, wanting to bypass Evil Spirit Valley unharmed was impossible too.


In the face of Sanguine Warflag’s confusion, Fearless pointed at himself, along with the other members from Quan Zhen Sect, as he smiled and said, “You guys might not be able to do it, but that doesn’t mean others can’t.”


Upon hearing Fearless’ words, Sanguine Warflag was momentarily dazed.

That’s right, for ordinary players, wanting to head over to Yamatai City from Saga City was an impossible task.

However, in the eyes of the people from Quan Zhen Sect, it was an extremely easy task.

Why? That was because the members of Quan Zhen Sect all could fly!

In such a situation, the perverseness of the ability to fly was demonstrated once more.

Even if it was an extremely difficult path to traverse on foot, it didn’t matter if one flew in the sky…

Any obstacles on the ground were simply not of a concern for players that could fly.

Everyone knew the strength of the members of Quan Zhen Sect. Furthermore, with Fearless’ never-ending schemes and techniques, coupled with an overpowered expert like Wang Yu, even if there were Black Dragon Guild players remaining within Yamatai City, Quan Zhen Sect could still come and go as they please.

This was something no one else could do other than Quan Zhen Sect.

“Aiya…” Sanguine Warflag slapped his head and said emotionally, “How could I have forgotten such a cheat! Boss Fearless, I can’t thank you enough this time around. Just state your price! As long as we can defend the city successfully, I will pay whatever price you want!”

“What nonsense are you saying brother Warflag!” Fearless smiled and said, “Brothers do not demand money in return for favours.”

“Boss Fearless…” When Sanguine Warflag heard Fearless’ words, he was emotional to the point where warm tears welled up in his eyes. He was praising himself in his heart, for being so charismatic and being able to have won this fellow over to his side.

Just when Sanguine Warflag was feeling extremely grateful for Fearless favour, Fearless added, “All you have to do is give Yamatai City over to Quan Zhen Sect!”

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